aph pirate france


Have you been to Animecon? A part of our group has been and we made a little vlog on this 3-day con! Join for Hetalia randomness and more! 

Thank you for everyone who joined us on this adventure! 💖


Some pictures of Elf Fantasy Fair!
Absolutely loved the atmosphere and this cosplay of APH Historical/pirate France! The weather was great so I am in love with the results!

Place: Elf Fantasy Fair, Haarzuilens
APH France: @ask-bonnefoy
APH England: @zapha
APH Germany: @ask-the-german-commander
Photographer: @ask-the-german-commander, @zapha


Have you been to Elfia? We have! Lao, Future, Huggiebird and many more joined us these two beautiful sunny days of music, fantasy and beauty!

| Nyo!FrUK | Nyo!France/Nyo!England | Pirate AU |

Sadly, I don’t have a proper story outlined for this, but the basic idea is:

Captain Rose and Captain Marianne are two ruthless pirates, pillaging other ships and stealing what they want.

Seeing as they both rule the seas, they battle each other at some point, determined to prove who the strongest is.

Instead, both their ships are badly damaged and they are forced to abandon it, using a small escape boat that they have to share together.

They end up at an island and have to find their way back, and the only way to do that is to work together.

I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination!

An AU Submission!

By @kittyreaper!! 

What if an AU in which, once every decade, for a full week, the nations’ bosses let them do literally anything they want, so long as they don’t cause permanent damage? (So no killing your enemies!)

I think the nations and bosses would probably put in some rules to make it less crazy, like no nuclear weapons, no guns, no jets, etc. They would probably end up banning all modern technology, except for communications things (email, megaphones, texting, etc.).

This idea’s been stuck in my head lately. I keep imagining the BFT running around in pirate regalia, getting all their former colonies and allies to help them gang up on England.

Regarding England, he’s hiding out in an old castle of his. He also has America and Japan on speed dial, both having agreed to help him if worse comes to worst.

However, America and Japan are a little busy. America started a fist fight with Russia, and basically all of Eastern Asia is fighting right now, so Japan’s not getting away any time soon.

Oh, and Prussia and France got Canada to join their anti-England coalition. America’s not happy about the BFT stealing his hat.

At the end of the week, everyone makes England walk the plank of an authentic pirate ship.