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Nicknames I gave to the 2P Axis

2P Italy/Luciano: “Screamy Knife Child”

2P Japan/Kuro: “Stabby Mc'Hentai”

2P Germany/Siegfreid: “Kinkshame for days”

2P Romano/Flávio: “Sparkle Boy”

2P Prussia/Gillen: “Fluffeh lil child, must protect at all costs”

2P Spain/Andres: “Rotten Tomato”

Bonus One:
(It’s one of my favorite 2Ps)
2P China/Xiao: “Opium Bby”

Names in Finnish & Swedish

Names in Finnish:

Names in Swedish:

So you can check how badly your country’s name was changed…

trans girl mathia køhler who’s strong and muscular and tall and doesn’t want long hair and can beat you up in her cute heels and dresses with a flower crown if she was that kinda person.

trans girl mathia talking shit about rude people in danish to her family and she a'int even bothered she just finds it funny people try to do that

she knows she’s beautiful and rad as hell


Because I got nothing better to do, here are the names of the countries/regions in their own languages. If there are two or more names, like with Finland, the country is bilingual, trilingual or more (Suomi is the name in Finnish, and Finland is the name in Swedish. Canada is bilingual, but Canada is just Canada in both English and French). Names in parentheses are just romanizations. I’m sorry if I made mistakes… and why this looks so blurry!