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Bug!Au FrUk England x Fem!France part 2

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Feliciano called for Arthur but… nobody came.

“Ve?” Feliciano was a bit confused.

“Ve? Mr. Arthur? Hey? Are you there?” Feliciano called again, he started to fly around the leaves,maybe Arthur just hide himself because he was shy of meeting a cute girl! but…

“A-Arthur?” Nobody came….

“H-He’s gone! H-He dissapear!!” The poor little bee started to fuss, he didn’t like this! Maybe someone came to kidnap Mr. Arthur or he was eated by a spider or…

“WAAAAAAAHAAAA!!” Felicinao started to cry

“Oh my! Poor thing!” Marianne was concerned and worried, she held the crying little bee carefully

“D-don’t cry please! I bet he’s just around, we will find him!” Marianne said to Feliciano, trying to cheer up the little bee but Marianne was confused and… she had a small bad feeling about this… Arthur, maybe he… didn’t wanted to show himself to her?

Marianne and Feliciano started a search to find Arthur.

The first day, they tried to find him flying… but nothing. The second day, they went to the rock fields but… nothing. The third day they tried to find him in the trees… but nothing and the next day they went to the mushroom fields…. Nothing at all.

Where was Arthur? 

Marianne and Feliciano started to lose their hopes… specially Marianne. They can’t find Arthur, Where he was? He really…dissapear?

The sun was starting to hide and the night was coming. Marianne was giving another try to find Arthur but suddenly Feliciano fainted.

“Feliciano? Feliciano!!” Marianne cried worriedly

“H-Honey, Honey….” Feliciano said weakly. Of course, He didn’t ate his precious honey for days, he was starving and he didn’t had energy to continue anymore, besides, he was away from his Beehive for a long time. He was tired, he need to go back home!

“Oh please, Feli, hold on! I’m taking you back” Marianne said worriedly and she started a flight to Feliciano’s hive.

Inside of the BeeHive, All the little bees watched carefully the return of their most lazy sibling.

Many little bees were surprised, others just huffed and watched the scene with a frown, some of them found this a bit funny. Marianne held Feliciano carefully to the Queen Bee and the Regent Bee.

“Hmpf! That happen when a bee doesn’t follow the rules! If he was more careful….” The Regent Bee Roderich, huffed. He wasn’t happy with this and he was worried of course1 Even if he didn’t show it that much.

“Poor thing? what happened? I was really worried about him, he didn’t come back home for days!” The Queen Bee Elizabetha was more Merciful and gentle, she missed her little lazy bee

“Oh! I can assure you that Feliciano wasn’t fooling around. He was helping me to find an old friend of mine” Marianne tried to save Feliciano’s skin since the Regent Bee was scary.

“Really? What a sweetie, My little Feli is so kind” Queen Elizabetha was easy to convice

“What kind of friend?…” But the Regent Bee was other story.

“My Moth Friend! Feliciano knows him, he really cared about him and he was doing his best to find Arthur!”

“A Moth?…. but young lady, Is IMPOSSIBLE to find a Moth at day… Moths are nocturnal or at least most of them” Roderich explained

“Oh! Is true…. Moths are nocturnal creatures, they can’t really fly well during the day!” Queen Bee answered

“Of course!! They are nocturnal!” Marianne realized and she finally understood  why they couldn’t find Arthur all this time! Even Feliciano comment once that Arthur always looked tired at day… He’s nocturnal!

“Thank you so much, your Majesties. Please, take care of Feliciano, I will find my old friend!” Marianne made a reverence and she flew away.

“Do you think she’s going to be fine by herself? Is so dangerous outside and more if it’s night” Queen Elizabetha said concerned but The Regent Bee held her carefully to drive his queen inside the Hive

“I think she’s the stubborn type.That Arthur guy sounds really important to her. I hope her to be careful but we can’t really do nothing… our bees need us here and we can’t send any of them outside, dear… But she will be fine if she find that Arthur guy”

In the mushrooms field… Arthur walked slowly, almost lazily. He didn’t had a good humor like always but this time, there was something bothering him….

He can’t forget…. he can’t stop remembering Marianne and Feliciano, He can’t forget about Marianne.

She really changed! she wasn’t a fatty, annoying little caterpillar anymore, she grew up to be a beautiful butterfly and she looked so kind…she was enchanting, she was…

“Damn…” Arthur hissed to himself, holding his head a bit. Stop thinking about her! Arthur said to himself but it was hard to not think about Marianne… she was….


Eh? someone called him! Arthur looked up surprised

Impossible! It was really her? Arthur hide behind the mushrooms, careful to not show himself. Marianne was almost in front of him, she was on an old rot on top of the stream. The moon was bright that night and the stars were twinkling.

Marianne was there… worried

Marianne was there…sad.

She was calling his name…she was… trying to find him? she was…Sad? Because she couldn’t find him? 

Marianne finally lost all her hopes to find Arthur and she fell on her knees, completely crestfallen. she will never find Arthur, that was she thought and Arthur felt like shit…

She was really calling his name but… What she would say if he show himself to her? He wasn’t a butterfly… He was just an ugly moth and she always knew about it. arthur looked down but… he looked up again and…

“…!” Arthur gasped  abit.

A big frog… frogs eats bugs… THERE WAS A FROG BEHIND MARIANNE!

No way! NO WAY! He wasn’t going to see Marianne’s death , not in front of him!

“MARIANNE!!” Arthur yelled at her as he jumped to fly towards Marianne and the frog.

Marianne suddenly hears her name and she turned around, The frog was almost ready to send his long and wet tongue to catch the butterfly when…

“A-Arthur!” Marianne cried scared. Arthur manage to crash against the frog. The poor frog was surprised and  confused! His tongue didn’t reach Marianne! He was just hunting!!



You Majesty, Queen Bee Elizabetha VII!
Her Hive is in charge of make the best honey of the field. All the little bees love their Queen. Theywork everyday to make Queen Elizabetha happy and she takes care of them with love. Kind, gentle, merciful and extremely beautiful, Queen Elizabetha is beloved!

But taking care of thousands and thousands of bees isn’t an easy job, that’s why the Regent Bee Roderich helps Queen Elizabetha.
Because Queen Elizabetha is to merciful for her own good, Regent Roderich is in charge of putting discipline and make the bees work properly… but Feliciano is Roderich’s headache.

And…. He’s the reason why all the little bees have curls… Hey! Queen Bee isn’t able make babies by herself!