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Food critic!Arthur is one of my weird plot bunny.

Imagine him being so famous ’cause his colourful choice of words that he own a food show (like Gordon Ramsay) but still can’t cook to save his life (and he is so embarrassed about this fact)

Artie is gonna enjoy this job so bad. He got to eat and criticize Francis someone.

I read about ‘Food Critic VS Fastfood Chef’ AU from somewhere and can’t shake off the idea lol.

This pic Artie is too short but I have Height different kink anyway so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anonymous asked:

Cooking/baking with 1p FACE? ^-^

He’s the most serious out of everyone and the most determined to cook something both delicious and beautiful. If he’s baking with someone else he might even get a little bit competitive. On the other hand it might get a bit seductive or playful. Even while he’s distracted giving smooches he’ll some how bake absolutely perfect pastries that melt like butter in your mouth or even a simple croc Monsieur that tastes so good you’d weep.

He’s really not much of a cook at all, even less so than Arthur (surprising I know) so don’t expect much decent baking or cooking with him. It is very fun though. He likes to deviate from the recipe and ends up making a huge mess that just results in fits of giggles. Whatever he ends up making (seriously what is it?) it looks horrific but actually tastes not half bad. There’s a huge mess to clean up but the laughs made it totally worth it.

While he’s nothing special when it comes to cooking or baking he can follow a recipe fairly well. He likes making food that doesn’t need so much attention so he can sit and chill whilst it’s cooking, or alternatively food that cooks fast (he makes Kraft Mac n cheese into something totally unique and perfect) He’d probably make something simple because of this and doesn’t pay much attention to presentation but it tastes great so you can’t complain!

Cooking with England is a huge mistake and you should probably back out as soon as you can. Baking with him however is a different story. Despite his awful reputation as a cook (he burnt cereal once and no one really knows how…) he’s a pretty great baker. He’s fairly serious whilst baking but nonetheless it’s still enjoyable and eating it is certainly a blessing. He’d probably make a nice sticky toffee pudding or banana bread.