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“tag urself” lmao

So this was like the cutest request I’ve gotten so far, but here’s “Hetalia but Birbs”

Also click it for better quality!!

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Are you a…


- happy go lucky

- runs instead of flying

- afraid of heights


- doesn’t squawk

- hates being ruffled

- talons wILL KILL YOU


- silent 24/7

- secretly plotting the end of the world

- likes sunflower seeds


- thinks they’re a mighty falcon, but is actually a pigeon

- never takes off their hat

- will peck if annoyed


- very loud

- memes

- will eat just about anything with ketchup on it


- beautiful hair

- goes through S/O’s like water

- mating dances are their forte


- will stare at you sleep

- smiles when happy, also smiles when pissed

- slowly tears their prey apart limb bY LIMB-


- uses chopsticks for everything

- mom friend

- feeds babies first


- rarely seen

- polite on everyone’s behalf

- eats Freedombird’s leftovers


- loud, but only to get the first serving of food

- so innocent, literal cottonball, must be protected

- is actually the hidden hulk of the group


- will bite upon eye contact

- eats fishes whole

- just wants a friend really


- actual definition of fabulous

- definitely not straight

- eats everything with fancy leaves on it


- unapologetically bitchy

- 4'11" but will fight you

- just a really fat, cute, squishy marshmallow


- highkey gay

- has the best butt/tail feathers

- usually chill but terrifying when angry


- awesome

- so awesome they have a lil yellow side chick

- probably extinct

- just kidding they’re that dependable friend


I wanted to curse someone ok.

Sunday Afternoon Fox Hunt

I was listening to British folk songs sung by Kate Rusby and got me in the mood to draw some misty British countryside.Also British fox hounds are a bit lighter in color than the ones I drew here (these have more of the color of American Foxhounds) I own an American Foxhound so I just use him as a ref.

Fun Fact about American Foxhounds George Washington helped make the breed.