aph liechenstien

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Liechtenstein comforting her astraphobic friend during an thunderstorm!

I have more requests like these somewhere….

You were laughing and joking just moments before but as soon as the thunder began to roll it all stopped. Lilly looked over at you from her spot on the floor where the two of you had been playing dolls for old times sake. Noting the obvious change in your behavior she grew worried. “___? Are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine,” you squealed out as another roll of thunder shook the skies from overhead. Your breath caught before you could calm yourself and as the lightning stuck and lit up the room momentarily, Lilly could see how pale you really were.

“You don’t look fine, ___.”

“I promise I’m–” a loud crack of thunder that shook the windows cut you off. The lightning that followed nearly blinded you, and you actually screamed when the door opened.

“Are you two okay in here,” Basch asked from the doorway.

“I’m a little scared, big brother. Would you mind if we make a pillow fort in my bedroom?” Lilly looked at the man who stood looking in the room for a minute longer. 

“Alright, just clean up the mess when you’re done.”