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Honestly I could ramble on and on about my idea for Frederick’s costuming and the symbolism that would go with it if I ever pitched a show about his life. One of the most interesting things to me is that in his youth, he was noted to wear pinks and pastels, as well as floor-length dressing gowns and coats ( much to his father’s dismay ) but later in life as King, he had like what? Just 2 or 3 uniform coats, a week’s worth of necessary garments like shirts, waistcoats, breeches, etc. and only one formal coat? I think any costumer would have a fun time conveying the prince’s character growth through the clothes that he wears tbh.

Nicknames I gave to the 2P Axis

2P Italy/Luciano: “Screamy Knife Child”

2P Japan/Kuro: “Stabby Mc'Hentai”

2P Germany/Siegfreid: “Kinkshame for days”

2P Romano/Flávio: “Sparkle Boy”

2P Prussia/Gillen: “Fluffeh lil child, must protect at all costs”

2P Spain/Andres: “Rotten Tomato”

Bonus One:
(It’s one of my favorite 2Ps)
2P China/Xiao: “Opium Bby”

You know, because I’ve been in the Hetalia fandom on tumblr for so long, and because I’m a huge stickler for tagging things, typing “aph” and “hetalia” has become almost a subconscious effort. It comes naturally now.

So sometimes, when I’m not thinking, I’ll accidentally add “aph” to ANYTHING I tag. I’ve typed “aph undertale,” “aph gravity falls,” “aph spongebob,” “aph disney,” etc., etc. before. Everything is APH.

Shit APH Australia Does #20

Literally anything if you phrase it as a dare

I was trying to continue writing my paper when suddenly….HOWDY OTP

February 22, 1945

Russia told me that the Allies agreed during their Yalta Conference that they have all the rights to intervene in the affairs of the liberated nations and those nations who fought alongside with Germany.

(I wonder what was exactly agreed upon…? If it was about some spheres of interest… who belongs to your sphere? I´m afraid that at least I´m there, you wouldn´t have told me this otherwise… darn it!)

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