aph kyoto

i got demons to deal with, unsheathe the sword, blue flames ablazeok let’s do this 

aph Kung Fu Panda style AU! Because why not!

There is actually a story to this, so go take a read if your interested!

From Left to Right, up down:

Macau (Python), Shiga (Tanuki), Okinawa (Iriomote Cat), Taiwan (Pink Red Panda), Kyoto (Japanese Scops Owl), Osaka (Shiba Inu), Hong Kong (Red Panda), Kowloon Walled City (Weasel), China (Red Panda), Japan (Marble Fox).


Headcanons: APH Kyoto

{SINCE THIS IS AN OSAKA BLOG, I will include some relationship things!}

Human Name: Honda Miyako (本田。美夜子), in reference to the two characters in Kyoto (京 and 都) both meaning “Miyako” when not put together. Please note that her human name does not mean the same thing.

“Birthday”: April 1st, when the modern city of Kyoto was formed (1889)

Height: 168 cm (5'5"), she’s taller than Kiku I think. Official heights are confusing.


- Like Toyo, she can’t remember back past the 16th century, but it’s possible she’s been alive longer than that. She was called both Yamashiro (old province name) and the city of Kyoto (The city is her heart, after all), because they weren’t sure what she was, and she didn’t care either way. When the Meiji restoration came around, and they started calling the entire prefecture “Kyoto”, she decided to settle with the idea that she was, in fact, the prefecture.

- She was a very quiet and apathetic child who enjoyed taking everything in as it came, instead of fussing with other things. Being the capital of Japan for a long time made her exterior very stern and cold, as showing weakness was very undesirable for someone in her position. Unfortunately this has made it hard for her to express her feelings and emotions, and she comes of as anti-social and awkward in current day situations. Deep down, though, she is very loving and protective of her immediate family (ie. The Kansai siblings).

- In a sense, she’s a whole lot like Kiku, personality wise, except probably a lot less selfish, and a lot more together haha.

- Nature and traditional culture is very important to her. She’s thankful that the wars she’s been through have not completely destroyed her historical buildings.

- She has a deep respect for Geisha, and has made friends with them in the past. The fact that some people consider them as mere prostitutes makes her sad. (I’d go more into this one, but I don’t know enough about Geisha culture to feel comfortable talking about it. Don’t want to offend anyone!)

- Though she lost the title of “capital”, she still proudly holds the title of “Cultural Capital”, and won’t get into petty fights with Tokyo about it.

-  I imagine that she would take a very low-key job that wouldn’t involve much social interaction. Something to keep her busy. She doesn’t have many hobbies, but does practice calligraphy and the koto. She has a very organized and quiet lifestyle.

- Yes, she does get lonely sometimes, but finds herself even more alone when surrounded by people, and with no one to talk to. So she avoids interaction.

- She has a pet bird (Haven’t decides what kind yet), and a koifish pond.

- Of the Kansai siblings, Osaka is probably the one she is closest to. They were both held very high culturally and government wise for a very long time, and being so close, she find it easier to connect with him. His talkative nature settles well on her quiet listening one, and she considers him both as close family, and a good friend. They’re not as close as they used to be, and she greatly regrets letting that happen, and is unfortunately too shy to try approaching him again, even though he would actually love to see her more often. But of course she doesn’t realize this.

- In short. Toyo is VERY important to her.

- As for her relationship  to Kiku? Commence a lot of awkward staring and “nice weather we’re having” conversations. Seriously, though, they just don’t talk much.


Hope you enjoyed! o/