aph screaming


um guys I sorta found this official comic of Germany dreaming about being HRE and I’m a lil shook rn we need to talk.

so @nidsk and I were talking about chess and how denmark might just be the exact kind of lovestruck dork who painstakingly makes his own chess pieces because norway happens to like chess

ask--bayern  asked:

How does it feel to be a crumbling empire Karl?? I mean all I can do is hope that I live on when you die. But nothing is guaranteed in this world, is it.

[1785 HRE takeover]

[Roderich gets to deal with the mess.]

  • Friend: How are you
  • Me, internally: Aph France is considered a 2D creepy character by the majority of the Hetalia fandom and it really upsets me because he is such a historically rich country who has fought in so many wars and had to be strong and 'big brother france' and if you look past the first few episodes he clearly cares about his friends and especially in season 5 you see how he truely is when it discusses how immortals have to lose everyone they love and the reincarnation of Joan of Arc with the line 'God has done wonderful things" he is an immortal trying his best to stay positive and cheer everyone up and he is considered 'creepy' and a 'rapist'
  • Me, externally: fine lmao you?
aph norway is a dork

but i love him. and here’s why;

  • says “beep beep beep” out loud when dialing the phone
  • calls people to tell them something he found interesting, then just hangs up instead of explaining anything
  • fights with iceland over mackerel
  • his hair clip is actually a cell phone
  • he doesn’t like to have his picture taken 
  • he seems to be excited for christmas
  • probably rly good at chess considering his record against denmark
  • brings Yoggi (yogurt juice from Sweden) for ice when there’s alcohol so ice has something to drink, too
  • v quiet 
  • calls people (denmark) annoying quite often
  • likes to celebrate the halfway point between he and ice’s birthdays
  • says he won’t offer any of his cake to den after den criticizes his diet
  • likes to bake
  • not good with strangers
  • estonia’s eagerness to join the nordics scares him
  • bonds with england over magical creatures
  • likes stuffed pink bunnies
  • carried a drunk denmark home when he fell out of his chair at a restaurant
  • overprotective big brother toward ice
  • “i’m out of butter, i wonder how i will survive christmas”
  • talks to his magic friends, even tho to everyone else it looks like he’s talking to himself or thin air
  • sort of aloof
  • “you’re gettin’ excited about ice and snow? what are you, a dog?”
  • too preoccupied with the dirt under his nails to watch den and sve’s fight
  • puts others needs before his own

anyways, he’s a nerd and i love him a whole lot. thanks for reading

Prucan trying to flirt in German
  • Gilbert: du hast schöne Augen ;)
  • Matthew: what did he say?
  • Ludwig (to Feli): you have beautiful eyes
  • Feli (to Romano): you have gorgeous eyes!
  • Romano (to Antonio): your eyes are cool, I guess.
  • Antonio (to Francis): Your eyes are there.
  • Francis (to Arthur): you have eyes, right?
  • Arthur (to Alfred): you have two eyes, Matthew.
  • Alfred (to Matthew): you have eyes.
  • Matthew (to Gilbert): aw, thank you for noticing!
  • Gilbert: *screaming*