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So the Nordics are in your mafia au too?

norway, denmark, and sweden (on the record) run a bail bond agency. off the record, they control the docks. denmark and turkey are old drinking buddies, which is why the scandinavians are generous about his whole antiquity smuggling operation. sweden used to work for a PMC (think blackwater), and knows germany from that life. in fact, they all know the german brothers; they’re very well acquainted with the low-level duo and the troublemakers they arrest

finland, a troublemaker

the world belongs to you an eastern promises mafia au series

Sweden and Finland Quotes from the Hetalia Manga

“*crying from laughing so hard at Norway dancing in a fox costume* This… Is amusing!” - Finland

“Ahhhh! Oh no he’s gonna kick my butt!!!” - Sweden

“I’ve always wanted to have a relationship where we have something like that in common!” - Finland

“*about to go to war with Poland and Lithuania* … Let’s head back!” - Sweden

“I’d like to be called dear big brother too, even if it’s only one time!” - Finland

Sweden *at Iceland having to call Norway “dear big brother”: “… Nothin’ wrong with sayin’ it, right?”
Finland: “Why are you encouraging this? Stop joking, Svi!”

“There’s so much alcohol and sweets… If I could just have a sauna, I’d be in heaven!” - Finland

“Wh… What is this…” - Sweden

“*about to go to war with Poland and Lithuania* Ah… I really don’t want to fight Estonia’s friend but I can’t lose this, either!” - Finland

“Hanat'mago’ll probably be b’ wantin’ his own house soon.” - Sweden

“*seeing a picture of him on a strip pole* that’s not me!!!” - Finland

“I wanna say all sorta nice things like that but… M'embarr'ssed.” - Sweden

Sweden: *smiles* “… I’ll say it someday.”
Finland: “Why are you smilinggg?”

“… *awkward thumbs up*” - Sweden

“Sweden-san, please tell me some Swedish metal bands.” - Finland

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Nordics reacting to their child bringing home a stray cat and asking if they can keep it

Hehe Daddy Nordics

Denmark and Finland: Push overs. Total 100% pushovers. Finny would be the type who would literally look at it and melt, then before he knew it he’d be trying to help his baby figure out a name for it, knowing Fin something cute like Mittens, *sigh* Den would try to deny and say that they couldn’t have a cat, but then he’d care because it didn’t have a home to go to and so…welcome to your new home kitty. Suckers, both of them.

Sweden and Norway: The tough sells. These two would act like it was a total no and there would be no talking them down form their decision. They’d say something to the effect of “until we find it’s owner we can keep it” then the cat would just end up being part of the family in no time flat. Tough-softies.

Iceland: He would be the most surprising because Icey likes cats anyway. Once his child brought the stray in and asked if he could keep it, he would say yes without hesitation. Being that he can be strict as a daddy and no nonsense at times it would come as a surprise that he would be so quick as to accept. Cute as heck though as the cat would end up in his lap many, many times…

AU idea:

AU in which Berwald was in an abusive relationship with Matthias, but Matthias ended up dumping him. After having been told for so long that he’s worthless, Berwald feels useless since he’s all alone now. Berwald falls deeper and deeper into a self-destructive spirale, until one day he’s rescued by Tino, a young man that’ll help him recover from his trauma and give a new meaning to his life.

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My headcanon is that in Icelands past life he died because of his parents abusing him and thats why is a little more distance from people. but can you write a story about the nordics actually meeting him before he died and became Iceland ? //Btw i love your stories and headcanons//

I’ve heard of this headcanon before! It’s quite an interesting concept actually.
I’m going to set it in the Viking times for obvious reasons.


