AU where all the nordics are yoi fans and one day norway sings “can you hear” very quietly and denmark just goes “mY HEARTBEAT” and slowly all the other nordics join in and it becomes a huge concert with just the 5 of them

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Okay repeat the ask from last time! For France, Prussia and China (best Dads trio). How would the three react if they would come home to see their kid (or younger sibling, what never you might prefer) completely drunk and crying in the bathroom?

Best Dad Trio is France, Sweden and China (in my opinion) but i’ll add Prussia!


“Oh mon Seigneur…may I come in my child?”

  • He is freaking out the second he finds out his child is drunk. What scares him the most is that he didn’t find them sooner.
  • Whilst they’re in the bathroom he gets a couple of things; A glass of water, high carb food, a fuzzy blanket, tissues and some fresh pj’s 
  • If they locked the door he’ll wait outside until they are ready to let them in. He’ll wait all night if he must.
  • Once he is let in he will approach them carefully, he will pass them the glass of what and rub their back until they calm down.
  • He is completely calm when he’s with them, if they want anything he will get it for them. Unless it doesn’t help them, in which case maybe later they will get it.
  • If they can’t stand he will carry them to their bed, they need to relax and get some rest. He will watch them whilst they sleep for their safety. 


“Out! Out the bathroom! We’re sorting this out!”

  • The second he finds out his child is drunk and crying in the bathroom he goes full parent mode, no fooling around!
  • He will hear his child crying and feel really bad. They are going to be taken to the living room so that they’re comfy at least.
  • They will get some water to help them sober up and hydrate, from all that crying and drinking they need some water to hydrate. 
  • Once they have calmed down and are nearly sober, he will ask them why they went out and got drunk.
  • He will listen to everything they say and will not interrupt them at any point, he will sit there and listen for as long as they need him too.
  • From this, he will take them to bed. He will then figure how he can help them and what actions he can take to prevent this in the future.


“Come now, the awesome me shall help my just as awesome child”

  • When he gets home and hears light sniffles he knows exactly what’s going on, his instincts haven’t lied to him yet.
  • He will drop everything he’s holding and gets water and gilbird, why gilbird? Because gilbird makes everything better.
  • This is the point where he’ll ask them to open the bathroom door, if they don’t straight off they have an hour before he picks the lock.
  • If they want to stay in the bathroom he will sit there with them, if they would let him he’d hug them and rub their back to calm them down.
  • Depending on the state they’re in, he might make a few jokes to make them laugh. What is a world without laughter after all~
  • He is kinda angry at them for drinking behind his back, but till they’re okay and sober he will leave them be.


“Hush, I am here now. You will be alright”

  • He knew that they were drunk before he even got into the house, he has prepared before hand for such events.
  • Barely a word will be spoken, he doesn’t want to stress them out with questions so he’ll let them sob as he rubs their back.
  • The 5/4/3 tactic will be used to calm them down, once they are able to get a grasp of things he’ll help them up.
  • If they want anything to calm the down (I.e. Warm drink, blanket, etc.), He will get it for them. Anything to make them comfortable.
  • He will stay with them the entire night, he promises them that he will be there for them through thick and thin and he will!
  • Nothing will harm them whilst they’re in this state, he will keep a watchful eye on them for a few days. He cares for them very much!

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been rather busy the last few days.

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wowie you answer quick 🙏🙏🙏 anyways can we maybe get some hc's for Sweden and Denmark / Norway (your choice as to which one) when their s/o comes home with 2 puppies 👀👀

Yeah I’m out of university right now so I have lots of free time on my hands.  And I love writing so!  Oh, and how about all three?


  • He loves puppies!!  He tries to play it off like you can’t keep them, but look at those beady little eyes and those floppy little ears!  He’ll melt by the end of the night.
  • He will be very concerned about Hana.  He doesn’t want his poor baby to get hurt, so if their puppies that will grow into big dogs, he makes sure to train them extra hard to assure they don’t hurt his little baby!
  • Berwald is the guy who always makes sure the pups get to the vet and the doggie barber!  He keeps their health up and their fur pretty.
  • Sweden and s/o will end up with a backyard built for their doggies. They even end up putting in a pool so that their puppies can jump and swim!


  • Great, now are THREE puppies in the house.  Because that’s really all Matthias is.  He is SO down to keep the pups!  Let’s name them s/o!!
  • Loves to take them on long walks so that their muscles stay strong. And he makes sure they get plenty of good food so that they have plenty of energy!
  • If they grow into big doggies, he likes to chase them around the backyard and give them baths!  In the end, they’re all soaked from the hose!  His s/o is going to have to make them ALL dry off.
  • He loves having a snuggle session with his s/o and the pups.  Lots of kisses!


  • At first, he’s not really sold on the whole puppy thing.  After all, that’s a lot of responsibility, and he’s more of a cat person anyway.  But then he gets a look at that wagging tail, and those little ears.  Welp.  Now he’s a proud dog-father.
  • His first mission is potty training.  He will NOT have those dogs making messes in the house.  He’s not afraid to use discipline to help them learn where they can and cannot go to the bathroom.
  • He would totally buy them harnesses, and sweaters, and other cute accessories.  He also buys them doggie galoshes!  No rainy wet feet!
  • If they are a species of dog that sheds a lot, they are going to have to spend a lot of time outside.  He can’t handle the hair very well.  But he’s going to have Sweden build them a nice dog house and fence around the backyard.  He’s also going to have lots upon lots of toys for them to run and play with.  Ropes, balls, he and Sweden are even going to build a doggie playground with slides and obstacles they can spend all their energy on!

friend: you need a hobby

me: i already have a hobby

friend: photoshopping aph england’s eyebrows onto other hetalia characters isn’t a hobby