Today Prussia hung out with Liechtenstein and Switzerland. They weren’t really sure of what they wanted to do at first but eventually they decided to watch some animal movies. Afterwards they went outside to play some games. Switzerland and Liechtenstein stayed as a team while Prussia and Germany teamed up. Prussia and Germany proceeded to be beat at every game they played. It was a pretty fun day though and everyone actually had a good time. Finally Liechtenstein and Switzerland left, Prussia and Germany were so tired they both fell asleep as soon as they were gone.

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How would the Axis react to a random smol bean coming in to the U.N. meeting room while playing Pokémon GO and them just bein like "I'm sorry my dudes but there is a fucking Charizard here and I'm not losing this opportunity."

Germany: Ludwig wouldn’t yell. He wouldn’t stand from his chair. He wouldn’t move. Which ultimately scared the other nations. His face was pale and confused. “How in hell did you get in here?“… Slowly, he rose from his chair and walked over. He took your phone in his hand and caught the Pokemon for you quickly before giving it back to you. "Now, will you please leave before I call the police.”

Italy: Feliciano tilted his head. Charmander? Charmander! He new that name from a popular Japanese cartoon. He would smile and clap his hands. “I want to see!”

Japan: At first, he was scared about how a random stranger just simply strolled inside. Then, he paled. A.. A Charmander? He would be polite and let you catch the Pokemon before you left. He wanted badly to take the creature for himself, but his generosity was far too great. After all, you must’ve spent a lot of time trying to get up here and getting it.

+Prussia: Gilbert would scream. Ain’t nobody getting that Pokemon before him. He would jump on the table, much to his brothers’ dismay, and yell at his app to load faster. Alas, you caught it before he even had a chance to open his phone.

+Romano: Lovino also screamed. However, he screamed because of a random human barging in unexpectedly. “What the fu** are you-!” Pokemon go…. You interrupted an important meeting just to play a game. He would sit back and hurriedly get his phone out to catch the creature. When he failed, he threw his phone at you.

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Yeah, I figured it was a bit dark! Ehehe....Sorry! How about something fluffy like the German family(Germany, Switzerland, Prussia, and Austria. I think that's all of them. I don't know.) reacting to Liechtenstein bring home her first s/o?

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt-Switzerland/Vash Zwingli 

Immediately they’re kind of like “WHAT THE FUCK???? WHO THE FUCK TOLD YOU THAT YOU COULD DATE???”, and then they both just act super protective. As soon as they have a moment alone with Lili’s s/o they’d sit them down and have the whole “If you hurt her, I’ll drill you a new asshole” conversation. They’ll always be somewhat suspicious of her s/o. 

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt 

Initially he has the same reaction as the previous two, but as time goes on he’ll be a little more relaxed with Lili’s s/o. He’s more the type to welcome them into the family, but also make the s/o aware that he’ll make their life a living hell if they hurt Lili. 

Austria/Roderich Edelstein 

Overall he’s very critical over any person Lili will bring home. He’s honestly of the opinion that no one is good enough for her, and he’ll likely try to set her up with some person he knows will be really good to her (despite the fact that she already has a s/o). It’ll take a pretty long time for him to warm up to any person she’s with. 

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I love writing for the German Family so much. When the ask box is open again, please send in some more requests like this, anon (especially with Liechtenstein)!

-Admin K. 

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Okay okay so Axis + Romano reacting to fem!S/O not being tomboy but more so, "gentlemanly." You know what I mean? Like masculine with proper manners and etiquette

Soooo, basically dating me X0D

Germany: He would appreciate it but also feel like you might be trying to one up him on the gentlemanly level and step up his game.

Italy: He would love it! Now he can make a total fool of himself and allow you to be the proper one in the relationship!

Japan: He would be rather flustered. Wasn’t he supposed to be the gentleman? Holding open doors, pulling out chairs, shaking hands with men warmly. Well, maybe not the last one, but still!

Romano: He would be very flustered, mostly because now he doesn’t know what to make of himself now. He was supposed to be the gentleman and you the lady! Heck, he could even deal with you being a rough and tumble tomboy so long as he’s not being compared to you on levels of gentlemanliness!

Bonus Prussia: Finally! A reason for him to slack off and be a goof! He will also be taking this as a challenge to see how much it takes for you to join him in goofiness and drop all that gentlemanliness.

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Hey ! I'm alive again! How bout Prussia reacting to their s/o mentioning HRE, for school purposes? (ie: HRE was formed to be Germany or blah) thank you~

He already much prefers to avoid talking about history but seeing as his S/O did have a lot of history projects to do at a time, he doesn’t mind too much with helping them out. However, asking about Holy Rome, he wouldn’t be able to answer. He honestly doesn’t know too much about what happened with Holy Rome aftewards but he doesn’t want to have to think about it. He’d just smile and tell them that he isn’t sure because he really isn’t, then ask them if they could do him the favour of not bring Holy Room up again. 

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I think Gil only fucked up a couple times because he was going through a really rough time and was afraid of death so he kind let his anger and fear go out on Ludwig and that kinda messed lud up

Yeahh, he’s the type of person who just lets all these negative feelings build up with nowhere really to put them and even if he weren’t too proud to open up, he doesn’t really have anyone aside from Ludwig and that’s…. not the right person for that :I
And when you live like that it’s bound to come out of you at the worst of ways, and Ludwig was the one at the receiving end there

It doesn’t really excuse it, but Gil being an asshole wasn’t a regular occurance or anything

Also I was in the process of drawing more icons for my RP blog because I have a ridiculously specific idea for what Gil looked like c.1680-1710ish and no fanart out there matches it  and this is now one of my faves because he just looks too good for this world.

Who would have known that small, unassuming little kingdom would grow to be a new European superpower in just a couple of years , huh?