aph siblings

Belgian betrayal

Germany: “I’ll give 7 points to my good neighbour Netherlands, we always have each other’s back. How many are you giving me?”
Netherlands: “None, but thanks for the points. Also, Belgium your song sucks but you’ll get two pity points because you’re my sister.”
Belgium: “HAHA suck it bro, you ain’t get nothing!”
Netherlands: “What is this betrayal?

  • Russia: Belarus, I need help...
  • Belarus: ... wait... you're asking me for help? I know I should be extremely happy, but I'm actually very concerned...
  • Russia: I accidentally shrunk big sister's favourite shirt in the dryer and I know she'll be mad at me... and you know how she is when she's mad!
  • Belarus: she's going to kill you... well, do what I always do.
  • Russia: and what is that?
  • Belarus: blame it on Latvia.
  • Latvia, from the distance: WHAT????
  • Belgium: ha! You think you can beat me?? That's hilarious!
  • Switzerland: of course I can! It's not that hard, to tell you the truth.
  • Belgium: Haha, I'll wipe that arrogant smug off your crying face once I'm done!
  • Switzerland: In your dreams! I'll beat you without mercy!
  • Belgium and Switzerland: BRING IT ON!!
  • Luxembourg: ... do they always act this before Valentines Day?
  • Liechtenstein: there's no rest between these two when it comes to the 'Best Chocolate Competition'...
Modern German state meetings

((So while talking with mun of @ask18thcenturygilbert about German states, we figured that modern meetings between them would basically be like world meetings but then probably worse, because they know each other very well for centuries already. 

Bavaria would be the one that comes up with the crazy ideas that nobody agrees to 

If Prussia would still be a state, he’d get in a fight with Bavaria every time (like France and England). Maybe he can be replaced by Württemberg, I heard that swabians don’t like bavarians either. They’re not allowed anymore to sit next to each other. 

Hamburg and Bremen would be the ones that comes up with the financial things and trade (cause of the Hanse)

Baden has the liberal ideas probably 

Saxony, for some reason, would be the patient and passive-aggressive one

I see Schleswig-Holstein eating their Fischbrötchen in silence 

and tbh Saarland would be the Canada of the group, because I keep forgetting that one

Also those personifications that form one state, like Baden-Württemberg, would definitely team up in a discussion (or fight), because you know, they probably learnt to stick together. 

I have no idea what the others would do, please share your thoughts! 

And they’d maybe just use Ludwig’s house as a meeting place every know and then, which will end up in him coming home after a tiresome world meeting and then he got this family chaos inside his house. It just seems very amusing.))

Oh, how I adore you.

France/Monaco is a really good, really underrated ship please join me in hell

Talking about Hetalia with my kid sister
  • Sister: *sips tea* Isn't it weird how the older sibling is always the crazy one on this show, why is that?
  • Me: Haha
  • Me: *hair dyed red*
  • Me: *fandom T-shirt*
  • Me: *sitting with my feet up on the table*
  • Me: *cleaning nails with pocket knife*
  • Me: I have no idea.