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So Russia's tattoos in your AU are based on Russian prison tattoos, right? Are China's tattoos meaningful culturally or in some other way as well? I think I saw stars on her hips similar to the ones on Ivan's shoulders too, right? Do many of the other characters have meaningful tattoos as well? I'm sorry to bother you, I absolutely love your art and your AUs and I'm always so excited to see you've posted something new!!!

yes holy shit good eye!!! theres a lot of tattoo discourse in my au… i wrote a little bit about it on my patreon for south korea. i honestly need to do a masterpost for everyone’s scars and tattoos… ive done too much research for this… 

the theme of this au is very much cronenberg’s mantra “long live the new flesh,” about breaking and remaking the body, about stitching and remaking your skin to suit yourself, about making visible all those invisible traumas… it’s russia with the line, “these stars are a fucking birthmark for me

chinas got the vor v zakone stars on the hips, although vanz pointed out that for the narrative i really shouldve put them on the shoulderblades. the iconography of doubling as evil eyes, thats hardcore. sdfkldskf HINDSIGHT IS 20/20

finland has the stars on his knees. and america has the stars on his chest, too! theres a few other vor v zakone players that have some significant high-ranking prison tattoos but id rather not spoil those at the time because yes i actually have a dang Plot for this au

i think ive mentioned previously that china has a snake and peony, hong kong has a tiger, and like korea and japans are really complicated i need a ten page paper to break that shit down… i just use these stupid waves/stripes as shorthand for japans because i dont have the mental fortitude to draw it out every time  

man, yeah, ok, my next project is Breaking Down by clique the tattoo references… a lot of them are tied to the story, which, yeah, geeze, when am i ever publicizing the Plot of this au

this ask made me very happy, thank you!

oh as a side note since this is a tattoo post, im going !!! to !!! seoul !!! to get my first tattoo next month !!! im very excited and embarrassed bc its hetalia-related, ill post about it on twitter and instagram! its technically illegal so im about to break international law for hetalia in 2018

Gakuen Hetalia: Essay due dates
  • America, the one carrying six cans of red bull: HOLY SHIT FUCK I ONLY WROTE TEN WORDS AND ITS DUE TOMORROW !!!!!!
  • Germany, the A++++ student: I'm waiting for the time to submit it; which is exactly 10 am tomorrow morning.
  • Italy, the last-minute one: ... we have an essay due?
  • Japan, the overachiever: oh, I finished this essay a month ago, and I'm currently working on an essay due in two months.
  • Canada, the lucky one: maybe the teacher won't notice me again tomorrow and I can hand in my essay the next week~
  • England, the one constantly being asked for help: fine, fine, fine!! I'll proofread your essays and check their grammar! Geez, you lot... b-but I appreciate you asking for my help...
  • France, the one who wrote flowery words: I know this essay is on a boring topic, but I can't do boring! It must be Fraced-up~~
  • Russia, the one always asking for extensions: my sister shredded my essay...
  • China, the teacher with a massive headache: *groans* too many questions about the essay... why... why did I assign an essay for so many students??

welcome to east asia, where no one ages

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General Relationship Headcanons: Allies


  • hooo boy does this man love to make you laugh.
  • 110% here for morning cuddles.
  • do you like surprise dates and gifts? cause it’s a guaranteed deal with him.
  • he’s the type of boyfriend to cry and eat ice cream with you.


  • oml he would so treat his s/o like royalty.
  • whenever you and him aren’t busy you two are either sitting in his garden and drinking tea or cuddled up on the couch watching telly.
  • i feel like he’d really love taking trips and traveling with his s/o.
  • loves it when you two cook together and you attempt to teach him.


  • would probably buy you roses every week.
  • on valentine’s day and your birthday expect a hella nice date and to be smothered in affection and love.
  • imagine slow dancing with him in the kitchen as you two cook together be still my beating heart.
  • there will never be a moment in your relationship that you didn’t feel loved because he would make sure of that.


  • what wouldn’t he do to make you happy aw.
  • not a fan of a whole lot of pda but boy howdy does this man love to snuggle up to you at home.
  • he loves being out in the snow with is s/o.
  • one of his favorite things to do is to tell you russian folklore stories while you’re in bed at night.


  • i feel like he’d like taking you out on dates where you both just wander around the city and stop and markets and sightsee. 
  • please ask this man to tell you about his history he loves telling you.
  • would love to see you in a cheongsam/changshan.
  • likes it when you play with his hair.

i dont always ship rochu but when i do its always pre-japanese occupied (1930s golden age) shanghai bc (1) slutty china (2) white émigré russia

“In no city, West or East, have I ever had such an impression of dense, rank richly clotted life. Old Shanghai is Bergson’s elan vital in the raw, so to speak, and with the lid off. It is Life itself…Yes, it will all be there, just as intensely and tenaciously alive as ever-all there a thousand years hence, five thousand, ten. You have only to stroll through old Shanghai to be certain of it. London and Paris offer no such certainty.”

