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I’ve only been in Hetalia’s fandom for like - two weeks, and I’m already lost forever. Moreover, I just finished @cookies-hetaoni game tonight and, golly, I’m still dead from the inside. So here, have a little Iggy! Igor and Loup are coming soon huhu.


As said on my Hetalia’s main blog, I started to work on a little fangame, featuring Chibitalia as the Little Red Riding Hood! I’m really hyped by this project, and I’m very happy to open this blog! So, before starting to publish some things, let’s have a look on the FAQ!

When the game will be avalaible to play? If I’m lucky and that I continue to work on it like I do - perhaps before the end of this year! But I’m really not sure yet, I’ll perhaps take more time to create and illustrate it. However, I’ll post pretty often some sneak peeks here for sure; so what the waiting wouldn’t be too long!

• How long will last the game? Between 30 minutes and one hour!

Why so short? It’ll be my first try with RPG Maker VX Ace, so I do want to start little by little! I don’t want to start with a big stuff full of bugs. However, this game is only the beginning of another project! This one will be released at the end of this tale so - be prepared for that!

Is there any help needed? For now, I guess not! I’ve a few beta testers - but I may pick one or two more huhu - and they’ll help me with English mistakes and some also will help me for the dialogues. However, first, reblog this post will be a good help!

If you have more questions, my ask box is open! 
Ciao ciao~ } (=ヮ=)೨


[HOLY. FUDGE. YOU’RE ALREADY MORE THAN 100 BUDDIES TO FOLLOW THIS PROJECT, THANKS A BILLION FOR THIS! ;A; To thank you all, I decided to share with you the map of Italy’s room and give you a little wip of his faceset! It’s only sketches for now, like Hungary, and they’ll be completed only when the game will be over! It’ll be the same thing with sprites; it’s only their first version here that I made with RPG maker. Italy doesn’t even have his curl yet and he hasn’t a green dress but a white one.

Yesterday, I made a friend of mine play the beginning of the game, and it took him more than 20 minutes to reach “the end” (which is actually, around the half of what I want to do, if not less) so I was very happy! I guess that I take less time when I test it because I already know everything orz.

Anyway, I hope you’ll like this little teaser!]


GOLLY. We’re already more than 50 buddies down here and it only has been a couple of days since the beginning of this blog! ;v; To thank you all, I decided to share with ya a little something: the Theme Song of the game! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. 

Guess who started a Hetalia’s fangame? (¬‿¬)
As I am still learning how to use RPG Maker VX Ace, this will only be a little oneshot of around 30 minutes to one hour of playing! Anyway, it’ll contain original art and a story featuring Chibitalia as the Little Red Riding Hood!
However, this menu’s drawing is only a sketch yet, but I wanted to see if what I had in mind could fit and - IT DOES. *A*


why are there no hetalia dating sims? there should be a hetalia dating sim.

well, you know what they say about getting a job done, so… i’m going to try and make one. drawing sprites is kind of therapeutic, in a weird way haha.

(this is me fiddling around with renpy bc i haven’t used it in 938429348 years rip)

“ Ain’t no fairytale
What I see in your eyes
Awaiting your mistake
Not too close, not too far“