I’ve been super busy as it’s convention week and I’m super stressed and I really needed to doodle something that makes me happy and nyo vikings are the ultimate happy factor for me

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So this was like the cutest request I’ve gotten so far, but here’s “Hetalia but Birbs”

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Are you a…


- happy go lucky

- runs instead of flying

- afraid of heights


- doesn’t squawk

- hates being ruffled

- talons wILL KILL YOU


- silent 24/7

- secretly plotting the end of the world

- likes sunflower seeds


- thinks they’re a mighty falcon, but is actually a pigeon

- never takes off their hat

- will peck if annoyed


- very loud

- memes

- will eat just about anything with ketchup on it


- beautiful hair

- goes through S/O’s like water

- mating dances are their forte


- will stare at you sleep

- smiles when happy, also smiles when pissed

- slowly tears their prey apart limb bY LIMB-


- uses chopsticks for everything

- mom friend

- feeds babies first


- rarely seen

- polite on everyone’s behalf

- eats Freedombird’s leftovers


- loud, but only to get the first serving of food

- so innocent, literal cottonball, must be protected

- is actually the hidden hulk of the group


- will bite upon eye contact

- eats fishes whole

- just wants a friend really


- actual definition of fabulous

- definitely not straight

- eats everything with fancy leaves on it


- unapologetically bitchy

- 4'11" but will fight you

- just a really fat, cute, squishy marshmallow


- highkey gay

- has the best butt/tail feathers

- usually chill but terrifying when angry


- awesome

- so awesome they have a lil yellow side chick

- probably extinct

- just kidding they’re that dependable friend


This ended up a long chapter, but I didn’t want to split in it two, so more under the cut ;)

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Misconception: He’s emotionless.

Reality: He’s expressive through non-expressiveness.

Ex: A smile for him isn’t expressed as obviously as it is for some of the other characters. Still, that doesn’t negate the fact that he has feelings. I mean really now.

Misconception: He’s humourless.

Reality: He has an implicitly “evil” and “mischievous” side. In other words, he’s often playful, albeit subtly.

Ex: He’s the one to come up with France’s punishment after the 2007 April Fools’ Event. This entails getting France to praise everything about England’s culture for a whole day.

Ex: When at war with each other, he was glad to have a legitimate reason to punch Denmark.

Ex: He goes along with the Nordics’ plan to host a secret birthday party for Iceland. 

Again, the humour is subtle as he wordlessly teases Iceland and makes light out of the latter’s confusion over them meeting outside.

Misconception: He’s intimidating inside and out.

Reality: His external appearance is intimidating, but he’s tender and sweet on the inside.

Ex: During the stereotypical café arc, Sweden’s customer is initially terrified of him. Nonetheless, Sweden gives away the meal for free.

Ex: He acts as a parent to Sealand.

Ex: Ladonia refers to him [and the other Nordics] as an Uncle.

Ex: He’s good at sewing + uses this skill to adjust smaller clothes for Finland.

Misconception: SuFin is canon.

Reality: Sweden has confirmed feelings for Finland, but Finland doesn’t reciprocate.

In a lost 2007 blog post, Hima confirmed that Sweden has homosexual feelings for Finland and only acts this way towards Finland. [That’s literally what the translation says].

Ex: Finland has repeatedly denied being Sweden’s “wife.”

Nonetheless, the two do share a close relationship, enough for Finland to refer to Sweden as “Swe.”

Ex: The two spend their New Years’ Eve together in 2009.

Ex: This one-sidedness is seen as early as when they were first colonizing America. Finland spots America in the wild, and Sweden proposes the option of them having kids.

Bonus facts:

It’s left unclear as to whether Sweden can see magical creatures.

He and Denmark used to hate each other, but have recently calmed down in their temperaments. Of course, this is to be expected from their present welfare and collectively-oriented nations.

Regardless, the two still tease each other in the present time. 

[Denmark and Finland are imitating Sweden here.]

All in all, a somewhat mysterious, yet thoroughly entertaining character.

America: wow. The atmosphere for the World Cup is hella cool!

Canada: It’s a good thing that we’re going to visit everyone in Russia’s home~

America: *opens the door* heya everyone, what’s up-…

Germany, Brazil, and Spain: *crying*

Argentina: *ded*

England: *laughing and running around happy that he won games*

Iceland, Mexico, and Senegal: *sitting on something that looks like thrones*

Denmark: *taking proud pics of Ice for Norway*

Japan: *trying to comfort a crying South Korea*

Panama: *is just happy to be here*

Saudi Arabia: *still celebrating his win against Egypt*

Colombia: *dancing around Poland, who’s still weeping*

America: … *eyes twitching*

Canada: … um…

Russia: hehe, I’ve never thought the World Cup would be this entertaining~~