the nordics when it’s snowing outside

aph denmark: immediately runs outside and starts rolling around in the snow all excited while norway tries to get him to come back in before he gets sick. he’s an actual puppy.

aph norway: he’d seem all chill at first, but the second you turn your back you will be pummelled by ice-orbs. he is the KING of snowball fights. 

aph iceland: he would act really reluctant to being dragged out to play in the snow with the others, but he secretly loves the snowball fights and gets really into it but he sucks at - but he’s great at making ice-sculptures

aph sweden: he would run around following finland and motherhenning everyone, exclaiming things like “put y’r coat ‘n right now it’s cold outs’de!” or “th’re was ice ‘n that snowb’ll, some’ne could get hurt!” he’d also like to snuggle up indoors with finland wrapped in a blanket with a book and some hot coacoa

aph finland: finland would be really excited and he’d go make snowmen of each of the nordics… except one time he couldn’t find any sticks so he used knives for the arms and it was the most terrifying fucking thing they’ve ever seen

Nordics+ when it's raining
  • ((Given that they have nowhere to be))
  • Denmark:No rain is stopping this viking! He'll be outside even more just out of spite to defy the wheather gods. If you look for him he's likely outside gardening in shorts and T-shirt because its summer and and means shorts!
  • Norway:Norway takes the opportunity to get some rest and do fun things. He'll start up with paperwork and napping but will end up in the basement with some spell books, steaming cup of coffee and not a care in the world.
  • Sweden:Completely shuts himself from the world and locks himself into his workshop, working on some kind of furnitue until the rain stops.
  • Finland:Finland will be found cleaning his house with Metalica blasting through the house. And I'm not talking regular cleaning, I'm talking sliding around in socks, using the vacuum cleaner as microphone etc.
  • Iceland:He actually kind of likes the rain so he goes out for a long walk, properly dressed, until he's completely chilled to the bone at which point he takes a long bath and snuggles up in the couch with videogames.
  • Sealand:He will be bored to death from the rain and painfully restless. He'll do all kinds of things to kill it until he too decides that with enough raincoats and his british blood going strong, he can totally conquer the bed wheather. He can't, of course, and ends up sitting in front of the open fire with hot cocoa until Finland deams he's warmed up enough.

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Kinda weird, but what do you think the Nordics smell like?

(I’m trying to answer these in the order I receive them, but I saw this one and couldn’t resist! This is awesome! -Mod Apple)

Norway: First and foremost, Norway would smell like coffee. He would smell like a windstorm on the sea and faintly of loamy earth. If you pressed your nose into his chest, he would smell like cured fur, warm and faintly musky. 

Sweden: Would smell crisp, like fresh rain after a series of hot days - petrichor. He would smell like glacial-scented aftershave, pressed linen, and undertones of wood shavings.

Finland: Finland would smell faintly of wet wool, like clean mittens that have been out in the snow too long. There’d be faint undertones of gun oil and steel. And around it all, he’d also smell like fabric softener. 

Denmark: Denmark would smell like fresh mown grass and faintly of burnt, unscented candles. There would be undertones of bitter-sweet malted hops.

Iceland: Iceland would smell, quite simply, like the ocean, freshy with a hint of salt. There would be undertones of warmth, like a summer day, waves heat rolling off the pavement. 

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What's it like hanging out with the Nordics?

While we aren’t always this fun, on special occasions we have a Nordic family night where we watch Denmark and Finland get drunk while trying to assemble Ikea furniture.

At first it was all of us working together but after a while Denmark and Finland started to get drunk and took over the whole process so we just let them do it.

We know how to have a good time.


Everyone in Hetalia Fandom know what is SuFin. But well, should we tell some fans more about this?

Most of fans thinks Finland is Sweden’s wife and they have dog blah, blah…

But is it really like it??

Actually it looks like they have been together since little kids

Then come Kalmar Union. Sweden get enough of Denmark and run away. Finland wanted follow him! Yes, Sweden didn’t make him go, Finland wanted run away from Denmark too

Well this scene everyone knows. But don’t you guys thinks, it’s cute how Sweden cared about Finland (tho it was awkward after all)

Then that M'WIFE thing started. But!

That was from manga! Look how hurted Sweden looks, when Finland went shock from wife thing!

