How they react to a kitten
  • Italy:squeals and happily plays with the cat
  • Germany:stares at it, occasionally pats it gently
  • Japan:blushes like crazy and freaks out on the inside, never parting from the cat
  • America:whole being lights up and holds up the cat and swings it around, laughing
  • England:frowns and pretends to not care but actually really loves cats
  • France:never stops petting the cat, smiling warmly
  • China:goes all fanboy and crazy shit at the sight, can't control his excitement and liking to the cat
  • Russia:shyly goes to pet the cat, cheeks flushing colour when the cat goes up to him
  • Romano:complains about how annoying Italy is to the cat while he himself would act the same if others weren't around
  • Spain:see France
  • Prussia:too busy shielding Gilbird from the cat
Hetalia boyfriend scenarios!

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Valentine’s Day Part 3




It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’ve just gotten a call from your boyfriend. Prussia asked you to come over to his place because he had “a surprise” of some sort for you. Now you’re standing behind his door, anxiously wondering what the surprise could be.

   “Hallo, frau!” Prussia grins as he opens the door and pecks your lips. “And happy Valentine’s Day!”

   “Happy Valentine’s Day to you too”, you smile and step into the house. “So, what’s the big surprise?”

   “Vell, I vanted to get you something avesome for Valentine’s Day, but I vasn’t really sure vhat vould be avesome enough. So zhen I asked bruder, and he had an avesome idea for a change!”

   “Okay… what was it then?”

   “Say hello to your nev best friend!” Prussia exclaims and opens the door to his living room. And there, on the couch, is sitting an adorable little piggy.

   “I call him Gilpig!” Prussia smirks. “Isn’t he avesome?”
   “He’s adorable”, you smile widely and go pet the pig. “But did Germany really tell you to buy a pig?”

   “Ja, he said it’s a tradition in Germany! And Gilpig was the best pig I could find.”

   “Well, anyways, I think Gilpig is amazing”, you grin and walk over to kiss your boyfriend. “Thank you. When it comes to buying presents, no one can compare to you.”

   “Kesesese, of course not! I am the awesome Prussia, after all!”

   Later that day Germany stopped by, and when he saw Gilpig, he was a bit surprised. Turns out Prussia may have misunderstood the German tradition, but who cares – you loved little Gilpig.







You have spent a week asking Romano about Valentine’s Day. Feli has told you it’s a pretty big day in Italy, but Romano has just kept on saying that he’ll do nothing special for “that stupid day”. Well, now it’s Valentine’s Day, and you’re prepared to spend it alone in your apartment. You’re sitting on your couch in your pajamas when suddenly the doorbell rings.

   “Romano?” you say with wide eyes when you get the door open. Your boyfriend is standing there in black jeans and a red shirt and he has a huge rose bouquet with him. “What… You said we weren’t doing anything on Valentine’s Day!”
   “Well, I couldn’t-a ruin the surprise, could-a I?” Romano smirks and hands you the flowers. “Get dressed-a or we’ll-a be late-a.”

   Half an hour later you’re wearing your favorite dress and strolling through Rome with Romano. To be honest, you’re kind of expecting a dinner at a pizzeria – not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. Pizza is delicious. But then Romano leads you to a fancy and very expensive looking restaurant, and you give him a surprised look.

   “What-a?” Romano snorts. “Did you think-a I couldn’t-a do anything romantic-a?”

   “No, I just…” you smile as you sit down. “I didn’t have any expectations about tonight, and this is… This is really nice. Thank you, Lovi.”

   “You’re welcome-a, bella”, he smirks. “But don’t-a get too used to this-a.”

   “I won’t”, you laugh, shaking your head.

   After the dinner you went for a walk and admired the night sky, and you even ran into Feliciano who said you two were the cutest couple he’d seen all day. And then Romano yelled at him.





It’s almost noon on Valentine’s Day, and you’re staring at the clock. Russia told you earlier that he had big plans for Valentine’s Day, and that you shouldn’t make any plans for the day. But here you are now, sitting alone, having heard nothing from your boyfriend. Then suddenly the doorbell rings, but it isn’t Russia who’s behind the door – it’s Lithuania, apparently working as a flower delivery guy. He hands you a bouquet of sunflowers, and after you’ve thanked him, you notice there’s a note attached to the flowers.

   “Morning, sunflower”, you read out loud. “If you’re ready to start your Valentine’s Day adventure, go to this address.  Love you. Russia.”

   Though the idea of going to some random address scared you a bit, you did it anyways. When you finally got the place, you saw Latvia standing in front of the building with a huge teddy bear. And attached to it was another address, and so your adventure continued.

   The second address leads you to Estonia who has a huge box of chocolate to give you. And an address, obviously. Taking your teddy bear and your chocolates with you, you make your way to the next destination that turns out to be a restaurant. And in front of the restaurant is standing your boyfriend, smiling happily at you.

   “Privet, sunflower”, he says and pecks your lips. “Glad to see you finally made it here. Did you have fun on your adventure?”

   “Yeah, definitely the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had”, you smile. “I can’t believe you organized all this for me.”

   “Of course I did – you are my sunflower, da?” he says and gently touches your face. “I’d do anything to see you smile.”





Spain has spent the last five days asking you what you want for Valentine’s Day, but you’ve just kept on telling him that you didn’t need anything special – you just want to spend the day with him. So when he calls on Valentine’s Day and says he has a surprise for you, you roll your eyes. Of course he has gone and done something though he really didn’t have to.

   A few moments later you’re outside his house, and when you notice the door is open, you take the freedom to step inside.

   “Spain?” you yell in the hallway. “Are you home?”
   “I’m in the living room, chica!” you hear him answer, so that’s where you make your way. But the second you get to the living room, you freeze to the spot.

   Spain is lying on the couch shirtless, and there’s a red bow on top of his head. There’s melted chocolate on the table next to him, and strawberries, and roses, too.

   “Happy Valentine’s Day, chica”, Spain grins as he gets up. You blush like mad when he walks up to you, runs his fingers through your hair and teasingly kisses you.

   “Uh, Happy Valentine’s Day, to you, too…” you swallow. “What happened to your shirt?”

   “Well, you said you didn’t want anything special for Valentine’s Day – you just wanted me”, he smirks. “So here I am. I’m all yours, all day and all night, my Valentine.”

   You chuckle and shake your head, trying to comprehend how he can be so adorable and sexy at the same time.

   “I love you, you know?” you whisper before pulling him into a kiss.


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can you imagine America taking care of a finger sized russia. trying not to get red when the Lil bby sits comfortably in the pocket of his shirt and hes angry bc tiNY RUSSIA SHOULDNT BE THIS ADORABLE but he is and America just wants to take care of him and feed him tiny crackers and chocolate and pet him all the time

/ melts into a puddle