America was the undisputed king of the selfie. 

Until France and England got to the point of pettiness with their annoyance. And they found an unlikely ally in Germany. And this group began to take as many selfies as America, quickly gaining converts.

Until Russia and China noticed what everyone else was doing and, not to be outdone, joined in. America, at first delighted by all the new attention, soon realized it was a…competition? 

Until that fateful world meeting in 2016, where absolutely nothing was accomplished but many selfies were taken. And world leaders had to get directly involved to sort out what exactly had happened.

Yeah, America was the undisputed king of the selfie. Now? We’re not too sure.    

England: Dinner’s ready!

Everyone:Yes please!

England: I cooked!

America: Sorry Tony called me

Canada:gotta find Kumajiro

France:Is that a pony?

Germany: Not hungry

Italy:I’m hungry

Spain: Yo no spik inglish

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Who took the longest time to open up when you two first started dating?

Al: Lud was pretty inexperienced when it came to expressing love in a relationship, but we communicate with one another very well!

Lud: Communication is key for a healthy relationship~


Initially inspired by that time I was in the Netherlands and paid attention to the language for the first time and lost my mind because I thought the posters at stores were talking about death. Compounded by hanging out one time with a French person and a Dutch person.
Germany’s most famous poet wrote a poem about the skull of his dead best friend that he stole btw.

you would think that a show named AXIS POWERS: ITALY wouldn’t be popular among non-fascists, but wonders never cease.

like, in case you missed your 20th century history class, the Axis Powers were the countries of Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, and Fascist Italy during World War Two that formed a Tripartite Pact of military cooperation. (There were several governments who also recognized the Pact, such as the Kingdoms of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Slovak Republic, and the Independent State of Croatia. There were also numerous puppet governments installed by the Axis powers in areas that they occupied.) This Tripartate pact was influenced by a lot of factors, but, partially, it wad due to the fact that they had mutual interests, mutual enemies, and close political alignments. All of these countries were focused on expansionist wars on their neighboring countries, with ethno-nationalist agendas that focused on imposing autocratic control over “lesser nations” that they occupied, and the “lesser races” that they had legal and/or physical dominion over, with the ultimate goal of genocide, settler-colonialism, and hyper-exploitation. The Axis powers were vehemently anti-communist, and conducted domestic purges of communists and anyone who displayed enough leftist political ideology to be considered a communist sympathizer, or “non-patriotic,” or a “political subversive.” They had various terminology with which to label political opponents for suppression. This occurred in various forms, such as the physical violence of Nazi street gangs, as well as the mass incarceration of Communists committed by the Imperial Japanese government in the 1920’s.

The wartime economies of the Axis powers generally relied on the forced labor of foreign nationals (such as, in the case of Nazi Germany, Polish people and Eastern Europeans in general, especially since “Slavs” were considered an “inferior race”) as well as domestic “undesirables,” (such as, in Nazi Germany, racial minorities, Jewish people, Roma people, gay, lesbian, and transgender people) meaning that essentially they were using the slave labor of people who they deemed inferior in order to prop up their economies. This is, aside from being a humanitarian disaster, an utter moral crime, also completely unsustainable, since they were working people to death. The problem with Fascism is that eventually there aren’t any more convenient “undesirables” for you to exploit. Furthermore the massive casualties and huge amounts of civilian drafts that took place in Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan caused massive damage to civilian morale, domestic economies, and the basic fabric of civil society. When you destroy a country, there’s only so much propaganda and nationalist ideology that you can inflict on a population before they collapse from despair or rise up in discontent.


So, frankly, to make media that kinda-sorta sweeps this shit under the rug, like, Doesn’t Fucking Mention It At All, and treats Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany as CUTE RELATABLE CHARACTERS WITH ADORABLE FRIENSHIPS, then i have no choice but to call that Nazi Propaganda.

Axis Powers Hetalia (which, side note, I really don’t get why American fans use that name for it since “Hetalia” is basically just a transliteration of “Italy” that fits better phonetically in Japanese,) is presented as a cutesy show. So people may be confused by my labeling of it as Nazi Propaganda, since that’s a very scary label! But, the thing is, that’s the POINT of propaganda. The POINT of propaganda is to be attractive, to be enjoyable, to be popular, to be engrossing, SO THAT YOU WILL ACCEPT, ON SOME LEVEL, PRO-FASCIST, PRO-IMPERIALIST IDEAS.

This is part of the mechanism for how the pro-Axis Powers manga/anime Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) operates as well. I’m not going to go into depth explaining that right now, as honestly there’s a lot of material there and I don’t want to make this post any longer than it already is. I encourage people to go research the Fascist ideology in that show, as other people have written about that and I think it’s very clear once you see all the facts.

The antidote to propaganda is continuously studying and learning factual history, continuously applying critical thinking to ALL the media you consume.

There is a lot of media, especially in America and Japan, that includes Nazi elements for “shock value,” or, puzzlingly, for “comedy.”

Exercise critique and analysis of this media.

In fact,

Most importantly, exercise critical thinking and analysis towards all media.

Including the news, including video games, including social media, including film and radio and podcasts and webcomics.

Stay sharp. Ideas and messages are incredibly important.


This ended up a long chapter, but I didn’t want to split in it two, so more under the cut ;)

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