The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.

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So, who's getting picked? I'm betting on Germany(If he put his name in of course), Prussia, or Italy. That would be cool!

Hogwarts Champion—> Feliciano Vargas

Durmstrang Champion—> Ludwig Beilshmidt

BeauxBatons Champion—> Genevieve Bonnefoy

axis reacting to their s/o getting severely injured trying to run away

Italy: oh no are you okay..hey its okay let get you home and patched up okay…okay ( more worried about there well being then will ask them what they were thinking)

Japan: look what you have gotten yourself into *sighs* let’s get you home

Germany: “okay that i blood, blood getting out of the body isn’t good ummm we are going to need a lot of bandages.STAY CALM!!!”

Prussia: Patches them up then keeps a stronger chain on them


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How would Germany/Italy/Romano/Russia/China react if their teenage child gives them an expensive present for fathers day (a new smartphone for example or a watch, a stylish necklace,...)

(I’m going to do different gifts for each one)



  • Hold the duck up, how much did they spend on this? Also, where did they get the money for such an expensive gift?!
  • He honestly doesn’t know how they knew he wanted a new watch but he is very grateful that they did.
  • Before he puts on the watch he’ll inspect it, he doesn’t doubt that they can get him such a gift but just in case…
  • When he knows it’s the real deal he will be beyond happy. He’ll give them a hug and thank them for such a wonderful gift.
  • He will almost never take the watch off. The only time he will take the watch off is when it can be damaged, he care for it.
  • He is extremely grateful for what his child did for him, he did not expect it. These types of things are the moments he lives for as a parent.


“Whoa…This is very pretty! grazie~”

  • This necklace his child got him is absolutely beautiful, how they found the money for it is beyond him.
  • He is going to show it to everyone within a 100ft radius of him, He doesn’t care that the neighbors are sleep they should know
  • Many photos of the necklace will be posted on his social media pages, as well as some papa/child selfies~
  • He will look over the necklace, every single detail and flaw he will adore. He thinks that the slight flaws give it personality!
  • The necklace will be worn everyday, everywhere. Even the shower, he refuses to take it off for anything. 
  • He’s just so happy that his child would do something like this for him. It makes him feel like such a good papa!


“T-this is beautiful, g-grazie.”

  • He’s not crying, nope not at all. His child is crying, why does everyone think he’s crying? Who’s lying?
  • How the hell his child was able to get a diamond engraved ring with a memo inside is beyond him.
  • Reading the inside of the ring always makes his heart flutter; “For my amazing papa” truly brings tears to his eyes.
  • He’ll wear the ring on his ring finger, he is usually not a big fan of jewelry but this ring makes an exception.
  • The ring will be well looked after in fear of ruining such an amazing gift, he’ll protect the ring like it’s his own child.
  • If anyone were to ask of the ring he’ll say that someone special gave it to him, he won’t say who to protect them.


“Why, this must of been expensive. Thank you my child.”

  • To say the least he is star-struck, he honestly can’t believe his child bought him a tablet!
  • How much they spent on him will be the first question, He doesn’t care that “Price doesn’t matter” He doesn’t want his child spending all of their money on him.
  • They will have to teach him how to use it. This is probably going to be considered bonding time.
  • He has no idea how they were able to find such money without him knowing, he really hopes they didn’t steal.
  • If they can confirm that they didn’t steal and they just hid their money, he will be relieved. 
  • Did you know, that his child is going to be hugged? Because they will and it won’t just be any hug, It will be a bear hug.


“This is an amazing gift but my flip phone isn’t THAT bad, aru~”

  • In case you didn’t know, China canonly uses a flip-phone. His child probably got him a new phone as an intervention. 
  • The phone itself was obviously very expensive, he will be flattered that his child would spend so much on him.
  • He might be a bit insulted, he has gotten many old man jokes in the past and having his child getting him a new phone might add on to the joke.
  • They are going to have to teach him how to use it, the most he can do by himself is turn it on and off. Help him please.
  • Even months after getting the phone he will be asking his child how it works, just wait until he asks how to set up social media!
  • He is very grateful for the gift that his child has given him, they will get an extra special dinner as a Xie Xie!

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How do you headcanon the Vargas family? Grandpa Roma, Romano, Veneziano and Seborga (maybe reactions to someone else trying to join the family too? like, you know, veneziano (or any other) dating someone how would the others react to that?)

Alright this is long, but there’s some little headcanons about them all and a paragraph on reactions to the bottom :D

Grandpa Roma:

• Stereotypical Italian Grandfather

• You had dinner before you came? No, no, you must eat. Eat everything. E a t.

• Very boisterous

• I don’t know if anyone has seen the Brit Com “‘Allo ‘Allo,” but he’s a lot like the barkeep’s wife but also the barkeep.

• By that, he sings randomly much to everyone’s dismay

• And often succeeds at having affairs with women despite his age.

• Basically a singing Zeus


• A gentleman, but a sarcastic one!

• Can 100% defend himself and doesn’t need anyone to fight his battles. Strong willed bean.

• Works hard but gets bored fast. He doesn’t really like constant repetition.

• The kitchen is always messy when they cook, but often it’s messier when Feliciano tries to help Romano.

• Tries to give Seborga advice


• Basically a human puppy

• I know it’s a stereotype about Italians waving their hands, and he does this like 1838338x more than the average guy

• Doesn’t like Italian dressing.

• Looks like a sweetheart, but is secretly snarky on the inside

• Underneath all the snark is more of a sweetheart


• It’s ironic we share a name lmao, Sebo’s human name is apparently Romeo

• Very loud and flirtatious, probably the brother that takes after Rome the most in terms of personality

• His brothers often have to keep him under control because, as a teen, he does rambunctious things

• Never listens to Romano’s advice

In terms of them reacting to an s/o attempting to join the family, it would depend on what they think on the s/o. Grandpa Roma would probably be most accepting under the premise of he “needs great-grandkids.” Romano (unless it was his s/o) would be the most skeptical, giving the s/o in question The Talk™. Both Romeo and Feliciano would be generally accepting- but if Feliciano doesn’t like them he’ll keep it secret, so his family can be happy.

Imagine that one night feliciano went to a bar with ludwig, gil, and his brother he ended up being hit on by some guy. The guy buys him a drink. Feli takes one look at it and immediately dumps the entire thing on the dude’s head and, serene as you please, goes “I spent a chunk of my childhood surviving the medici, you think I don’t know when my drink’s being drugged?” Lud and gil are basically frozen in shock while lovi is like yeee get em


I have a little project I’d like to announce!

Do you like Hetalia? Like My Chemical Romance? Like editing? Buckle up binches cause do I have the thing for you.

I suppose it’s a lyric video/AMV type thing ?? not sure what to call it. BUT, those are my edits for it above. I’ll explain a little more about this below the cut so it doesn’t clog up the feed!

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