“I don’ like th’s place.”
Sweden was well known as a man of few words and seldom voiced his opinion until it mattered, so when the silence was broken by those five effective words, Norway and Denmark turned to look at him with evident unease.
“Really?” Denmark asked, fingering the long braid down one side of his hair. Sweden nodded, his eyes focused on a point in the distance.
“Somethin’ wrong.”
“Mm,” Norway said, his tone not betraying whether he agreed or disagreed. The three of them stood in a clearing with only two makeshift huts standing on the trodden grass. This place was secluded from the main village where the trio had made their home and had come this far out in the first place as they needed some herbs. From what they knew, a man and a woman lived here who dealt in magic and witchcraft and made strange concoctions from herbs they found in the wilderness.
Now, this type of job and these type of people weren’t as rare as one may think. The trio had visited many people like this before but this was the first one they had felt uncomfortable in. The atmosphere surrounding this place seemed to be dark and foreboding, a crushing static feeling within the frigid air.
The trio started when someone cleared their throat behind them, Denmark whirling around with both hands firmly on his axe.
A little boy stood there, barely four or five, with big purplish-pink eyes and hair so blond it shimmered white in the summer sun. He was thin- very much so- to the point where his clothes hung off of his body and his cheeks were hollowed. His arms were littered with bruises and cuts and he stared up at them with tired and vulnerable eyes.
“Are you here to see my mama and papa?” He asked in a small and squeaky voice.
“Yeah,” Denmark replied after a minute or so, his eyes completely transfixed. There was something there he couldn’t quite put his finger on, something that attracted him to the child like a magnet. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Norway with his mouth ajar too, maybe experiencing the same feelings as him. Sweden seemed unaffected though.
“They went out to gather some herbs… I can help you.” With that, he gestured for them to follow them inside one of the huts.
It was a tight squeeze but the four of them fitted, Denmark’s jaw dropping when he saw the masses of herbs and entrails lining the walls with a fire and a pot burning over it in the corner. He gathered some bunches off of the various counters and limped back over to them, handing them to Norway and holding out his hands. Denmark cleared his throat before rummaging around inside his cloak and handing some trade wears to him, which the boy accepted.
“Well, we’d better go,” Denmark said, turning to leave, but pausing when he saw Norway staring wide eyed at the small boy.
“What’s your name?” He asked softly. The boy frowned and squirmed under his gaze.
“Emil,” he replied.
“What’s happened to you, Emil…?” He asked quietly. Emil stared at him, then frowned and shook his head.
“I… I make mama and papa angry…”
At that Norway’s eyes widened and he went to say something but Sweden’s large hand landed on his shoulder.
“We c'n’t,” he said softly. “We c'n’t get involved.”
Norway swallowed thickly, looking like he wanted to protest, and nodded. The boy looked from one to the other, only nodding goodbye to them as the Vikings left.
When they were out of earshot, Norway immediately turned on Denmark.
“Danmark,” he said, his voice quivering. “That boy…”
“I know,” Denmark sighed. “I know…”
“He’s going to die…” Norway trembled.
“Can’t… Can’t we….?”
“We can’t get involved in human affairs.” Denmark said firmly. “There’s nothing we can do about it.”
Norway stared at him helplessly, before he shook his head and marched back in the direction of the village, tears stinging his eyes.
When they got back, Finland immediately greeted them, hugging Norway around the middle.
“Hi! How’d it go?” Norway didn’t answer and instead picked up Finland, hugging him tightly. The Finn looked incredibly confused and looked with big eyes at the others, specifically at Sweden, who shook his head.
“Norway? Are you ok?” Finland asked again.
“I… I will be,” Norway responded. “I will be…”

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Iceland had never understood his family’s childishness and why they seemed to treat him as a little kid as often as they could, but an event at a get together they all had was a real eye-opener for him, and he soon learned the reason as to why they did the things that annoyed him.

so this was an idea originally by @sheepouttetradecagon but they let me write it bc theyre the best lmao


Continuing with that au where the Nations are public figures. All the nations that participate (weather they make it to the finals or not) in euro vision attended the final show. And of course the nation hosting the event co-hosts with the other human hosts. Which would be pretty unfortunate for this years hosts having to deal with Sweden’s face. 


Counting down the days and drawing the trashiest of the trash idea. Totally self indulgent. I apologize for my existence.

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