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A little while back Himaruya posted some chibi bases on his blog: http://himaruya.blog61.fc2.com/blog-entry-1744.html and I was like oH MANS YES I can’t say no to some pixel chibi bases, so I made some of my old Hetalia OCs:

Venice, Maine, Hesse, Mama Greece, and Mama Egypt. Yes I know most of them are now canon, shh. :’D Here they are a bit bigger:

Y’know what’s hard to figure out? Accurate Ancient Egyptian clothing. Know what’s even harder to figure out? Accurate Ancient Egyptian clothing on a tiny pixel chibi 8′T Hahaa my hand hurts, time to not do pixel art for a long time again



Hello! I’m the personification of Peru! You can just call me Roselina or Lina for short! My Llama’s name is Lindo and my alpaca’s name is Chiquita. Ask away!~

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The background image for my askblog.

The quote is from Jose Rizal, the Ph national hero.

I didn’t include his name coz I have seen an article, which I have yet to read, that says the quote wasn’t originally from Rizal. It said that the meaning of the quote was actually the common sentiments of Filipinos in those times (1800’s). The lack of knowledge of Pre-Spanish Philippines. 

I guess even back then, Filipinos are aware of their missing identity.


according to Sobhan Hassanvand, on August 8th, Mashhad’s Friday prayer Imam said that women wearing leggings is the root of Iran’s economic problems.

Iran doesn’t exactly approve of such a conclusion. 

interesting thing, my friend Holly wrote a short piece about the trend of wearing the American flag print in various garments in Iran :p (but Iran would rather avoid wearing such things in public herself!)

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I have seen misinformation being spread on this website.

See this map? I’ve seen people say it’s a map drawn by my people from Jerusalem. Said map, people, being ridiculed for how “inaccurate” this map is. Now let me tell you a fun story:

This map was drawn by German pastor, cartographer and theologist Heinrich Bünting, first published in his book “Travel through Holy Scripture” in 1581. It portrays Jerusalem as the center of the world because it’s home and holy to four monotheistic religions - Islam, Judaism, the Baha’i faith, and Christianity. Further, as for the form of it, it’s supposed to look this odd seeing as it’s depicting the world in a clover shape, a symbolization of the Holy Trinity.

Other works of him include 

Europe and


So to everyone who claims this was drawn by Jewish people from Jerusalem: You’re wrong. I mean… it’s even in German (or Latin respectively). Not Hebrew.

(referring to this post and a bunch of others I’ve seen today.)