ninnislullaby  asked:

What would the Nordics do on the Christmas market? 🎄

Denmark: Ok! So every year we get invited to the German Christmas Market in Nuremberg by Prussia, Germany and co.! It’s so much fun! Gil and I go food hunting!

Iceland: Italy drags me along to go on the amusement rides and things…

Norway: Austria and I usually have heated debates over music and the origins of the Christmas tree.

Finland: Haha… Germany and I are the only ones who actually try and get some Christmas things… Oh, Hungary helps too!

Sweden: … Switz'land, Liecht'nstein and I jus’ follow ‘em around…

anonymous asked:

Norway do you like puns?

Lukas: I used to, until I mat a certain Dane.

Mathias: There is Norway you hate puns, Lukkie.

Lukas: Stop, Mathias. 

Mathias: You’re so cold like Ice-land!

Lukas: Mathias.

Mathias: I am almost Finnished. Do yo want some Turkey for dinner? There’s some Greece on it, but don’t worry. I won’t Russia you for your answer, babe!

Lukas: Get out. 

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The biggest thing that annoys Norway about living with Denmark and Iceland is cleaning up after them/ He's such a neat freak and likes the house to be clean and pristine, but that's difficult sometimes, because Iceland is a typical teenage boy, and Denmark is... well, Denmark. He still loves his dorks, though.

I like this actually. Norway is probably one to like things neat and proper and is constantly tidying up after them.


hetabook series: #8 
     keeping up with the hetalia cast season 2 (ft. micronations)
            * bundles: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / ? *

butter-prince-noway  asked:

Shouldn't Lukas be all on guard with Leon being around Ice and all? Get that kid a securtiy system and track him at all times.

Lukas: I trust my brother to be alone with his boyfriend. He can handle himself all on his own. 

Emil: Thank you. 

Lukas: *whispering* He keeps finding and breaking everything I use to keep tabs on him. This kid is smart as hell, nothing gets past him. 

Emil: Lukas.

Lukas: Sorry, it was a cough. I have a nasty cold.