i bet america takes other nations out for ice cream when they are sad 

i bet france gives other nations flowers and cheek kisses when they are sad

i bet italy makes other nations a really yummy dinner when they are sad

i bet spain gives other nations an awesome pep talk when they are sad

i bet denmark gives other nations ridiculously warm hugs when they are sad

I feel like Italy is one of those people who will sing along to any song he finds catchy despite dirty lyrics 

So Nasty comes on in the car and all of a sudden Italy just belts out “FIRST LET ME HOP OUT THE MOTHER FUCKING PORCHE”

And Germany’s just sitting there mortified as he sings along with the rest of the song 

Gerita Headcanon

Since Venice Since Venice is literally sinking, Italy has bad nightmares of him drowning especially during the winter. He gasps for air at the surface and holds his breath as he goes down. Struggling to breathe and swim, Italy cannot call for help .The cold water floods over his lips, going fast down the throat. The feeling of tearing and a burning sensation in the chest slips into calmness and tranquility. He usually woke up very tiered and sleepy.

However, it changed when he started to sleep with Germany. While falling dawn in to the darkness, his arms weakly grasp, as if he was trying to find a safe rope. And he finds It! Italy spoons Germany’s back and feels warmth filling his own body. There is no more cold water. Instead, Italy sees himself lying on the field of flowers. He finally gets enough of sleep and rest. He does not want to wake up. That is the reason why Italy oversleeps.

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How do you feel about your weight

Well, my newly pudgy stomach didn’t matter to any of my close friends, to be honest. I figured that if the people who love me and care about me didn’t mind my new belly, I shouldn’t let it bother me either! I mean, they love me for the person I am, why shouldn’t I? ^^

Now my relationship with my stomach is something like this:

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I bet you're no longer taking requests, but if you still do, then please draw something w/ both Ameripan and GerIta being complete weebs together! I will be forever grateful

I don’t know how weebs act- I’m kidding. Pff
Sorry for lateness-!! 
Huhu I don’t know if I did this correctly OTL


“Guten morgen. Did you have a nightmare?”
“No…it was a very good dream, actually.”
“Oh. I’m sorry I woke you then.”
“It’s fine. It was only a dream.”
“Did you put those flowers in your hair, Italy? They are very beautiful.”
“Ah, they certainly are…”