aph lithuania hair

gobibubble  asked:

Hey, I really love your art, and I was owndering if you could draw Poland and Lithuania? That would be awesome :)

Sure thing! Poland is a fun character — I love his and Lithuania’s dynamic!

Poland: Polish MEP Korwin-Mikke said “women must earn less than men because they are weaker, smaller, and less intelligent.” …. I’m pretty sure we have rules against this sort of bullshit.

Lithuania: Smaller…?

Poland: Don’t tell Russia.  

Hetalia World Twinkle: Episode 13 Summary

•Cinnamon Roll Russia
• Badass Japan
•China as the new Loreal model
• Hong Kong’s legs
• Pochi’s “dafuq” face
• England being England
• France with his newly found relationship with Russia
• America being America
• Scared Lithuania
• Rochu and RusAme

anonymous asked:

How do Baltics cuddle with s/o?

APH Estonia/Eduard:

He doesn’t take the initiative so he wouldn’t really do anything unless his S/O initiated it. If so, then he likes to just hug them or hold them to his chest, absent mindedly stroking their hair. 

APH Lithuania/Toris:

He’ll just grab them out of nowhere and bury his face in either their neck or hair. He holds on to them gently and follows them around a bit, so cuddling with him might involve just a lot of walking around and not actually sitting.

APH Latvia/Raivis:

He might just join them and lean against their shoulder with an arm around their waist. He just shows up randomly so they wouldn’t notice until they looked at him. 

you know i would really imagine aph lithuanias hair to be really soft but then i just think of all the time this dude spends overworking and stressing out like…would he even wash his hair correctly or at all what if poland just takes one look at his hair and goes “oh my god you havent washed your hair in days” and drags liet to the bathroom while liet screams about his paperwork