Hetalia Mario Kart 8 Mains (tell me I'm wrong)
  • Aph America: Mario
  • Aph Canada: Luigi
  • Aph England: Dry Bowser
  • Aph France: Isabelle
  • Aph Italy: Cat Peach
  • Aph Romano: Waluigi
  • Aph Russia: King Boo
  • Aph Germany: Ludwig Koopa
  • Aph Prussia: Lemmy Koopa
  • Aph China: Wario
  • Aph Japan: Yoshi
  • Aph Hungary: Wendy Koopa
  • Aph Austria: Link
  • Aph Spain: Inkling boy
  • Aph Switzerland: Lakitu
  • Aph Liechtenstein: Baby Peach
  • Aph Poland: Pink Gold Peach
  • Aph Lithuania: Koopa Trooper
  • Aph Ukraine: Toadette
  • Aph Latvia: Bowser JR.
  • Aph Belarus: Peach
  • Aph Sweden: Shy Guy
  • Aph Norway: Bowser
  • Aph Iceland: Toad
  • Aph Finland: Dry Bones
  • Aph Denmark: Boy Villager
  • Aph Netherlands: Golden Mario
  • Aph Belgium: Daisy
  • Aph Sealand: Dry Bowser (Just to make England mad)
Whoops Hetalia Teacher au

While not paying attention to my actual teacher I starting thinking about what Hetalia characters would be like as teachers, this is what I came up with…

Germany - Angry math teacher who everyone is terrified of on the first day. Very strict about attendance and completing homework. He works everyone hard though cause he wants them to succeed.

Italy - Super laid back art teacher who had questionable pictures of half naked women all over the room. Brings food for the class like every Friday and inspires kids to peruse art.

Japan - Culinary teacher, very calm and reasonable but always puts way too much salt in the recipes.

Romano - Dance teacher, just picture it. (I don’t know if Dance is actually a class you can take but shhhh pretend)

Austria - Music teacher, no one else really has him except the band and music kids, but to them he’s a role model and they all love him. He plays for every school assembly.

Hungary - Health teacher who wanted to be gym teacher and is salty about not being gym teacher but still very fun

Spain - Kind of obvious but Spanish teacher. Very laid back and all the girls take his class cause they think he’s hot. He connects well with the students though and often helps them with personal problems.

Prussia - German teacher, since he has the same last name as Germany they all get really scared thinking its him, but then Prussia rolls into class on his wheely chair and sunglasses. He’s a weird and crazy teacher who everyone either hates or loves.

France - French teacher, very passionate about his language and gets into arguments with England over which is better. Shows the class like a billion French songs and Romance movies dubbed in French. Always comments when students are talking about their relationships.

England - Grouchy, closet alcoholic English teacher who everyone thinks is boring at first but he gets really into his classes and gets into debates with students over wether Shakespeare is necessary to learn or not. Everyone’s favourite teacher to make fun of.

America - Gym teacher, really fun and everyone loves him but he accidentally works them way too hard. Plays dodgeball every second day and gets way too into it. Makes fun of every teacher behind their back to make his students laugh.

Canada - Nerdy computer science teacher who’s always forgotten at staff meetings. (Idk what it is with me and Canada being a computer nerd) every one calls him to fix their computer every time it glitches out. Sometimes Canada and America will teach each other’s classes and know nothing about it but have lots of fun.

Poland - Drama teacher, I just really want Poland to be the flamboyant drama teacher who teaches students how to be themselves up on stage and loves shy kids and seeing them express themselves through acting.

Lithuania - Another English teacher, very calm and nice but always comes to class looking slightly drained, no one knows what’s wrong with him.

Estonia - Another Math teacher that everyone hopes to get instead of Germany, he used to be the computer science teacher so he’s pretty techy and does cool stuff while showing notes in class.

Russia - Guidance councillor who everyone’s afraid to go see and he doesn’t understand why.

Ukraine - Biology teacher who loves when students are enthusiastic about Biology and accidentally knocks stuff over. Is also way to easy going about dissecting and it freaks people out.

Denmark - Crazy chemistry teacher with the crazy hair, his hair is a school joke as everyone is trying to figure out just what hair gel he uses.

Norway - Physics teacher who has a feud with Denmark over which science is better. People fall asleep in his class a lot since he’s so monotone but he doesn’t understand what they’re talking about when they point it out to him.

China - History teacher who gets way too into the lessons and unconsciously acts stuff out. Strict rules about completing work on time.

  • *phone rings*
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • Poland:
  • Killer:
  • Poland: How does my hair look?
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • England:
  • Killer:
  • England: So can I. Everyday. In the mirror. I don't see the point of this conversation.
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • America:
  • Killer:
  • America: Welcome. The person you tried to reach is currently on their way to South Carolina. Please try again later.
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • France:
  • Killer:
  • France: *wiggles eyebrows and looks out of the window* Then how come I've never seen you, mon cherie?
  • *
  • Killer: I can- Wait, I can't see you
  • Canada: Typical.

The Squad + facial features Part 2
I fleshed out the simple designs I did a week ago :)
god this took forever
I think Belarus turned out the best!! she’s real pretty, methinks :0 I like Estonia’s nose from the side too haha

I need to work on style consistency—some of the proportions are too realistic (Hungary) while others are too cartoony (Latvia)