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Hey how would the axis and allies study for finals? Like do they listen to music, have snacks, study with people? Thank you for the amazing blog!

(I’m smack in the middle of my end of year exams, so this is obviously the perfect time to be writing imagines. I felt that since finals is more of a ‘human’ thing, I’d write this imagine as a human AU)

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Feliciano finds himself the most productive early in the morning. In the morning, the world had yet to wake up, so it’s peaceful and quiet. The air is crisp and clean, the breeze is cool and fresh, and the birds are enough music for him. Really, if Feliciano is going to study, he has to do it before noon, because once the clock hand passes 12, life comes and punches him in the face with distractions.

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: It’s no doubt that Ludwig has a lot of self-discipline and a desire for excellence. In order to prevent himself from getting distracted by anything during his studying, he simply locks himself in his room. In the room, it’s just him, the furniture and his work. He keeps his phone, his computer, snacks, all of that is kept outside. He dedicates himself solely to the revision that he wants to do.

Japan/Honda Kiku: A headband with motivational quotes to keep his hair out of his head. Posters with more motivational quotes all around the room. A week’s worth of snacks and drinks in one corner. A pile of books, notes and other related material in another. A stereo blasting even more motivational quotes. Welcome to Kiku’s study room.

America/Alfred F. Jones: Alfred cannot, and I mean literally cannot, study by himself. He’d end up doing something really stupid, trust me, Matthew knows. So, he’d drag out a few poor friends to study with him at the nearest fast-food joint. It may take like half an hour to get him to focus, but once he’s hit that point, it’s amazing how much he can revise and remember.

England/Arthur Kirkland: Arthur normally simply stays in his study, surrounded by shelves of books. He’d keep the window open to let fresh air and natural light enter, but that’s about it. It really doesn’t take much for him to focus on his work. Ah, and he’d have to remember to triple-lock all the doors in his house and unplug everything to avoid getting dragged out by a certain friend of his.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: While Francis doesn’t like being alone when he studies, he dislikes studying in large groups. He’d get together with one or two close friends and study together. He’d probably call friends who are studying the same thing he is, that way they can help each other too. He just has to make sure he avoids his a-bit-too-rowdy friends, and he’s fine.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: For Ivan, studying is always better with his family. He’s the middle child, so while he can help his younger sister, his elder sister can help him. After all, once you’ve crossed a hurdle it’s easy to guide others over it. Moreover, it’s a productive way to spend quality with his beloved family. If his sisters are busy, he at the very least will borrow his elder sister’s old notes for references.

China/Wang Yao: To the worry of all his siblings and neighbours, Yao would be on his own, in his room studying. That seems fine, except for the fact that he’s been doing nothing but yelling at someone for the last few minutes. One won’t even know what’s going on, because his yells are completely out of context, as if he’s having a conversation with someone. Before calling the police and hospital, his siblings would crack open his door and peek inside… Only to find him on a conference call with his friends, correcting each other’s misconceptions in the loudest way possible.

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Father Russia headcanons. (He's my little baby.)

-At first he’d be really, really scared of having a kid. He’d be extremely paranoid he’d be a bad father or mess something completley up, and would try and keep himself as distant as possible at first, no matter how painful it was. 

-Eventually, whether it was his s/o that finally talked some sense into him or if he just steeled himself up, he’d interact with the kid more and more, and in time would realize that maybe he wouldn’t be such a bad dad after all. 

-He’d spoil his kid(s) so bad, but as soon as someone called him out on it he’d act completley oblivious. It’d be really hard for him to say no to them. 

-Once they starting going to school, he’d always ask how their day went every time they came home no matter what. He’d also volunteer to help with homework all the time.

-He’d be extremely protective of his kid(s), and until they were old enough he’d always be very cautious and make sure he always knew where they were.

-That being said, while he is very protective he would always believe that his kid(s) have the right to be independent sometimes, so he’d trust them enough to not watch over them completley 24/7. 


It all started out with The Principality of Moscow!! Later named Muscovy by Tsar Peter the Great around 1700! and people say Sealand doesn’t have a chance… Well we didn’t doubt Muscovy!! Also Moscow is the “heir” to the (Eastern Roman Empire) Byzantine Empire’s capital Constantinople! (Later named Istanbul when it was taken over by the Ottoman Empire aka modern day Turkey) The Byzantine Empire was the east half of the Roman Empire… so for all of you Hetalians out there… you could say that Russia is related to Italy, Romano and Seborga and (I think this is right) Rome would be his Grandpa too!! meaning that Byzantine Empire would be his father and I think the Italy brothers would be his cousins? I say this because as Rome started to fall they divided into east and west so lets say that our beloved grandpa Rome is the west and we know Byzantine is the east! Muscovy (Russia) wanted the lands to its south and east so they married Grand Prince Ivan the 3rd to the last niece of the Byzantine Empire thus is why I said that Moscow (Muscovy/Russia’s capital) is the “heir” to Constantinople! Sadly at this point in history the Byzantine Empire’s capital Constantinople was already captured and long gone turned into Istanbul… meaning that (If we want to think about this from a Hetalia standpoint) Russia grew up on his own… alone and Byzantine Empire was dead and probably either didn’t tell Russia/Muscovy who he was related to or if he did Russia was just never introduced/allowed to be introduced to the Italy brothers or (even sadder…) Italy and Romano were never introduced to Russia and were not told that they were related to him… or (The worst situation) Rome did not want the Italy brothers to know that they were related to Russia because he didn’t want to be associated with the defeat of Constantinople which was, besides Rome the Christian capital of the world at this time, but after its defeat by the Ottoman Empire the city was quickly converted to the Ottoman’s primary religion which was(possibly still is? I don’t know about the present religion of Istanbul) Sunni Islam. To Rome this would be a major disgrace to be associated with. I DO NOT mean that to be disrespectful to anyone but the fact is that the Ottoman Empire and the Roman Empire did NOT get along and certainly did not share the same religious views.

I was just reading through my college history book and I thought that I would take a crack at making a headcanon that is backed up by history!!! But if you have evidence that this IS wrong please inform me and I shall change this!!

This is the most in-depth headcanon I have ever created!! If you like it and would like more just ask and I’ll see what I can do!! Also I felt bad for leaving all of you for so long.. so I hope you enjoy!!

Mercy, Chapter 5

I love you guys so much, and I hope you enjoy this near 7k monster of a chapter!  I’m sorry it was so late!

           Sneaking around the palace in the dead of the night – especially when the palace didn’t like him and he knew it – was not the best idea he’d ever had.  Unlike the sky-eyed prince – whose light step and sharp mind meant he was almost invisible if he wanted to be – while he could often move swiftly and unseen through the shadows, he shone like a beacon in the midnight darkness as he tripped over stray vines, upraised tiles, and trick steps.

           This palace certainly didn’t like him, and it was making that blatantly clear.

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hetabook series: #8 
     keeping up with the hetalia cast season 2 (ft. micronations)
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