[day 1] “first meeting” i decided to opt for a historical interpretation, as that is my specialty. i’m positive nor traveled with the v.arangian guard at least once in his younger days, so it’s possible that he would have encountered a young w.allachia when crossing into the territory of the second b.ulgarian empire..

Nordics on Halloween

Don’t read this if you’re allergic to bad puns


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This little puppy is always ready for Halloween. It’s like Christmas for him. He’ll come barging into Sweden’s bedroom screaming ‘wAKE UP IT’S HALLOWEEN’. He doesn’t go trick-or-treating, but is always happy to dish out handfuls of candy to anyone who knocks on his door.


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Halloween more like Hell-oween sorry. He doesn’t enjoy the stress of finding a costume and decorating the whole house with over-priced cotton balls and vinyl strips. He’s basically the unenthusiastic Mum on Halloween


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He isn’t as nearly as excited as Denmark, but he will go all-out with scaring the trick-or-treaters who make the mistake of wandering up his driveway. Norway will pop out in possibly the most terrifying costume to ever exist and cause a lot of screams and tinkling.


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He was not prepared for the hoards of people with fake blood thrown all over them, so he stopped participating. In his biased opinion, Christmas will forever be better.


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He was waiting for the whole year for this moment. Skeletons are everywhere, pumpkin-flavoured everything. He can’t go five minutes without playing Spooky Scary Skeletons. And, of course, binge watching The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Glad to see you're back and everything's ok! ^_^ Can you do the nordics helping out their s/o when they can't fall asleep?

Aww thank  you so much Anon!! You are too sweet! <3 <3
Yay Fluff!!!!!!

Sweden: He would be the one that would totally become a huge Swedish blanket. He would basically take his S/O in his arms and just cradle them, laying beside them and rubbing their arm, making them nice and warm and tucking them in so they felt secure. He would not sleep and would keep himself awake until they were for sure asleep. He cares way too much and often puts his well being after his S/O’s.

Finland: He would jump right up and make warm milk and knowing Finny probably a few cookies to go with it. He would sit up and have a cup with them, talk to them about their day, their future and whatever they felt like until they felt themselves feel ready to sleep. Then he would kiss them on the cheek and cuddle them as he too fell into dreamland.

Iceland: Icey is the kind like his brother tends to be a night owl. So if they couldn’t sleep, you can bet that he would be the one to say “let’s look for weird stuff on the internet” or “let’s play a video game” until hey got so tired that they would probably fall asleep with their controllers in their hands.

Norway: Norge is more of a night owl too and is a light sleeper. So he would be able to tell if they would be struggling in falling asleep. Nor would ask them if something was wrong or try to see if maybe something was bothering them and they would probably sit and talk for hours until they fell asleep. Norge would then watch them for a bit and smile at how cute they were as they slept.

Denmark: If Den felt his S/O toss and turn, unable to sleep, he would instantly be concerned and wake up to see that they were alright. After they told him they couldn’t sleep in one move the Dane would pull them super close to him and kiss their neck, asking if there was something he could so to help them. All the while rubbing their shoulder with his thumb as they would nestle into his chest and talk. The sound of his heart and warmth of his body lulling them to sleep all the while.

intersect:: first kisses

It’s not romantic, as far as first kisses go. Kisses between them rarely are–they’re stolen in the halls of their enemies’ palaces, forged in the battlefield with the taste of iron on their tongue.

As far as first kisses go, Mihai figures, getting wasted on whiskey and going for the nearest attractive person who seems to hate you least is one of the more rewarding ones. It’s made even better by the fact that, rather than shoving him away or punching him over the bar counter, Lukas is kissing him back with the same fervor, one hand behind his neck and the other fisting the cloth of his shirt.

“I’m so drunk,” he announces when they pull apart.

“So am I,” Lukas says, and pulls him back in.

Several thoughts are occurring to Mihai all at once. One is that when their governments had decided to convene their national representatives in a League of their own, they probably didn’t expect the conferences to end (regularly) in fistfights, extravagant charges from the hotel bar, and one-night-stands that could potentially make the next bilateral visitation a tad awkward. Or improve the experience exponentially–whichever.

The second is that he has no clue how they got here. He acknowledges that there is a particular portion of his anatomy that has taken a liking to Lukas–not exceptionally the day they met but ever-increasing after that–but he had not considered that he would have the opportunity to lay hands (or anything else) on Lukas anytime soon. It wasn’t through any lack of self-confidence; rather, the simple thought that if they had lived on the same-ish piece of land for two thousand years or so and had never known one another, much less known one another biblically, he assumed that they wouldn’t just start now.

He really ought to thank their governments and the expanding realm of international relations for this opportunity.

The final, and slightly more concerning, thought is that there are perhaps several people in this same bar or in close enough quarters who would hate this. He’s not sure, because it’s not like he’s had this conversation with Lukas before, or any conversation not involving small talk or diplomatic affairs or magic. Still, he thinks such people might exist, in the form of Denmark, maybe, or Sweden. They strike him as the possessive type. He has the idea to ask Lukas whether or not he’s spoken for, but when his mouth is finally free, the words that come out of it are:

“My room, or yours?”

He supposes it’s answer enough that Lukas drags him off the bench and towards the exit. He laughs, breathless and giddy, and if he happens to meet Denmark’s eyes on the way out, if he happens to flash a smirk and a wink, it’s just the alcohol speaking.


Continuing with that au where the Nations are public figures. All the nations that participate (weather they make it to the finals or not) in euro vision attended the final show. And of course the nation hosting the event co-hosts with the other human hosts. Which would be pretty unfortunate for this years hosts having to deal with Sweden’s face.