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Hello there! It’s that time of year again, prucanweek! This is the third year the event is being held, and I hope people are excited and ready to participate! If you haven’t participated before, then let me explain.

For seven days in a row, content will be made centering around prucan, each day with a theme of its own. You’re free to join and post all days, or even just one if you can. The point is to have fun making fan art, fanfiction, edits/graphics, anything you want for Prussia and Canada from Hetalia.

This year the dates for prucanweek are Sunday October 1st to Saturday October 7th.

The prompts are the following:

  • Day 1 (10/1): Beginnings / Anticipation
  • Day 2 (10/2): Tempt / Touch
  • Day 3 (10/3): Surprises / Inspire
  • Day 4 (10/4): Mistakes / Transforming
  • Day 5 (10/5): Time / Develop
  • Day 6 (10/6): Accept / Fulfill
  • Day 7 (10/7): Future / Promises

For these prompts, you can make whatever you see fit, it’s up to your interpretation. You can pick just one of the two prompts, or include both in your post!

When the time comes around track the tag #prucanweek. (that is the two words together, not separate) Add this hashtag on all posts that you make! (Make sure it’s within the first 5 tags so it will appear in the tag)

Come check out the blog to see previous year’s work @prucanweek and other info

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