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What would the Nordics do on the Christmas market? 🎄

Denmark: Ok! So every year we get invited to the German Christmas Market in Nuremberg by Prussia, Germany and co.! It’s so much fun! Gil and I go food hunting!

Iceland: Italy drags me along to go on the amusement rides and things…

Norway: Austria and I usually have heated debates over music and the origins of the Christmas tree.

Finland: Haha… Germany and I are the only ones who actually try and get some Christmas things… Oh, Hungary helps too!

Sweden: … Switz'land, Liecht'nstein and I jus’ follow ‘em around…


Continuing with that au where the Nations are public figures. All the nations that participate (weather they make it to the finals or not) in euro vision attended the final show. And of course the nation hosting the event co-hosts with the other human hosts. Which would be pretty unfortunate for this years hosts having to deal with Sweden’s face. 

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Sealand going missing (Let's say for a whole day or so) And then being found and brought home? How would the parents react?

Finland and Sweden would, of course, have been worried sick. When they see him, Finland had planned to give him a stern lecture but he ends up crying out of relief that Peter’s ok. Sweden doesn’t say a word and simply hugs him tightly. The lecture can wait- they just need to make sure that he’s alright and safe in their arms.


Counting down the days and drawing the trashiest of the trash idea. Totally self indulgent. I apologize for my existence.

- what the tags goodbye
- I only planned for 9 spaces and didn’t get Austria I’m sorry Alaba
- my chance to draw Robben and Ned together is never meant to be
- I am not ready and in denial about this Germany NT
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