I promised you guys something today, and here it is the official announcement of Finno-Ugric Trio Week!

If you are wondering why so soon? OK, first, DenEst Week was great! There was a lot of love in it, and I do want that to continue with other great group! Second, both of us APH EE leaders are in customer service, and October to December is gonna be hectic. We are gonna end of September right though with a trio of cuties! 

Is this a ship week still?

If you want it to be romantic, go for it! No one will be stopping you from making all the EstFin, EstHun, FinHun, or even EstFinHun you want! However, at it’s core, Finno-Ugric Trio Week is a friendship and family based week for these three language cousins!

Days are being planned out, and more will be released as we get closer and closer to the week! However, do expect some hipsters, some metal, some miscommunication, and some nice relaxation!

More information will be tagged with #finnougricweek!

anonymous asked:

What's do the Nordic do with their free time? Like after meetings and when no one is home.

Norway- practices magic and spells, reads, bakes,  hangs out at a coffee shop, or talks to his magic friends

Denmark- plays with legos, hangs out with his friends at the bar, visits a dog park to play with the doggos, or works on his chess skills so he can try to beat norway one day

Iceland- sleep, sleep, more sleep, checks up on the other nordics since he lives far away from them but will never admit he’s checking up on them, watches movies or youtube

Sweden- sings when no one is around usually to abba, works on his woodwork and other crafts, or buys furniture online

Finland- lots of baking, takes hana out for walks or plays with her, doodles, or works on his shooting practice

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Headcanon: Little Finland had his own bed during the Viking Ages, but preferred sleeping with his big brothers. It would annoy Denmark, but Sweden loved it, and and Norway just held and cuddled him like he was a stuffed animal.

Awwww! I think Denmark would have to get used to it though haha!

Hetalia as spongebob quotes
  • Germany: It took three days to make that potato salad! Three days!
  • Italy: I'll have you know, I stubbed my toe last week while watering my spice garden and I only cried for 20 minutes
  • Japan: Can I be excused for the rest of my life?
  • England: Goodbye everyone I'll remember you all the therapy.
  • America: oh boy 3 am! *eats hamburger*
  • France: I got it! Let's get naked!
  • Russia: Do instruments of torture count?
  • China: Don't touch me I'm sterile!
  • Prussia: Now I'm a jerk and everyone loves me!
  • Denmark: My leg!
  • Sweden: FINLAND!!!
  • Iceland: Excuse me, sir, I hope my horrible ugliness won't be a distraction to you...
  • Finland: What could be better than serving up smiles?
  • Norway: Being dead.
  • Greece: The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma...
  • Holy Roman Empire: Hey! Who put a bowl of onions here?!