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Hetalia Families at Christmas
  • FACE: They just want to have a nice family Christmas dinner, but somehow it always gets ruined. America brought KFC as his contribution to dinner, France got drunk, England burned the house down...
  • Romanics: All about the food. Everyone pitches in to make a huge feast and have a good night. The wine is flowing but no one is going crazy with it or anything. Everyone scolds Romano for his language and someone probably makes Italy cry, but what else is new.
  • Germanics: Now this is a party. Austria has the big mansion, so it's always there, and literally everyone gets roaring drunk. Austria always makes enough desserts for an entire army, then spends the rest of the night playing Christmas carols. Prussia is reliably the first one to pass out.
  • Nordics: An actual cute, relatively peaceful and family friendly Christmas dinner, well, maybe except Denmark, filling the role of the drunken uncle. They have to celebrate on Christmas day rather than Christmas Eve because mama Finland is busy being Santa.
  • Soviets/Kievan Rus: Another drunken party, but it's less fun and more scary. A fight will break out, Belarus might pull a knife, the Baltics are cowering in the corner...
  • Asians: New to this whole Christmas thing. They could really care less about the actual holiday, but giving gifts is nice and they suppose it's family bonding time and stuff, even with no one really socializing most of the time.
  • Oceania: Beach party, bon fire, barbecue. It's summer down there so they spend it in flip flops and bathing suits. This all makes Christmas a lot more relaxed than it is for most of the other families.


America: Great. Another day of being blocked by the Soviet Union’s vetoing power–

America: Where is he?

England: He’s boycotting the security council meetings. something about China’s representation.

America: So wait… He can’t veto anything

France: No, he is not here.

America: \(>o<)/ We should open with an intervention in South Korea–

*Not long after this the Soviet Union ended it’s boycott*

Misheard Hetalia Names
  • New Honda - Japan [Kiku Honda]
  • Lil Wayne be about that - Germany [Ludwig Beilschmidt]
  • vivino Vernon - Romano/South Italy [Lovino Vargas]
  • Gil birb bottle flip - Prussia [Gilbert Beilschmidt]
  • Schiano car is - North Italy [Feliciano Vargas]
  • Outlets of Jones - America [Alfred F. Jones]
  • Yelling - China [Yao Wang]
  • Francis Boulevard - France [Francis Bonnefoy]
  • Arthur kink land - Britain [Arthur Kirkland]
  • I've been bragging p - Russia [Ivan Braginsky/Braginski]
  • happy William - Canada [Matthew Williams]
  • Rivas GO Launcher - Latvia [Raivis Galante]
  • Taurus Laurinaitis - Lithuania [Toris Laurinaitis]
  • Edward move on rock - Estonia [Eduard Bon Vock]
  • SOVIET UNION (Minus Russia because I already typed that one)
  • Until your loading screen - Belarus [Natalia Arlovskaya]
  • How do you show braginskaya - Ukraine [Katyusha Braginskaya]
  • Antonio remember cardio - Spain [Antonio Fernandez Carriedo]
  • Elizabeth I her davari - Hungary [Elizabeth/Elizabeta Hédérvary]
  • Autorecover time - Austria [Roderich Edelstein]
  • Hercules cut off screen - Greece [Hercules Karpusi]
  • Peter you doing - Sealand [Peter Kirkland]
  • poet Kirkwood - Wy [Paulette Kirkland]