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Hetalia's Wikihow
  • America: How to make superhero spandex look good
  • England: How to wax your eyebrows without them growing back in 35 seconds
  • Denmark: How to build a Lego rocket ship
  • Japan: How to hide your manga stash without anyone finding it
  • Iceland: How to communicate with other people
  • Sweden: How to spend 4 days in Ikea without getting arrested
  • Russia: How to go out in public without people running away from you
  • Canada: How to get your family to remember that you exist
  • Prussia: How to not be dead

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Cuddling headcanons for the allies and axis +Romano and Prussia?


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N. Italy:

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How do you feel about merpeople

Although they were very dangerous, i didn’t take kindly to the idea of being pulled into the water.  However, they are known to be quite the catch as they can bring luck on your side.  (Preferably the good kind~).

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Seen Italy and Germany lately?

Huh? Have I seen little Italien and West?

No, they don’t come around much. But it’s okay, It’s fun being alone, hahahahahahahaAHAHAHAHAHAH

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Soulmates? How about Prussia and Canada?

>>You know what would be cool? If there was a soulmates AU where the soulmates can see color on everything but other people’s eyes. And Then when they finally meet, they see each other’s eye colors.

Prussia walked down the street, glancing at the People who walked passed him. Their eyes were blank and hollow. He felt that something missed - he could just not identify it. He entered the coffee shop where he was a frequent visitor. He looked at his schoes and thought about his plans for the following days. He absent-mindedly walked towards the counter. “Excuse me, sir” He heard a silent voice speaking up. Prussia looked up and looked at the person in front of him. He was paralised.
Prussia saw the most beautiful shade of blue in this persons eyes. He could see the stunned Expression on the Boy’s face, knowing he could see his eyes, too. “What is your name?” Prussia asked dumbfoundedly. “I- I’m Canada.”
And in this moment, Prussia fond the thing he was missing before.

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Long story short, I'm kin with APH Prussia and today was the day I was dissolved. I remember what that felt like in terrible, horrible detail. Every burn of being torn to bits, my land gobbled up by my neighbors, the aching emptiness in place of where my people used to be. I guess I'm after some sort of condolences or help... any advice on how to deal with this? Today makes seventy years.

I’m really sorry to hear that!! I’m not sure what exactly that specifically feels like but I know what it’s like to lose people you cared deeply about. I’m very sorry that I can’t help much more than that,,

If any of our followers have any advice please leave something in the replies! Thank you everyone!


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