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I see you are doing a yandere event I would like to see how the axis would handle first approaching their intended s/o and how they would act if they were rejected

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt- No? You said…no? He misheard you. Surely. How could you say no to-…Oh, you just don’t know any better, do you? Well…he cant each you better. He’s awful good at teaching and you seem…receptive. Don’t worry…he’ll get the attitude straightened out in no time.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas- B-but…How? He’s a sweet guy, loving, trusting, devoted. Why won’t you give him a chance? He needs to woo you more! That’s all it is, you’re playing hard to get! Well don’t you fret! He’s more than willing to court you until you’re spoiled rotten.

Japan/Kiku Honda- He’ll give a respectful bow. You don’t want him right now…that’s okay. He can wait. You’ll jut have a shadow now, always looking out for you, making sure you choose what’s best. You’ll see him again, soon, and maybe you’ll have changed your mind…with some persuasion of course.

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For the Valentine's day event could you do AmeriPan? Just in any scenario

“Hey, Kiku! Happy Valentine’s Day!” America, still in Japan’s doorway, shoved the heart-shaped box into the smaller nation’s hands.

Japan blinked in shock. Warily, he opened the box. Knowing America, there was a chance something would explode in his face.

Thankfully, the box was just filled with multi-coloured heart-shaped candy. Japan picked up a bright purple heart and read the tiny words inscribed on it.

“Sweet… Love?”

Japan looked up from the small heart and saw America looking at him with his signature expectant, puppy-dog look.

“Try it!” As asked, Japan popped the candy into his mouth.

And almost spat it out immediately.


“How is it? I bought it from that cute little shop near my place. You remember it right? I brought you there the last time you came over.”

Japan forced himself to swallow the sugar rock and gave America a smile.

“It’s good. Yes, I remember that shop.”

America beamed. After a few moments, his expression grew slightly uncomfortable.

“So, uh, Japan, I know that Valentine’s Day isn’t a traditional Japanese holiday or something like that, but… Did you get anything for me?”

Japan tilted his head in confusion before widening his eyes in understanding.

“Oh, you see, America, in Japan, Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently. On Valentine’s Day, it is the women who give chocolates to men. Men reciprocate with gifts on White Day, which is March 14. I am grateful for your gift, and I assure you I will give you one in return on White Day.”

“Oh, I see! So today it’s the girls that give candy to boys… Wait, what?!”

Hetalia, Types of Sleepers

As told by iiSuperwomanii’s video “Types of Sleepers”.

Stoned Cold: Greece, Denmark
Noisy Napper: France, Greece, Sweden, England
Snorefest: Canada, Finland, Russia
Social Sleeper:  America, China, Japan when not tired
Biggest Snoozer: America, Norway
Starfish: America, Turkey, Iceland

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Just a usual Yandere ask. Italy, Romano, Japan, 2P!Japan, 2P!Italy, 2P!America seeing their s/o smiling sweetly and laughing happily with another guy (perhaps a friend/colleague). How do they 'welcome' the s/o home?

Instantly gives you the third degree because who the HELL is that guy and why are you talking to him?! Aka, they start a fight huge fight: Romano/Lovino Vargas, 2p!Italy/Luciano Vargas, 2p!America.

Stews about it and tries to stay calm, ends up asking you if he’s not good enough: Japan/Kiku Honda, Italy/Feliciano Vargas.

Ends him and then acts like nothing happened: 2p!Japan/Kuro Honda

  • Italy:hmmm, Japan, I want to ask you, why do anime characters stare up at the mid-day sky when something dramatic happens?
  • Japan:hmmmm, I think it's to show that they're in deep thought.
  • Italy:oh, I want to try~
  • Japan:wait-
  • Italy:*stares up at the sky with both eyes open*
  • Japan:
  • Italy:Japan~
  • Japan:yes, Italy-kun...
  • Italy:I think my eyes are on fire.
Hetalia X Osmt ep 18
  • America:Hahahaha you can beat me but you can't beat six of us!!
  • Switzerland:that was cheating!
  • England, France, Japan, Canada, Russia:(the 5) The enemy in front of us? Okay!*hold out globes*
  • America:DUDES! What is with that globe??!
  • The 5:You should listen to others while in meeting. BECAUSE WORLD IS SPINNING! MAWARU CHIKYUU YEAH!*
  • America:WHY ME?!*spins and blew up*
  • England:*drive first* of course you are the biggest idiot! Why I should even listening to you!
  • France:heh, finally I big brother can make new era and say goodbye to that shitty era
  • Japan:good work..*drink ocha*
  • heart emoticon
  • Canada:finally I get noticed, and I trained myself to go faster..
  • Switzerland:eeh...
  • America:I will..kill all of you....*get up but failed*
  • ----while later---
  • England:nahahaja! That idiot has died!
  • Russia:da! Who knows what happened if we continue letting him alive and be a world power
  • France:which means I, Older brother France will be the boss of the world, very well, moi accept~ starting nextweek, lets spread love!
  • Japan:*crashed France down*
  • France:WHY?
  • Japan:you are too pervert to start with, France-san.
  • England:bloody yes! That Italy number 2 has died!
  • Russia:a revolution is happening, since both of them are such nuisances, I guess you are fitting to be the leader. Beside you were a great pirate right. England?
  • England:ah...Russia ;w; say it out from nowhere, you keep an eye on me for a long time huh...
  • Japan:england-san, you have it rough because of their two over decades right?
  • England:*crying*
  • Russia:I will make you win!