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any ideas on how the allies rooms look like? whether its tidy or messy, kind of stuff they have laying around, etc? ^^


~His room is messy as hell

~He just keeps piling stuff up on top of each other because he just doesn’t have the time, despite the rest of his house being spotless.

~He has patriotic color schemes and posters of American icons 


~His room? Also messy. You know why? Because he has papers laying everywhere that have fallen from his desk that he won’t pick up because he is an old man.

~He won’t ask for help cleaning his room. He won’t, he is that stubborn.

~It bothers him so much but he just CAN’T GET IT so he just procrastinates picking up his room like some angst-y teenager.

~His bed is well made though and the room is regularly dusted.

~He has a warm color scheme with a few nostalgic pictures scatted about the room with some other nick nacks he has picked up.


~Spotless, bed well made and room regularly cleaned from the top to the buttom.

~Cause you never know when you’ll bring that special someone home

~Aims to impress and does.

~the room is well decorated with white bed covers and red walls.

~Expensive vase in the corner with fake plants next to gaudy mirror


~A bare room with nothing more than a wood floor and simple bed

~It looks hardly lived in

~Aside from being a bit dusty, fairly clean

~resembles a log cabin room


~Has a table for cards and eating in his room

~pillows EVERYWHERE for both comfort and sitting.

~Surprisingly large room 

~Clean despite pillows laying here and there.

~stuffed plushies on bed and in the corner.


I started binge watching cooking movies on Netflix and I think Francis as a scary, French trained chef trying to create a better kitchen environment from the one he was trained in but sometimes failing is a good daydream journey. Also I think angry chef Francis is scary enough to be intriguing. And that’s all my thoughts on that for now. 

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This blog is so good!!! I love it! Could you write the allies reaction to finding out their s/o can't have kids?

I’m sorry but this ask made me laugh a little. It just started so positive like “I love your stuff! :D can you write the reactions of the allies realizing their s/o can’t have kids!? :D” 

Thank you for compliments! I like writing for this blog :)


~He would feel quite bad for his s/o, especially if that had wanted kids a lot.

~”Don’t worry babe! We can always adopt kids and be heroes together!”

~Tries to be positive

~Has mixed feelings about it as he doesn’t think he could be a good parent anyway.


~He would be upset but mostly at the unfairness of his s/o of all people being unable to experience the joy of children.

~Would get angry and then needed to be calmed down by s/o

~He would be very sympathetic about the whole thing 

~Would be tempted to get a pet to help cheer his s/o up


~Francis would be completely devastated. He so desperately wanted to be a father.

~He’d fall into a bit a depression but would try to keep his spirits up for the sake of his s/o.

~Would be a bit iffy about adopting. But would consider the idea if his s/o were persistent enough.


~Unless his s/o was really upset about the news, Yao would probably just shrug it off.

~He is all about either not having kids or adopting some.

~Really, where you two go with this depends on the s/o.

~He just wants his s/o to be happy and if they’re not happy with their medical condition he will try to comfort them or give them more info about other options like adoption.


~He would get a very dark aura about him and would immediately conclude that the doctors were lying or that they could somehow fix it.

~ Once he found out that wasn’t the case, he would try and comfort his s/o. Keyword ‘try’ as he will feel incredibly awkward if his s/o start bawling.

~He will secretly invest research into finding a way to ‘cure’ his s/o if they’re really hurt by the revelation.



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So this was like the cutest request I’ve gotten so far, but here’s “Hetalia but Birbs”

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Are you a…


- happy go lucky

- runs instead of flying

- afraid of heights


- doesn’t squawk

- hates being ruffled

- talons wILL KILL YOU


- silent 24/7

- secretly plotting the end of the world

- likes sunflower seeds


- thinks they’re a mighty falcon, but is actually a pigeon

- never takes off their hat

- will peck if annoyed


- very loud

- memes

- will eat just about anything with ketchup on it


- beautiful hair

- goes through S/O’s like water

- mating dances are their forte


- will stare at you sleep

- smiles when happy, also smiles when pissed

- slowly tears their prey apart limb bY LIMB-


- uses chopsticks for everything

- mom friend

- feeds babies first


- rarely seen

- polite on everyone’s behalf

- eats Freedombird’s leftovers


- loud, but only to get the first serving of food

- so innocent, literal cottonball, must be protected

- is actually the hidden hulk of the group


- will bite upon eye contact

- eats fishes whole

- just wants a friend really


- actual definition of fabulous

- definitely not straight

- eats everything with fancy leaves on it


- unapologetically bitchy

- 4'11" but will fight you

- just a really fat, cute, squishy marshmallow


- highkey gay

- has the best butt/tail feathers

- usually chill but terrifying when angry


- awesome

- so awesome they have a lil yellow side chick

- probably extinct

- just kidding they’re that dependable friend