“This city is a completely female city. Female town. Beijing is male. All rough and politics. Shanghai is more delicate. Money talks. Beautiful. I had enough rough.”

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your posts of how young alfred is compared to the others is making me think of just how old all the others are. i mean, imagine young arthur and alfred meeting. arthur’s dealing with several invasions all at once, and alfred’s just never really experienced that.

that’s the thing isn’t it? three, four or five hundred years may seem like a long time in our human life. but for the rest? many of them are over a thousand or more. i very much like the idea of there being generations between the hetalia personifications, so people like america, mexico, cuba, germany are very much children of the modern era. born shaped by the climate of the enlightenment and the violence unleashed by europe’s naval empires, by industrialisation and modernisation. whereas many of the european nations including england are medieval. many born after or close to the collapse of the western roman empire. others like china and iran are ancient. they remember the roman empire, they even remember the time when rome was nothing but one of many unremarkable city-states. each of them grow up in a very different time and so it is between arthur and alfred. 

alfred, in my headcanon, is very much a mixed-race kid but he grows up raised as essentially the son of an english lord, in an environment where that heritage is deliberately not acknowledged, where his guardian essentially tells him his goal is to grow up to be a Fine Englishman who is a Credit to his Lord Father. this isn’t exactly a healthy setting but it’s got some comparative stability next to arthur’s beginnings. i’m still deciding exactly when he would be ‘born’ but i think at least before the arrival of the normans. whereas alfred grows up fast, arthur spends a considerable part of his childhood being passed from monarch to monarch, conqueror to conqueror. he learns norman french, gets used to a foreign language sliding in place and making what was once familiar now alien- the reason modern english vocabulary has such a romance flavour. alfred isn’t a complete stranger to conflict on home soil because of course; there’s conflict with the other native american nations from the beginning, the revolutionary war, the mexican-american war, the war of 1812, the american civil war… but in my headcanon, many of the latter occur when he is much older and not a child. so, being a dirt child™ is tough because it’s like a hideous game of capture flag when you’re physically still a kid.  

and so yes. in 1945, alfred is practically a child in the eyes of the other big 5. england, france and russia are probably more than a thousand years old, china? even more so. he is a boy, and a boy is suddenly king of the world. 

Track AU (Positions and Why)

America: A sprinter. No question. Have you ever seen a sprinter? Hard work, all muscle, bursts of effort, but still kinda lazy He probably does the 200 as his main event. And he would love relays.

Russia: A thrower. I highly doubt Russia would ever run. And he’s huge. Probably the best at the hammer throw. And jav.

France: A high jumper. Yes. I am a high jumper. I can tell you, high jumpers are vain and lazy and showboats. We found a specialty and we think we’re better than everyone else and we love to be watched. 

Prussia: A pole vaulter. The more intense version of a high jumper. They never seem to be doing anything else and they are just “too cool.” Pole vaulters somehow stand apart and impress everyone even while being dorks. He could also do hurdles, but only the 100.

Germany: A thrower and sprinter. I don’t know why but I feel like the only thing that Germany would run is the 400. And only the 400. I think his main event would be the discus. 

Canada: Distance. He’s tall and lanky and is probably all zen about it. He probably does the steeple chase. To throw in some excitement. And he’s like, looong distance, like 3k and above.  

Italy: A jumper. He isn’t going to sprint or run. No way. He’s willing to triple jump and long, even try high jump, but he’s not cut out for running.

The Baltics: They’re all distance. They’re that one knot of distance runners that every team has that always does everything together and is always giggling?

England: Mid-distance. Runs the 800 mainly. Volunteered for the steeple chase once. Isn’t that good at harder events but keeps volunteering to do really hard things. 

China: Hurdler. Especially the 400 hurdles. I can imagine him putting that hair up in a bun and having it falling out each race.

Hungary: Sprinter. Yes. Short sprints. 100, 200. 

Denmark: Sprinter. Same reasons as America. They’re always on relays together.  

(Soooo, I’ve decided to do sketch dumps on here. Just cuz XD but here’s the the people I drew on here,

@askfemboyfeli (cutie and literal senpai)

@ask–brazil (beautiful OC)

@ask-romano-thetomatolover (lovely person with adorable muse)

then I drew Nyo!China. I used FireAlpaca to sketch all of these :3)