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What do you think of cyprus? both of them.

Me and Cyprus have a close relationship, helping the other and finding ways support each other. We actually visit each other quite often.. He has a very kind heart and always tries to get Hera and Sadiq to get along.. Though I feel it’s a waste of time.. He tends to lift my moods when I’m down..

Northern Cyprus is like a little brother to me.. When I visit Sadiq, I tend to bring sweets and a few things for him. He’s a good child, however he looks up to Sadiq quite too much.. He misses his other half and that he wished to be recognized as a nation by myself and others but I don’t feel he’s ready yet..

Both are them are wonderful friends.

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Time flies : Cyprus

Hello you (Ancient Greece) | Arab-Byzantine Condominium (7th AD) | Crusaders’ Target (12th)

Venetian Rule (1489) | Ottoman invasion (1571) | Beginning of Enosis (1821)

British Colony (1923) | Independence (1960) | Turkish Invasions & Northern Cyprus (1974)

Republic of Cyprus & Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus