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May I request how Nordics kiss their s/o when they're under a mistletoe?


APH Denmark/Mathias:

This guy. He had it planned out months ago.He would have been walking around with them, then led them underneath the mistletoe when they least expected it. He’d point then look at them, actually pretty nervous. Once they got the hint he’d kiss them deeply, leaning into the kiss and grinning widely when they separated. 

APH Norway/Lukas:

He would have just led them underneath and wouldn’t have told them anything. It would come as a complete surprise when he pulled them in close and kissed them, bringing his hand around their waist to deepen the kiss. He’d bring his other hand to gently cup their face and pull back, smiling lightly. 

APH Iceland/Emil:

He wouldn’t have really known how to ask them. He really wasn’t even planning to do anything. But, his S/O had led him to the mistletoe and had showed up, smiling at him shyly. He would blush and look away, but then he’d lean in and kiss them, shyly but sweetly. 

APH Finland/Tino:

He would have pulled them along, leading them to the mistletoe and smiling widely, grabbing their hands and kissing them, wrapping his arms around their waist. He would have been smiling into the kiss the entire time and would have laughed afterwards, peppering the rest of their face with kisses. 

APH Sweden/Berwald:

He would have been really shy about it, gently pulling them until they reached underneath the mistletoe. Before they noticed, he would have already have pulled them in for a kiss, both firmly and gently. He’d be blushing a lot afterwards, unsure if he had made the right decision to kissing them by surprise.