aph pirate!prussia


((Mod!Prussia- Sooooo. Today, we got a pirate-ish coat at a Renaissance festival. Aus!Mod and I took some pictures to show off the coat (and the rest of the outfit we threw together) and before we knew it–BOOM–it was a full blown pirate photo shoot.

We know the outfits aren’t technically/historically/canonically accurate, but we were just having some fun and thought you guys might enjoy it too!

Aus!Mod- You wouldn’t begrudge us pirate shenanigans, would you Tumblr?))

Pirate AU


Captain Whitara heard one of her crew members shout, saying there was a ship nearby. “Get ready to attack! It’s abou’ time we got more gold.” The crew member scrambled around preparing the ship and steering it in the direction of the other ship. None of them knowing their captain was female, only knowing the captain had blue hair for some reason.