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I like that young naive America thinks if he gets kissed even on the cheeks that it automatically means he’s married.

There was no bigger fanboy for America and their fight for Indecpanence than Marquis de Lafayette. While on the road to meet the continental congress he would write letters to his wife on how wonderful everything in America was the landscapes, food, spirit, people, the women (Yah he gushed about how American women were the most beautiful he had ever seen to his wife lol)  While he was recovering for his leg wound he basically just wrote letters to French elites singing America’s praises.


July crisis 1870, Emser Depesche, and the Franco-Prussian war

(I apologize in advance for potential inaccuracies)

In the year 1870, Spain’s throne was empty and one of the potential candidates was Leopold von Hohenzollern. His nomination was controversial and a matter of secrecy: the Prussian king thought it was a bad idea to nominate him. Leopold’s father thought it’s a bad idea. Hell, even Leopold thought so, but Bismarck kept pushing for it anyway - ‘cause he’s Bismarck, and he’s always planning something at least.
Through some unfortunate circumstances, the ascension of the throne had to be postponed, which alerted the French to the situation. As you can imagine, they were rather… miffed about the possibility of soon being surrounded by Prussians. And that even though technically, Leopold was closer related to the Bonapartes than to the family of the Prussian king!

In order to not provoke any troubles prematurely, Prussia had to deny any connections to Leopold’s nomination when the French wanted answers and demanded that the Prussian king order Leopold to reject the Spanish throne. Tensions were rising on both sides, the French remained highly suspicious. As the Prussian king was in Bad Ems, the French ambassador met with him and inquired about the situation. Wilhelm sent him away after the ambassador’s asking became pushy and drew attention to them, but he remained civil even though he did end up cancelling his afternoon appointment with the ambassador.
A report of this was to be published, but before this could happen, it underwent some editing of Bismarck’s design. After the little “beauty surgery”, the report now made it seem as though the ambassador had been rudely dismissed and not been listened to. What grievous insult to the French!

The conflict that had been boiling for months now reached a fever pitch, both sides more than prepared to fight. In the end the French declared war, just as Bismarck had hoped they would, as he needed France to be the aggressor in order to gain support.
The German Empire was declared in Versailles on 18th January 1871 before the war had even ended - Prussia was already reaping the benefits of its imminent victory.


1820′s France. This costume is heavilly inspired by the romantic era.

Historical fact: In the romantic era a lot of young Bourgeois men undertook a great journey through Italy known as a Grand Tour. This was seen as part of a proper education and an opportunity to visit all the important classical sites. It also was a way for boys to have some wild adventures far from home and was often used as an euphemism for your first sexual experience. There was a whole industry for boys letting themselves be painted lying leisurly sprawled across old ruins… This mass production is comparable to the current products sold to tourists. Grand tour, tourists, indeed that’s where the word comes from!

The photo of Francis posing with the Korintian capital was meant as a reference to this phenomenon! 


Bet you didn’t think I’d do one of these comics ever again did ya

My own little take on that Soviet-German situation. Life is tough when you have virtually no political allies and your only friend Germany is starting to gain friends in the western world over the decade - I vaguely remember reading that the Soviet Union suggested a joint invasion of Poland several times(??) over the course of the 1920s in order to try and strengthen the ties between the USSR and Germany.
Nothing says friendship like a good invasion I guess!!!!

Although Germany was not quite recognizing the new eastern boarders, the Weimar Republic rejected the proposals.


Fruk x Fragonard’s ‘The Swing’

AKA when ur stuffy english boo is trying to get you to sit still so he can recite poetry to you, but a sincere Artie is a boring Artie, so you throw your pretty slipper at his head because, frankly, you know damn well that underneath all the love, you do so enjoy pissing him off. 

I place this in my ever-expanding category of ‘scribbles that r rly dum but were rly fun’

The Most Subtle Joke in Hetalia

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now to show you this joke and why it is my favorite. This is the joke:

This joke may not make sense at first but I’m going to explain why it’s funny. The “William I” Japan mentions is Kaiser Wilhelm I, who was the king of Prussia and the first emperor of Unified Germany starting in 1861.

This guy, he was described as the most histrionic emperor in Europe, he was known for often breaking into tears. Every time he cried and acted dramatic he didn’t get his way. When Japan references Wilhelm, he’s saying exactly the same thing Italy said in the scene, he’s going to give in and not get his way. But he says it in a way that makes it hard to tell what he actually meant, and if Germany kept pressing Japan on what he meant, he would be disrespecting his former emperor, so Japan avoids confrontation, and that is incredibly Japanese. To understand the joke, you had to understand the obscure historical reference and Japanese negotiation tactics, it’s a brilliantly written, multi-layered, subtle joke. Jokes like these are part of what makes Hetalia so great, why I love the series, and why I believe that Himaruya is a genius.