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Nordics Moral alignment (true neutral, etc?)

Norway: True Neutral 
Lukas fits in with being True Neutral, since he is often without a bias or indifferent. He can also often see both sides of things.

Iceland: Chaotic Neutral 
Chaotic Neutral people are sometimes unpredictable, and usually follows their whims, not what other people say is “right or wrong”, so, Emil fits in. 

Finland: Neutral Good 
Tino always tries to be the best he can be, and do good by others. He will do what he sees as good, and hardly will cause any problems among others. 

Sweden: Lawful Neutral
Berwald fits in with being Lawful Neutral, since he believes in a strong order, but he’s also reliable and honorable. 

Denmark: Chaotic Good
Chaotic Good combines a good heart and free spirit, not to mention strength and kindness; so Matthias fits right in. 

Things People Seem To Forget About The Nordics
  • Denmark: Lost the major 300-so years of war, is the happiest country in the world, friends with Germany and Netherlands
  • Sweden: One of the Nicest country in the world, lets Nazi Germany past through him to invade Norway in order to keep his neutrality
  • Norway: aLEXANDER RYBAK wAS HALF BELARUSSIAN, Oil, rich, left Iceland to suffer economically even though he got shit ton of oil and money
  • Iceland: Most dangerous Nordic nation according to Geography, can erupt at any moment, the Icelandic found a way to control how lava flows (tHEY ARE LAVA BENDERS), has a penis museum, has the gates to hell, eats rotten poisonous sharks that have been buried for weeks, eATS PUFFINS
  • Finland: Most dangerous Nordic nation according to the people, is not afraid of Russia and Sweden, smartest nation with a high education ratings

friend: you need a hobby

me: i already have a hobby

friend: photoshopping aph england’s eyebrows onto other hetalia characters isn’t a hobby


we’re going to build a giant lego piece out of lego