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People calling France a rapist. Again. 

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The USUK vs. FrUK ship war reigniting.

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People sending hate messages to people, whether they translate or ship either of this ship or do anything really.

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What the fuck is going on, we have grown up and suddenly everything fell apart in a day. ???????????????????????

A bunch of incoherent APH America thots and headcanons I’ve been having lately

-The twentieth century of course is different than any before, because for the first time there’s a distinct culture of adolescence that America never got to participate in when he was younger–because as a lil kid in 1769 he was always working and in a world where you could only either be an adult or a child he always strived to be seen as an adult 

-America wishing ever since  his colonial days that both his bosses and other nations would stop treating him like a kid, so he’s always worked hard and tried to demonstrate that he’s not throwing away his shot  just as capable as the other members of the World Powers club, economically, culturally, and physically

-And at first after the end of WWII he’s all psyched over having liberated Europe and the Pacific and is just showing off his power by throwing money at Western Europe via Marshall plan and showing up the Soviet Union as best as he can during the Berlin airlift and later getting all proud of his own cultural influence– Like most of the populace, he doesn’t quite understand what those weird fellows Jackson Pollock is getting at, but whatever, the fact that American artists are dominating the art scene with their pure freedom of abstract expression that would hardly be allowed in the backwards USSR, take that Russia

-Of course, he can only celebrate for so long since it might be fun to fantasize about being at the top of the world, because just like in those new Spider-man comics which come out in 1962, talking about another teen hero who gets superpowers from radiation, “With great power comes great responsibility” and on one hand he’s just elated to have all this influence and on the other it’s a scary place to be, as he’s dealing with new, destructive forces that have never before existed in the history of the world 

-Aph America getting frankly sick to death of politics, both before but especially after the Watergate scandal and just chronically skipping his meetings with the president and other government people to immerse himself in the present pop culture atmosphere. The government isn’t too happy about how often they have to send the secret service to track him down and literally drag him off the disco floor or wherever he’s at and basically force him to actually attend his nation duties. After all, Alfred, they say, haven’t you always wanted to be a part of the room where it happens the World Powers Club and Alfred is like duh yes of course but the idea of what constitutes a “world power” is so much different than what it was when he was growing up. 

-All the people he used to look up to as his mentors from long ago seem so small and far away–Prussia is basically just another subject under the Soviet Union, and France and  British Empire suffered huge losses in WWII and while they recuperated in the following decades, they aren’t nearly as central as they were in previous centuries. 

-The world is bigger and more complicated and when he has so much power It’s so easy to convince himself that what he’s doing is the right thing, no matter how brutal it is, no matter how . And it’s easy to ignore everything that’s wrong within, except when he can’t. And it’s too easy to look backwards and see past accomplishments through a kind of romantic nostalgia. 

-And maybe that’s why it’s also easy to lose himself in the explosion of new media and pop culture that emerges in the latter half of the century as well–TV, music, movies, comic books, literature, speculative science fiction stories that both make promises of shining new harmonious futures as well as warnings against dark twisted, vaguely recognizable landscapes. Just relevant enough to be interesting, and just fantastical enough to offer strange and fantastical escape from the anxieties and pressures of what it really means to be an adult.

-Because sure, Nations may be immortal, semi-indestructible beings but one thing we need to remember is that they are also very much humans too, because inherently that is what nations are made of–collectives of humans who share culture, ideals, history. And with being human comes a full range of emotions that aren’t necessarily consistent the whole time–confidence and doubt sit right next to each other, even if you are a world power. And America is powerful, but he’s also so young, and so full of that kind of aggressive optimism you only see in those who are both young but have seen so much in their lives.


There’s a 100% chance that I would cry and/or die if I won. I would party hard because HOLY SHIT I WON! I BEAT EVERYONE AMERICA WON LOSERS! SUCK IT! Y'all gave it your best efforts but the hero was obviously the better out of all of ya! 

I’m not holding my breath, but I’m also not putting a nail in the coffin. Dreams would come true if I won dude.