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Hola Raquel, no vengo a hacer una pregunta es más bien un comentario n.n no sé si has escuchado la canción Hasta la raíz, de Natalia Lafourcade, me recuerda a ti y a nuestros ancestros.

“ Amo a Natalia, y sus canciones son una opera para mis oídos. ¡esa canción me va muy bien! Gracias por tu opinión y por pensar en mí. “



Hello! I’m the personification of Peru! You can just call me Roselina or Lina for short! My Llama’s name is Lindo and my alpaca’s name is Chiquita. Ask away!~

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(( Bocas Del Toro is such a warm an relaxed community, there’s lots of natives around the area and overall its an archipelago of islands and all are only 15 minutes or so away from the mainland. Like a lot of Panama, it was mainly developed in the early 20th century to accommodate more tourists and residents for the sake of Panama’s “utopia” image alone which it was sold as in North America during the time. 

It’s known for its special above-water Caribbean styled cabin hotel ( Hotel Bocas del Toro ) and having some of the best beaches in Central America. And, of course, there’s islands where starfish and turtles swim all around your feet (I’ve been to the starfish one omfg i was very scared to step on them since there were more than I expected there to be).

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according to Sobhan Hassanvand, on August 8th, Mashhad’s Friday prayer Imam said that women wearing leggings is the root of Iran’s economic problems.

Iran doesn’t exactly approve of such a conclusion. 

interesting thing, my friend Holly wrote a short piece about the trend of wearing the American flag print in various garments in Iran :p (but Iran would rather avoid wearing such things in public herself!)

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The quote is from Jose Rizal, the Ph national hero.

I didn’t include his name coz I have seen an article, which I have yet to read, that says the quote wasn’t originally from Rizal. It said that the meaning of the quote was actually the common sentiments of Filipinos in those times (1800’s). The lack of knowledge of Pre-Spanish Philippines. 

I guess even back then, Filipinos are aware of their missing identity.