aph norden

On 31 July 1807: Napoleon ordered Talleyrand to tell Denmark-Norway to prepare for war against Britain or else Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte would invade Holstein. Neither Talleyrand nor Jackson persuaded the Danes to end their neutrality, so Jackson went back to the British fleet assembled in the Sound on 15 August. The British published a proclamation demanding the deposit of the Danish fleet; the Danes responded with “what amounted to a declaration of war”.

“Hello, everyone. It’s the self proclaimed DenSu captain, AskIKEAlover, speaking. Welcome to this cruise omboard the DenSu-ship!”

“We might not be many, but we wish for each of you to have a pleasant cruise and to please make much fanart and fanfictions for others to enjoy!”

“Over there is the DenNor & SuFin ship. Oh, wow, they are really big and with a lot of canons…”

“Like, really big and really full of people! Wait, are.. Are they aiming their canons at us???”

“Ok, do all of you guys know how to swim?”