Finland found Kid!America from him and Sweden’s holiday home. Then he told it about Sweden. Swe tried get little america, but Netherlands beated them bouth up (then Fin went tell about America to France and England)

 Wow Swe…. They needed wait maaaanyyy years before Sealand show up, but he promised! Nowdays Finland want be America’s dad… And Sweden had half of Latvia and Estonia! 

 Finland and Sweden found this adorable puppy from them backround. Hanatamago

They…fight… together in Polish-Swedish war

 Sweden helped Finland get airplanes to WW2, thought he’s neutral. That’s something 

 This scene, where Sweden and Finland had lunch. Fin said he feel more “Free” at Russia, but said quikly, that he had more fun with Sweden

Sweden and Finland are mostly together anyway

Some random Blog post from  Himaruya, where is Finland and Sweden

Is it just me or are they always together at meetings? 

And then….

Sealand! Finally they got kid what they wanted

Ladonia! (Sweden has taught him to introduce himseld properly)

So yeah, looks like Fin finally got kids. Sealand even calls Sweden as Papa

Finland and Sweden at some events

- At boss spain CD, Sweden wanted Finland back and allied with Spain, Prussia and France…. but then he needed go feed Hanatamago. Looks like Swe get hanatamago then, while Fin went live with russia
- In Nordic drama cd, fin and swe were first at meeting place and they arrived together
- It has said, that fin and swe go out for shopping and spent lot of time together nowdays…

- It has also said, that Sweden and Finland have kitchen turns, so other don’t need do everything. 

Aw, Sweden is so sweet!

Sweden really call Finland cute many times

Sweden make new clothes to Finland

Finland call Sweden too much with nicknames

Just look at it, how Sweden cares about Finland!!



Fin is scared of swe, swe think fin is cute…. Is it really just it??

Fi has been scared and shy around Sweden, but nowdays he has warm up to him. It has even said Finland likes and looks up at sweden

Well It has already said Sweden is homosexual, but he has feelings only toward Finland. His profile had said, that he have special feeling toward his neighbour. He doesn’t talk or show his feelings, because he has born in cold area. He’s usually embarrased too. But he is lovinly and cares about his family and friends, thought he doesn’t show it.

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Hello deary, how about the Nordics and the Axis finding out that their S/O is the personification of a new country?

Hello, love!

Denmark: “You’re… You’re what?!” Denmark exclaimed, obviously shocked.
You had just told Denmark that you were that new country that everyone was freaking out about. Honestly, you didn’t know what to expect as far as what his reaction would be.
“Yeah… That’s me…” You smiled innocently at him.
“Since when?”
What kind of question–? “Since… I don’t know… Since my land was discovered I guess.”
“I can’t believe.. That’s so… That’s great!!”
That reaction was unexpected. “You mean it?”
“Well yeah! I’m relieved actually! You! A country! Like me! That’s awesome!” Denmark jumped forward and wrapped his arms around you, hugging the breath out of you. Laughing, you hugged him back, squeezing him just as hard as he was squeezing you.

Iceland: “Y…you’re… Y-” you watched him as he wrapped him head around the fact that you’re a country.
“Yes Iceland, I’m a country..”
“I knew it…” You heard Denmark whisper. “You owe me money Sweden… Cough it up.”
“Denmark will you please shut-” before you could finish however, Iceland’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as his body fell to the floor.
“Iceland!!” You jumped forward to catch him.
The other countries ran forward.
“Give him some air!” Norway demanded.
After a few seconds, his eyes fluttered opened and he looked up at you.
“Iceland…. Are you okay?” You asked, your heart beating against your chest. It took him a moment to respond but when he finally did, he looked into your eyes as he spoke.
“Listen… I- I love you. I don’t like the fact that you’re a country, but… You are one. Just please…. Please let me stay with you.. So I can help you.”
Holding back tears, you nodded. A soft smile pierced his lips as he leaned forward and kissed you.

