Misconception: America is lazy and doesn’t take anything seriously.

Reality: He’s an extremely diligent worker. He didn’t just magically become one of the world’s top powers.

Misconception: Russia is a psychopath.

Reality: A psychopath thinks only in terms of themself, has subdued and withdrawn emotions, is narcissistic, doesn’t understand the consequences of their actions, is extremely manipulative, and routinely lies.

Russia, while maintaining a child-like personality and not being able to understand the consequences of his actions all the time, is an extremely emotional and sensitive individual. He cares about others and wants to befriend them, but has trouble healthily expressing this.

Misconception: America and Russia must hate each other, because, ya know – the Cold War.

Reality: Russia and America get along very well, but like to tease and make passive jabs at each other.

Misconception: The Italy brothers prefer guys.

Reality: They tend to flirt with girls more, despite the obvious Spamano and Gerita hints in the strips.

Misconception: The nations are portrayed as dumb.

Reality: They play a key role in the intellectual revolutions their countries experience. They’re all geniuses (some more than others, arguably), having been shown to pioneer and invent various technologies.

Found another 'acknowledge me' comic on Hetarchive!

Ella: Yes! I have this marked down in my notes too! Still, I really appreciate that you took the initiative and time to look into this. Thank you for your excellent contribution, it’s immensely appreciated :)

For those wondering where these panels are from, it’s in Comic diary 3, titled “A dream I saw once.”

The other strip that I cited in a previous theory is from Comic Diary 7, titled “No-Good Chibis 2.”

Given the fact that both strips were made relatively close to one another, you can tell that Hima’s really trying to emphasize this idea of repressed memories as a result of conflict and traumatic experiences in early childhood.

Remember that while Freud’s theories may be problematic in many aspects, the importance and relevance here is that Hima is very likely incorporating some of these concepts in his writing. 

That’s why I’ll eventually be starting a “Psych-talia” series. You’ll find that a lot of the characterization of the nations falls in line with how Freud classified personality types, especially with regards to the five Psychosexual stages. I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible, though.

If you have a basic understanding of Freud, chances are that you’ll understand the motives for a lot of the nations’ behaviours and personalities. You especially see this with the Italy brothers, Germany, Austria, Hungary, England, and America. 


I got a lot of questions about the school and its faculty, so here’s a little starter character sheet for everyone! People will be added/changed as the story progresses, but this is who we’ll be working with for now. 

Thank you for all the asks and patience! I’m hoping to actually get some comics up soon~

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