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How do the Nordics comfort eachother?

Denmark: He goes for the ‘jokes and good times’ route, attempting to cheer up others by being cheerful himself. Though it has positive effects on some of the Nordics, the effects on others are…limited.

Norway: He bakes some comfort food for his forlorn friend, and does a notable job of trying to be sympathetic. The food, however, is much more successful than his sincerity. He ought to just stick to that.

Iceland: He’s not so good with kind words, nor does he have much else to offer. The best helpful gesture he can provide is his presence. He’ll stay and listen, so long as there’s no one around who could handle it better.

Sweden: Not much of a wordsmith either, Sweden is best at expressing his genuine sympathy non-verbally. This might include a hug, if he’s allowed, or just a simple ‘I’m here for you’ hand on the shoulder.

Finland: The real reason he spends so much time in saunas is to fill him with warmth, so that when someone’s sad, he can share that warmth with them. Well, not really, but he does give a lot of gifts and hugs!

  • Germany: Oh, boy, I was afraid of this.
  • Sweden: Wh't?
  • Germany: These instructions are a pictographic representation of the least imaginative way to assemble these components. This right here is why you have no space program.

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Pros/cons to cuddling the nordics :3

Denmark (Matthias Køhler)
- Super soft (lego designed) blankets, makes it super easy to get comfy
- Sweet lil baby loves to sing softly sometimes
- With the blankets and his warmth, you may get suuuuuper hot.
- Singing softly is rare. Usually he’s talking and doesn’t like it when you sleep
- Tends to kick EVERYTHING off of the bed. Be careful!

Norway (Lukas Bondevik)
- Super plush, warm blankies, despite having grown used to the colder weather
- A mattress that you two just SINK into and it’s super nice
- Kinda quiet so feel free to sleep!!!
- This boy is like a freaking cooler. He’s sooooo cold!
- Maybe a little too quiet. Seriously, even Emil and Berwald are more talkative.
- He hogs all of the blankets. If you get cold, too bad fam

Sweden (Berwald Oxenstierna)
- Bigger and warmer than Matthias
- Loves to stroke his S/O’s hair, back, and legs in an affectionate manner
- SUPER TICKLISH!!!! One wrong movement and he lets go and is in a fit of giggles
- He tends to get tangled up. By tangled, I mean TANGLED.
- No more. That’s it. He’s the best.

Iceland (Emil Steilsson)
- Super small so he’s easy to hug
- Quiet child but enjoys smalltalk
- He’s. Awkward. Smalltalk is small.
- Tends to sleep
- His mattress is like a hammock from him sleeping in the same exact place in it

Finland (Tino Väinämöinen)

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have any of them every run into anything? Like a wall, tree, pole, etc.? how'd they manage to do it? xD I hope this makes sense thank you so much!! :3 <3

Sweden has been running into things since he was a little guy and he frequently got hurt. Nowadays, that only happens when he’s not wearing his glasses for whatever reason. So he runs into bedposts, walls, doors, etc. if he’s lost his glasses or something.

The only time Denmark runs into things is when he’s drunk. He’s hit a couple poles and trees when coming home from the bar.

And Iceland, because he’s an awkward teen, is clumsy and runs into or trips over things occasionally. He gets really embarrassed if anyone sees and Norway always fusses over him which just compounds the embarrassment.

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Just a reminder about the drabble w/ Sweden, thank you

Sweden (Berwald Oxenstierna)
Berwald was just trying to have a normal visit to his lovers place. He could tell that something was off with them, but he didn’t know exactly what was wrong. He’d tried to confront them, but they didn’t seem to want to open up about it.

What he saw and heard what his lovers parents were saying and doing to them made his blood boil.

“Y/N!! If you DARE to even TRY and nudge past, the results won’t be pretty!”

“I’ll fucking kill you, Y/N. And you or your boyfriend won’t be able to do a single little thing,” which was followed by a mocking, barking laugh.

There were few words that could describe how he felt, hearing these words being said to his sweet, harmless Y/N. Anger. Sadness. The indescribable… nothingness.

He felt powerless. Sure, he was quite strong, but the father was definitely much, much stronger than he could ever be. He hated it.

Eventually, he couldn’t take it. Instead of attacking, he politely intervened, “I… I’d like to take Y/N outside. Just for a walk,” he was quick to speak. It took a bit of convincing from the parents, but eventually Y/N was allowed out.

Berwald was very quick to pull Y/N as far away from the house as he could.

Once they were in an isolated area, he pulled Y/N into a hug. A very tight, warm, safe embrace. He shushed them when they tried to ask questions.

“I’m going to protect you, okay?”

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How would the nordics react to thier s/o not being able to sleep without music on? What music would they prefer their s/o to listen to?

You are driving me crazy, turn the damn music off: Norway and Iceland

Meh, this is fine: Finland

Oh my gosh, whatever you need babe: Denmark and Sweden

If his s/o absolutely had to listen to music, Norway would prefer it to be something with no lyrics. Iceland finds it all equally annoying but he doesn’t want to hear classical music or lyrics in a language he understands.

The other three probably aren’t fussed, just as long as it’s not too loud. Denmark might request Enya or someone singing in Irish or Scottish Gaelic.