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hey! if you haven't already could we have some cuddling techniqes for 1p allies? your blog is really cool and uplifting, btw. keep up the great work <3

Aww, thank you, cutie!!

We did a thing forever ago about how a bunch of characters cuddle, their smells, ect. I will copy and paste them here since it was forever ago! (We also did them in around 3-4 groups, so there’s random characters everywhere :). Enjoy!)

America: Smell: Alfred smells very clean and crisp (most of the time..) like you just walked outside on a warm summer day. Sometimes there is a musky undertone from worn-off cologne.
Cuddles: Alfred, at first would hold his s/o very close and tight, probably messing around (not like that…dirty minds) and laughing with them before bed. Though, Alfred sleeps on his stomach. So his arms would end up sprawled over them in a weird way, but hey, still technically cuddling.

England: Smell: Very musty. Arthur always surrounds himself with books, so that musty smell is typically on his clothes. Also, a faint smell of tea.
Cuddles: Arthur would wrap his arms around his s/o and pull them close, though, he’d be the one nuzzling against their chest most of the time. He keeps a very tight hold around his s/o, though. He’s terrified someone will leave him.

France: Smell: Francis is a very well-groomed man, so he would always have a very heavy but not overbearing musky cologne on, though it may be worn off by the time he and his s/o cuddle.
Cuddles: Francis would always hold his s/o against his chest, making sure his face was nuzzled up in their neck, and holding them so they could be laying the same way against him. He’d always rest a hand on the small of his s/o’s back.

Canada: Smell: A very sweet, yet earthy smell, very similar to the smell of crisp leaves in Autumn, or sweet like maple trees.
Cuddles: Matthew likes to curl up close to his s/o, so typically they’d have their legs tangled up with one another, and always wake up in a different position, though it would always be odd, and they’d always be touching somewhere.

Russia: Smell: Ivan wouldn’t have a very strong smell, though he’d always have a very faint crisp smell to him, likely from the smell of the cold air that surrounds him.
Cuddles: Ivan would hold his s/o tightly, both because he loves to cuddle with them, but also in fear that they’d try to leave in the middle of the night. Though, he’d always have them against his chest, keeping them warm and safe.

China: Smell: Yao would always have a very fresh and light smell to him, due to all the time he spends outside. Though, occasionally it would be a bit musty whenever he reads, thanks to all of the old books.
Cuddles: Yao is someone to want to hold his s/o tightly, and snuggle against them. He’d typically cling to them as long as he could, but usually sprawl out throughout the night..he’s likely even kicked his s/o a few times while asleep.

Weekly RusAme FanFiction updates (Nov 12, 2017 - Nov 18, 2017)

Hello Friends! Here are this week’s RusAme new, AO3, and WattPad fanfics.

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What fairy tales would the allies be in?

(I love fairy tales!! Though..I’m not sure what all is classified under “Fairy Tales”…So, I’ll go off of memory of some, as well as what Google tells me!..I’m also slightly going off of Grimm Brothers..) Enjoy!~ Admin Sarah

America: Pinocchio 

England: Rumplestilskin

France: Beauty and the Beast

Canada: Thumbelina 

Russia: The Ugly Duckling 

China: Ye Xian (The Original Cinderella; it originated from China)

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Ummm, hi. Could u use "I really want to be gentle to you right now, but you’re making it impossible." with a yandere 1p!Russia? *Bribes with favorite treat* ... *Pushes plate of favorite treat closer to Mun*

Yo, don’t taunt me with mac n cheese that’s just dirty


I really want to be gentle to you right now, but you’re making it impossible.” He was getting fed up, you could tell it in his voice. The long sigh and that exasperated groan as you struggled and fought with him yet again. 

You could not stop shaking, Ivan was scary and the fact that you are wearing his patience thin made him even scarier. The crushing grip on your arm tightened causing you to squeal out as the blood was temporarily cut off, knowing at any moment he could easily rip the appendage off. Yet all you could do was continue to struggle against him despite your better judgment to get away from the love-sick man.

Finally, you felt your arm snap, his crushing grip breaking it. You screamed and cried in pain as he dropped you, any emotion in his eyes gone with only the vacant smile remaining. You barely could make out the sound of his voice as blood rushed to your ears to numb the pain.

“See what you made me do?”


uploaded it to youtube bc it’s apparently too long for tumblr. please dont go thru my likes

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What I wanted to ask is: Which nation do You think is scary?

“… I don’t think there is a nation that I find scary?

From the ones I know, I guess some people find both Sweden and Russia to be intimidating… Though I feel like Sweden is just not the talkative type…

As for Russia, personally I think he is alright, just hard to read…”

I am... [T]

I am… [T] by chiptease

Prompt: Alfred gets amnesia and forgets everything about Ivan. [Rated T+ for descriptions of violence and mentions of abuse]

Id: 12055119 - Fandoms: Hetalia: Axis Powers - Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence - M/M - Rated: Teen And Up Audiences - English - Sad Ending/Fluff and Angst/Violence/Fluff/Angst/Light Angst/Alternate Universe - Human - Chapters: 1 - Words: 735 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 99 - Updated: 10 Sep 2017 - Relationships: America/Russia (Hetalia) - Characters: Russia (Hetalia)/America (Hetalia) - Complete

Oh myyy, I just… anyway I really recommend this oneshot for angst rusame lovers!

An Open Letter to the Hetalia Fandom

We are not the people we were before, we changed, and we can continue to change. Sure this fandom has done many horrible things in its early years and honestly I wasn’t even in the fandom at that point in time, and the point is some actions were plain wrong, we know, but it’s honestly disheartening.

Please, please, I’m calling out to the true fans who cares about this fandom I learned to call my family, let’s prove that we can do good, prove them wrong for the things they still think about us. I’ve met more real people than I could ever meet in the real world. Please, I’m begging you, don’t let this fandom die, don’t let them degrade us, prove that we are good people with good intentions, that we can be real mature people who can contribute to society. Make them see what I see, a fandom that welcomes all people no matter what age or race.

Please share the word.

((I am tagging people who made me see that hetalia isn’t as bad as people say, please help me get the word around.

@hetafacts for getting the truth around the fandom and keeping it alive.

@urufu-arts for being brave enough to stand up and make a fundraiser for the victims of the Hurricane Harvey.

@ask-demon-denmark for being a good friend, and to everybody else.

  @annotated-hetalia for helping us connect with the world with real world facts from the hetalia comic strip and series

. @hetascanlations for translating Himaruya’s webcomic and sharing it to the world.

 @k-y-t-s-k-o for being an inspiration to me and many more artists out there.

  @ellawritesficssometimes for reliving and proving that our fanfiction can be great no matter what context.

 @ciakirkland for introducing me to this beautiful world. You will always be in my heart. 

And to the ask-blogs, artists, writers, archives, translators and everyone who supports and loves this fandom. Thank you for giving everyone something to love and protect, thank you so much