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When Eyjafjallajökull erupted in 2010, Iceland became very sick for months, suffering second-degree burns and intense on and off fevers. Although he knew he couldn't die (being a nation), he still childishly feared it. During this time, he was unusually clingy and needy and let them all take care of and baby him. Even Sweden showed concern and affection towards him a few times. Looking back now, it embarrasses him to remember how helpless he was and how vulnerable and scared he felt at the time.

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The Nordics and their Finno-Ugric "in-laws" (Finland's cousins, Estonia and Hungary) greatly enjoy each other's company. To Finland, Estonia is his little brother in all but name, and Sweden still views him as a mixture of little brother and son due to having had partial custody of him and Latvia once. They all respect Hungary and enjoy having her as "one of the guys," although Denmark is secretly intimidated by her and Iceland has a crush on her, to which the others tease him endlessly about.

Season 6 Episode Highlights

there was an interview portion with a producer in the April 2015 edition of Otomedia, highlighting episodes in Season 6, stating the season will mostly be volume 5 and 6 centered:

  • Micronation episode 
  • Nordic episode
  • Nekotalia episode
  • Prussia as being a notable character (speculated to be ‘Private Concert’)
  • An episode not in the original comics, possibly adapting an event
  • A silent episode (speculated to be Davie)