aph dark russia

of course, he seemed to me a child- so young, yet so terribly, hideously strong.

I know it’s common to portray Russia being unhinged during the Cold War, but seriously, America went from colony to superpower in less than 200 years. In APH terms, wouldn’t that be a tad frightening for the other nations who have lived such long lives?

random 💩

So I was having a lecture in history class earlier and we were discussing about how France and Russia got into an alliance together, and this was how it was explained:

“Just think of the European countries in a party, everyone’s getting along… think of France, who was isolated, seeing Russia, who was also being isolated. They see they have smth in common, and they got together. So basically, they started dating.”

And I was like, I mean, yeah okay, I can see why lmao

But I nearly lost it when this dude in my class went, “So France is basically Russia’s sugar daddy now…?” and i’M-

Bruised and bloodied, Russia looked up at the nation above him that held the end of his scarf  in a tight grip. He pulled against the restraint, trying to relieve the constricting pressure that choked him. Flicking his violet eyes up to the other’s fierce gaze, he gave a small smile and in a choked mutter, spoke.

“You… have… beaten me…”