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uuuuhhh norway being portrayed as emotionless and uncaring is one of my biggest pet peeves and it makes me angry because he!! loves!!! his!!!! family!!!!! and is canonly very very shy, but he has a personality and feelings, like come on

I have no clue why the fandom treats him this way. Like, I wish I had some sort of explanation or theory but I don’t.

Maybe it’s just a ploy for the abusive Dennor that they love? Or that young fangirls seem to typically like the “silent, emotionless, I’ve got a bunch of problems and don’t take them out in a healthy way, bad guy”. 

But, damn it’s so annoying because Norway and nyo Norway are one of my ultimate favs.

I just want to thank Karma on YouTube for introducing to this beautiful ship I would’ve never even thought about had I not seen their videos.

Allow me to just, bless your blogs with the glorious Axis Powers Hetalia ship between Norway and England, 🇬🇧🇳🇴 EngNor🇳🇴🇬🇧

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I can't stand the way people portray den//nor, either Norway is cold and abusive or Denmark is an obvious idiot about everything in the relationship. It's honestly annoying.


I don’t even LIKE dennor but it makes me so angry to see these amazing and well-drawn pieces of Norway hitting him with this emotionless expression on his face.

Or an outstanding fic that has him verbally and physically abusing him.

Like, no?? Norway cares for Denmark VERY VERY much as they have been near each other for a long time. They see each other like family (in my eyes ofc ik yall ship them so it’s more for yall). Why would you abuse someone you love?

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Oh! Can I request some young viking nyo!anko family?

A group of brave shieldmaidens ex. little Ice who’s little too young to be fighting yet. Norway was known as “The Silent Valkyrie” and Denmark as “The Liontress of Battlefields”.