Norway: Norway didn’t say anything after you told him of your status. The only thing that really confirmed that he heard you, was his eyes nearly bulging out of his skull.
“Hello? Norway, are you okay?” You waved your hand in front of his face.
Not saying anything, he walked over and sat down in a chair.
“See, I told you he couldn’t handle it.” Denmark whispered to Sweden.
“Nor- Norway…?” Nervously you walked over to him.
His voice was barely above a whisper. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I…. I didn’t know how. Telling someone that you’re a fellow country isn’t exactly something you’d tell them on a first date…” Rubbing the back of your neck, you guiltily looked down at him.
Grabbing your hands, Norway stood up and peered into your eyes. “You are going to face a lot of hardships.”
“I know…”
“Feel a lot of pain and loss.”
“Yes I know.”
“Go through a lot of hurt.”
“Yes, Norway know.”
“You won’t go through it alone. Understand? I promise to stay by your side.”
Shocked, you looked up at him. “Do you really promise?”
“I do.”

Finland: “You’re a country?!” Finland exclaimed, shocked.
“Well yeah, I thought it was kind of obvious. I mean, why do you think I came to the world meeting last week?”
“I just thought you were supporting me!”
You scoffed at him as you folded your arms. “No Finland. I’m a country.”
“Wow… I should have figured.”
“He really should have…” Denmark whispered.
“What’re you gonna do?” Finland asked curiously.
“Just keep doing what I’ve been doing I guess. I’m not sure really.”
“Well that all comes with time, I just can’t believe you’re a country!” Finland happily grabbed your hands. He knew, as well as you did that being a country has a lot of responsibilities and baggage that comes with the title. You weren’t to worried. At least not as long as he stayed by your side.

Sweden: “A country….’ Sweden’s voice trailed off.
"Yes. That is what I am.”
“I didn’t know.”
“Well of course you didn’t! That’s why I just told you. Just now. Remember.”
Sweden nodded absentmindedly. You knew telling him wasn’t going to be an easy task. You also knew however, that if he wanted to be with you, he had to know the whole truth about who you were. Whether he accepted it or not, that was up to him. You had no control over that. If he didn’t accept who you were, well, that was his loss.
A couple moments passed before Sweden spoke again.
“No more.” His voice sounded stern.
“No more secrets. We cannot keep secrets from each other.”
“Oh… Okay Sweden. No more secrets.” You smiled at him.
“If we’re not keeping secrets anymore, then someone should tell Finland that I used his toothbrush when I accidentally dropped mine in the toilet!” Denmark announced.
“Oh God……” You heard Finland gag.

Germany: “You? That is you?! That new country is you?!”
“Yes, the newly discovered country is me. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, truth be told, I was worried.”
“What? Worried? Why?”
“I didn’t know how you would react. Duh. Why else?”
Germany sighed and looked down. Never In a million years did he ever expect you to be the new country. Especially not you. You were his innocent love, and he was your country boyfriend. He had hoped that since he can’t have a normal life, you would be able to. Obviously that was not the case.
“Are you mad?” You asked, interrupting his thoughts.
Germany looked up at you, surprised. “No, why would I be? I am surprised, but mad? Definitely not.”
“I see…”
With a sigh, Germany looked at you. “Look, you being a country is strange. I always thought you were just human. However, the fact that you’re a country does not change the way I feel about you. I love you. Nothing could change that?”
“Really?” A blush came over your cheeks.

Italy: “Wow! You! A real country like me! Who would have thought!!” Italy exclaimed happily.
“I can’t believe it! You’re like me! And here I thought you couldn’t get any more cooler!” Italy hugged you tightly, nearly knocking you over.
“That’s sweet of you Italy but… Aren’t you shocked or angry even?”
“No! You’re my favorite person! Knowing that you’re like me makes me so happy!”
He jumped back after hugging, still smiling that goofy grin.
“Oh? Why is that?” You asked, folding your arms.
“Because I won’t lose you anytime soon!”
That comment took you aback. Lose me?
“Italy you could never lose me. You’re stuck with me for life!” You joked.
Italy giggled. “That’s exactly how I want it to stay!”

Japan: The shock that came over Japan was nothing compared to what happened after he recovered. Soon he began bombarding you with questions.
Are you sure? For how long? Why? How old are you? Who are you allied with? Why didn’t you tell him sooner? The questions kept coming and coming.
“Japan calm down. It’s alright. I know you’re shocked and confused but you have to give me a moment to respond.” You spoke, feeling overwhelmed.
“You’re right. I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. I’m sorry too. I’m sorry I told you something like this… I know it’s a lot to take in.”
“It is but do not be sorry. Everything will be okay.” Japan smiled at you, which made your heart begin to thump against your rib cage. His smile always made you feel better.
“Now…. What questions did you want to ask?”