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General Relationship Headcanons: Allies


  • hooo boy does this man love to make you laugh.
  • 110% here for morning cuddles.
  • do you like surprise dates and gifts? cause it’s a guaranteed deal with him.
  • he’s the type of boyfriend to cry and eat ice cream with you.


  • oml he would so treat his s/o like royalty.
  • whenever you and him aren’t busy you two are either sitting in his garden and drinking tea or cuddled up on the couch watching telly.
  • i feel like he’d really love taking trips and traveling with his s/o.
  • loves it when you two cook together and you attempt to teach him.


  • would probably buy you roses every week.
  • on valentine’s day and your birthday expect a hella nice date and to be smothered in affection and love.
  • imagine slow dancing with him in the kitchen as you two cook together be still my beating heart.
  • there will never be a moment in your relationship that you didn’t feel loved because he would make sure of that.


  • what wouldn’t he do to make you happy aw.
  • not a fan of a whole lot of pda but boy howdy does this man love to snuggle up to you at home.
  • he loves being out in the snow with is s/o.
  • one of his favorite things to do is to tell you russian folklore stories while you’re in bed at night.


  • i feel like he’d like taking you out on dates where you both just wander around the city and stop and markets and sightsee. 
  • please ask this man to tell you about his history he loves telling you.
  • would love to see you in a cheongsam/changshan.
  • likes it when you play with his hair.

welcome to east asia, where no one ages

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Project "Rename Hetalia's characters"

Hello everyone!
Let’s talk about it: one of the most annoying issues about Hetalia are *drum roll* the NAMES, people. Characters’ names/surnames, yes.
So, with my friend, I wanted to give them a more “realistic” trait, starting with my nation’s one, Italy.
I tried to change ONLY canon names, not those who are not decided yet (such as Belgium’s or Ukraine’s, for example).
Some of them remained unchanged, because of specific reasons, but I would be glad if all of you could help me with your home country.
Let’s begin!

N.Italy= Francesco Vargas
(Francesco is a common name in Italy, also is our St. Patron’s name.
As an italian, I’ve never head before of “Feliciano”);

S.Italy= Salvatore Vargas
(Salvatore is a typical southern name, very common in South Italy.
Also here, Lovino is not an italian name.)

I left the same surname chosen by Himaruya just because “Vargas” is an existent italian surname. (If you want to know, it’s actually the name of a football player);

Germany= Ludwig Schmidt
(Only changed the surname here, I think Schmidt is more common in Germany and its sound is similar to the original surname’s one);

Japan= Daisuke Honda
(Kiku is a symbolic name, really beautiful and rare, but I’ve thought to give Japan a common name. Honda is a famous japanese surname, nothing to say about it);

USA= George F. Jones
(The surname isperfect as it is, I guess. George is for George Washington and F. stays for the same Kennedy’s second name );

UK= Arthur Thompson
(I was insecure about his name. At the first time I thought about bames as “Oliver”, because of his popularity and because of Oliver Twist, or “John”. But then I realised that Arthur is good and symbolic as well.
So, I’ve changed the surname. Kirkland was pretty anonymous and I wanted something that could have sounded more british);

France= François Bonnefoy
(Only transformed Francis, which was the english version of the name, in François, very used and “french”);

Russia= Ivan Vasilyev
(Braginski was a polish surname!
I’ve chosen something that still sounded like “Braginski”, but at the same time was a real russian surname);

China= Yao Wang
(I didn’t found anything to change here);

Spain= Antonio Fernandez García;
(Antonio was good, also Fernandez is popular. I’ve only removed Carriedo in order to replace it with García, which is largely used in Spain/countries with a spanish toungue);

Prussia= Gilbert Schmidt
(Gilbert was perfect, only changed the family name);

Austria= Roderich Amadeus Wagner
(Roderich was ok. I’ve added “Amadeus”, because of Mozart and changed the surname in “Wagner”, still a composer’s name. The combination of this three names gives me some sort of nobility impression);

Hungary= Ágnès Horváth
(Totally renamed her. Ágnès is not only cute, but also a bit used, I guess. I found Horváth to be one of the commonest surnames in Hungary);

Canada= Matthew Williams
(I don’t see nothing wrong here, maybe it has to be something francophone in there?);

Belarus= Natałlia Arłoŭskaja
(Leave it as it was; but changed the way it was written);

Egypt= Muhammad Hassan Al-Nur;
(Okay, Muhammad and Hassan are very popular among arabics names, in fact I just leave them to be. But, I found out that Gupta was an Indian surname and also the letter “p” kinda don’t exist in arabic. Soooo I’ve made a list of some cute surname and, at last, Al-Nur won among the others);

Estonia= Eduard Tamm
(Tamm is pretty common);

Finland= Timo Hämäläinen
(Tino actually wasn’t a finnish name, but TiMo yes. Hämäläinen is rather common and it’s a good alternative to Väinämöinen, that is not a real surname);

