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Tadaaaan!!It was a while since I thought of it..and now..it’s complete!!!!MUAHAUHAUAHAUHA! 

Aph Girls X other anime style!In order:

Belarus: Nana

Liechtenstein: the rose of versailles

Belgium: One Piece

Taiwan: Super Gals

Hungary: Dragon Ball

Ukraine : emma a victorian romance

Monaco: City Hunter

Seychelles: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Czech:  World Masterpiece Theater (  Anne of Green Gables, Tales of little women and other animated classic books)

Vietnam: Maison Ikkoku

Wy :Olympus no Pollon

I hope you like it guys, and please reblog it because it wasn’t very easy çwç

Nyotalia boys as dads gif


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When you want to concentrate on your battle moves, but your girlfriend is too cute…

Merry (late) Christmas @still-intrepid!!! I was your secret santa :D I tried to smash a few of your prompts together and I ended up with this knight AU?? (I just really wanted to design a fancy outfit for nyo!Po lol). I hope you like it <3


Who run the world?

Hoo boy I worked for about a day and a half on these so… here you go! Ten transparent APH ladies with their flags (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Please, please ask if you wish to use any of these for your blog corner, edits, avatars, or whatever else! ♥

You want stickers? Have some stickers!

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A MASSIVE STRESS DUMP OF … my queens and wives … and a some other people from the past few days this is a mess

the girls as quotes my teachers say
  • hungary: [talking to the new kid] "basically there's only one rule in this class, and that is to do whatever i tell you to."
  • belgium: "i know teachers are not allowed to give food to students anymore but no one ever said anything about teachers eating in class." [rips open a bag of thin mints]
  • ukraine: "mr. (history teacher) is a bright young boy that i'm proud of. i'm old enough to be his mother."
  • belarus: "yes, you have to have in text citations. actually, let me rephrase that. you don't have to have in text citations, but you bet your mother i'll mark you down for it."
  • liechtenstein: "what is a meme?
  • monaco: [passing out tests] "by the way, this is a non-calculator test so i hope you studied without one."
  • seychelles: "woah she's ho- i mean [coughs] has a great personality."
  • taiwan: "i used to ask myself why i decided to teach, and i realized it's because... ... shit i forgot"
  • vietnam: "i know its monday but if i dragged my 50 year old ass out here, you can suck up 6 hours of school."
  • wy: [when asked whether or not pineapples should be on pizzas] "i hate pineapples."