Hetalia characters in a horror movie
  • N. Italy:The one who suggests that they check out the creepy place the killer is rumored to be in
  • Germany:The one who tries to deny all of it and find a logical explanation for what's happening until it's too late
  • Prussia:The one who dies first
  • Japan:The one who figures out who the killer is but is killed immediately afterwards for the sake of drama
  • Canada:The one who was the killer all along
  • England:The one who reveals who/what the killer is
  • America:The one who makes it out in the end
  • China:The one who yells "is anybody there" like they are expecting the killer to answer
  • France :the one who dies after making out with another person because they didn't notice the killer coming
  • Russia:The one who dies fighting the killer
  • Spain:The one who sacrifices themselves so the others have a chance if getting away
  • S. Italy:The one who screams at everything
  • Hungary:The only one smart enough to run to the front door and not upstairs
  • Austria:The one who finds everyone dead in the end
  • APH America:Did you know that in China there are fifty six cities with over a million people? You know how many we have here in the US? Nine.
  • Aph France:[gasps]
  • APH Inida:Actually, that's not true. I know the figure you're referring to, and it's a projection of fifteen years from now.
  • APH Canada:Thank God.
  • APH America:No, no. That is right now.
  • APH India:America, China's agrarian. Urbanizing fast? You bet 'cha, but still agrarian.
  • APH America:In terms of land, not population.
  • APH India:Come on America.You can...
  • APH America:No, no you're wrong about this.
  • APH India:Where are you getting this information?
  • APH America:I got it from NewYorkTimes.com
  • APH Canada:Uh oh, getting nervous, India?
  • APH England:Okay, someone look it up.
  • APH Canada:I'm on it England.I'm on it.
  • APH India:Guys its not worth it really. Guys this is not worth our time.
  • APH Canada:Got it. China has fifty six cities with a population of over one million. The US has... nine.
  • APH Prussia:Suck it India!
  • APH England:Well on the plus side all this worrying about China has made you smarter than India, America.
  • APH Inida:Great. I was wrong. I'm wrong. Is everyone happy?
  • England:If you bite it and you die; it's poisonous. If it bites you and you die; it's venomous
  • America:What if it bites me and it dies?
  • England:That means you’re poisonous
  • Canada:What if it bites itself and I die?
  • England:It's voodoo
  • America:What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • England:That’s correlation, not causation
  • Canada:What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • France:That's kinky

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America: Use the weapons!

England: Get supplies for things and stuff! (no one trusts him with anything else)

France: Make sure nobody kills them!

Russia: Fight all the zombies!

China: Find food for everyone!

Germany: Leader of the group!

Italy: Don’t get killed!

Japan: Keep everyone sane!

-Axis and Allies


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Heavy Is the Crown (Ch. 8)

Fandom: Hetalia

Pairing: France/England

Other tags: Cardverse

Summary: When Arthur bedded the man in the peacock mask at the Hearts masque in a fit of daring, he did not plan on waking up to find it had been the  King of Diamonds. Nor did he plan on meeting the man again. But Arthur  was never very good at planning his life and his need for Francis  spiraled out of his control long before he realized it. The question is: How far will Francis go to protect their affair? And how far would Alfred go for revenge?

Character notes

Ao3 | DA | FF.net | Figment

Chapter 8: The Play Concludes

His footsteps echoed hollowly off the vaulted ceiling, filling the great hall with much too little noise. The whole palace was too quiet today, it was unnatural and it unnerved him, even though he had been the one to clear it out. He found himself, strangely enough, wishing for Lili’s presence at his side. He found she had a clarity of thought often not found in his other advisors and courtiers, even outside her various premonitions. But if she were here now, he would be able to feel her disapproval, even if she were too polite to say it aloud, as she usually was.

               She was right to disapprove. What he was doing was insane, even Francis knew that. Even Arthur disapproved, not that that had stopped him from coming. Francis had send Margot to occupy the Queen of Spades with preparing their defenses, but he wasn’t wholly sure Arthur wouldn’t realize that was partly a ploy to keep him out of any confrontations that might take place in the coming hours.

               Francis’ long fingers traced the arm of the Diamonds throne as he approached, turned, and sat to face his empty court.

               “The Spades army is coming,” he said aloud. His voice was too soft even to make much of an echo. Suddenly, he felt very small and powerless. That he was one of four ruling monarchs in the world made no difference. He was as helpless to the winds of fate as the poorest peasant.

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Romano, Spain, America, and France's reactions to be taken to an anime convention by their s/o who's cosplaying? I sent in a ship request so now I'm going to send in a million non-ship requests to try and balance it out 😅 thanks for being patient with everyone and doing this!

Romano: He’d get slightly annoyed at the large amounts of people asking for pictures with you in your cosplay.Also just people in general.He’d be with you at all times,not letting you out of his sight.

Spain: He tried to come up with a cosplay to go with yours last minute. Not the greatest but it’s something. He’d be interested in the plushes and cat ears.

America: You guys will the be one of the best cosplay duos there.When not with you he would be looking at comics and manga.

France: He would spend time helping you with your cosplay,trying to make it the most accurate.He’d be around the clothing and cat ears saying you’d look good in everything.

-Admin Valliant