Greece= Αlexandros Ypsilanti;
(Alexandros is a good, widespread and elegant name. Alexandros Ypsilanti, is also a national hero’s name, during the greek war of indipendence);

Latvia= Raivis Liepa;
(Raivis was an actual latvian name, so why don’t keep it?
Only the surname changed, Galante was an italian one);

Lithuania= Laurynas Valaitis
(I’ve changed everything here, in order to make it realistic, but also to make it sound like “Toris Laurinaitis” as well);

Poland= Feliks Łukasiewicz
(It is just normal as it is);

Sealand= Peter Thompson
(Only changed his family name);

S.Korea= Kim Yong Soo
(Just as it was before);

Sweden= Gustav Lindström
(Gustav was the name of many swedish kings. Lindström is commonly used, I think.)

Switzerland= Noah Schweizer
(Noah is commonly used in all the cantons, the surname has a german sound);

Turkey= Sadık Adnan
(Almost the same. The name is written in turkish)

DISCLAIMER! The post will be updated every time if needed.
Track AU (Positions and Why)

America: A sprinter. No question. Have you ever seen a sprinter? Hard work, all muscle, bursts of effort, but still kinda lazy He probably does the 200 as his main event. And he would love relays.

Russia: A thrower. I highly doubt Russia would ever run. And he’s huge. Probably the best at the hammer throw. And jav.

France: A high jumper. Yes. I am a high jumper. I can tell you, high jumpers are vain and lazy and showboats. We found a specialty and we think we’re better than everyone else and we love to be watched. 

Prussia: A pole vaulter. The more intense version of a high jumper. They never seem to be doing anything else and they are just “too cool.” Pole vaulters somehow stand apart and impress everyone even while being dorks. He could also do hurdles, but only the 100.

Germany: A thrower and sprinter. I don’t know why but I feel like the only thing that Germany would run is the 400. And only the 400. I think his main event would be the discus. 

Canada: Distance. He’s tall and lanky and is probably all zen about it. He probably does the steeple chase. To throw in some excitement. And he’s like, looong distance, like 3k and above.  

Italy: A jumper. He isn’t going to sprint or run. No way. He’s willing to triple jump and long, even try high jump, but he’s not cut out for running.

The Baltics: They’re all distance. They’re that one knot of distance runners that every team has that always does everything together and is always giggling?

England: Mid-distance. Runs the 800 mainly. Volunteered for the steeple chase once. Isn’t that good at harder events but keeps volunteering to do really hard things. 

China: Hurdler. Especially the 400 hurdles. I can imagine him putting that hair up in a bun and having it falling out each race.

Hungary: Sprinter. Yes. Short sprints. 100, 200. 

Denmark: Sprinter. Same reasons as America. They’re always on relays together.  


how about  ~s  u  n  r  i  s  e    l  a  n d 

  • Russia: The rhino’s not the least bit aggressive.
  • America: Not a mammal, either.
  • Russia: A rhino is a mammal, yes.
  • America: Is it? I thought it was a dinosaur. Why’s is called a rhinosaurus then, if it’s not a dinosaur?
  • China: Because it’s...not.
  • America: What do you mean ‘because it’s not’? It’s called a rhinosaurus. That’s what dinosaurs are called.
  • France: It’s a noceros, isn’t it?
  • England: Rhinoceros. Have you been calling it a rhinosaurus?
  • America: Yeah.
  • England: There’s a problem.
  • Germany: great! We're in a minibus going to the meeting and stuck in traffic!
  • France: well, it's not that bad. We're most likely going to get out in about twenty to thirty minutes or so~
  • England: ...we're in India.
  • America: welp, good thing I bought snacks and empty plastic bottles.

anonymous asked:

My dood, how would the allies react to their s/o coming home from a walk or something and there's just a fuxcing octopus on their head and s/o's all like "Babe can we not go the aquarium tomorrow? I don't think they want me there ever again…"

2P!America: “why the fuck does that one like you so much this is the third time this month”

2P!England: “good heavens dear don’t be so rude! would you like some tea, darling??”
“i wasn’t talking to you.”

2P!France: *calmly* “you sure do seem to have gotten yourself into quite the sticky situation”
“francois there’s a fucking octopus on my head”

2P!Russia: “….that suc-”
“viKTO R”

2P!China: “hAh babe if you were so into hentai you could’ve just to-”
Z A O. ”

2P!Canada: “babe can w-”
“-keep it? yes, I’ve already prepared the tank.”


Allies Sexuality Headcanons

America: bisexual
England: polysexual
France: pansexual
China: greysexual
Russia: homosexual
Canada: pansexual

Source: art by Himaruya and pride flags
Suggested by: nellyemmamaria and an anon
Pansexual!Canada suggested by: drawinmysleep