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Okay But I Feel Like The Hetalia Fandom Needs To Talk More About Grandpa Rome’s Little Punk Cameo In Paint It White
I Mean
Merlins Beard
What Even Was That?

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Arthur's cooking is beautiful just because it exists. The way he always looks cute while cooking it is too precious. We all have things we do and people have different opinions about it. But just that those things exist is beautiful.

A: It’s always nice to know that someone appreciates what you do, even though you are not very goodat it…In this world are cute and sensitive people like you who help those who have doubts about their passions to go on … thanks anon, I really  appreciate it! <3

RusAme cooking competition AU where Alfred, Ivan, Francis, and Arthur are on a (dysfunctional) team; Ivan and Alfred are arguing over what special ingredient to add to their final meal. Finally, Francis bursts out “Don’t you two know love is the secret ingredient to make everything taste good?”

Next thing he knows two of his teammates are making out on the counter top. Arthur is not impressed.

Food critic!Arthur is one of my weird plot bunny.

Imagine him being so famous ’cause his colourful choice of words that he own a food show (like Gordon Ramsay) but still can’t cook to save his life (and he is so embarrassed about this fact)

Artie is gonna enjoy this job so bad. He got to eat and criticize Francis someone.

I read about ‘Food Critic VS Fastfood Chef’ AU from somewhere and can’t shake off the idea lol.

This pic Artie is too short but I have Height different kink anyway so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