For FrUk Week 2016~  @frukweek

Day 7: Alternative Universe

This drawing is based on the movie “The Aristocats”. I was listening to a song from the movie and decided to draw this <3

I’m a bit late for the last day but I hope it’s alright, I had so much fun this week!

Nations React To: Pokemon Go!


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meowdoglover  asked:

May I ask how Russia, Romano, and England react to finding their s/o crying but then realizing that they are crying over cute animal pictures and faith in humanity stuff?

APH Russia/Ivan:

He would think that it was adorable and hold them to tell them that it’s okay. He’d ask them if there was something that he could do to cheer them up and would want to cheer them up. 

APH Romano/Lovino:

He’d sit with them and start crying along as well. This is how some afternoons are spent now. 

APH England/Arthur:

He would try to calm them down and reassure them that it’s fine, getting pretty confused as to why that was making them cry. 

anonymous asked:

how would react the allies to their first kiss with their s/o?

America: Alfred brought you to your front porch late at night. It was like a scene that came out of a movie. The stars were bright in the black overhead sky. He took rubbed the back of his head shyly and smiled stupidly. “I, uh, hope you enjoyed the date.” He said bashful like. This was odd. He wasn’t acting flustered earlier. Then you realized what he was trying to do. He wanted a kiss. You took one of his hands sweetly in yours and in perfect timing, you both stepped closer to each other and pressed lips.

France: It was your second date. He took you out to a garden near his house and walked with you through the beds of French and international flowers and cleanly cut shrubbery. You were amazed at the beautiful scenery around you. It was like a fairytale. Then, as if on cue, Francis stopped and took your hand gracefully in his and walked you to the white gazebo down the trail. The next thing you realized, he was kissing you on the lips. Your own little (frog) prince. (I’m only a little sorry for that joke)

Russia: Ivan invited you over at his house for the first time. The two of you spent the day going out in the snow, looking through his library together, helping his indoor plants grow, and we’re now sitting by the fire with freshly made stew. You knew you were going to leave soon. And you would kick yourself if you didn’t take the time to kiss him now. So, after the two of you finished eating, you cuddled up with him in a cozy wool blanket and was about to touch his lips. To your surprise, he kissed you first.

England: You and Arthur were walking back to his flat from the movie theater and it started to rain heavily. He knew this would happen so he opened his black umbrella and huddled close to you while the two of you walked hurriedly back home. However, the umbrella didn’t stop the cars splashing water on you from the sidewalk. By the time the two of you got inside the flat, you were both drenched. Arthur was a little grumpy about the wetness, but he had to stifle a laugh at the situation. It wasn’t exactly the best first date ever. And in that small awkward moment, the two of you embraced in a gentle kiss.

China: Yao took you to the best restaurants and enjoyed a visit at the museum with you. It was very interesting to here so much history from a nation that has seen so much. But the time when quicker than you wished and you had to be sent back home for the night. Before you went, however, he wanted to offer something else if you didn’t think it would be too bold. He asked to kiss you.

Canada: Matthew Williams met you at a ski lodge in his country. The both of you bumped into you outside the large wood building while you were trying to balance on your skis. He helped you back up and offered to help show you and your friends on some tips and tricks. As the day progressed, he became more shy around you in particular. Almost as if he forgot to function when he saw you. Then when the night came, he said his goodbyes. Sad to see you go. And in a quick second, he leaned forward and gave you a small kiss on the lips.

Have Some Confidence

Pairing: USUK
Rating: K
Teaser/Summary: Arthur is a simple student who has good grades, participated in school activities and was student council president. The only problem is his confidence in himself is not very high. Fortunately, the new student in school may be able to help our bushy-browed StuCo president!

Note: I participated in the @usuknetwork Summer Festival this year! This is my gift for @briaranise-star. Her second prompt was “High school AU, Arthur struggling with his self-esteem and not understanding why the golden boy Alfred is suddenly lavishing him with attention”. Hope I did well and that you like it! :D (ohgodalltheclicheswhy)

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