This is my actual pic for the 10th anniversary. Sort of. My computer decided not to work with me so I can’t finish it yet, but I still want to post it within the month.

I just want to thank Himaruya for Hetalia, and all the personifications that we know and love. I’ve been in the fandom for… I think six years now. Hetalia has given me hope about the world, as well as a way to deal with what happens in it. Its given me a way to look at people and nations and, despite all the violence in the world, think that maybe it’ll all work out.

Hetalia has also helped keep me going. I’ve been through a hard time in that last few years with depression and anxiety and honestly I don’t think I would be alive without these nations.
I’ve also met some incredible people and made some great friends through the fandom.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Hetalia! I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon and I’m looking forward to whatever comes next.

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Allies accidentally hitting their s,o? Like they're tying to open the door but their elbow hits them

America: He’d exclaim “sorry” really loudly, before making sure that he didn’t actually hurt you. He’d apologise a lot while making sure that he didn’t knock you in the face or anything.

England: He’d just apologise, ask if you’re okay, and if not, he’d be fussing like a maniac to fix whatever minor injuries he may have caused.

France: He’d turn around to face you, and then swiftly apologise and begin quickly giving you a once over to assess whatever damage he may have caused. If he did somehow manage to injure you, he’d make damn sure he makes you better.

Russia: He’d make a big fuss over it, making sure he didn’t hurt you or anything like that, throwing apologies in everywhere. He’s a naturally worried big guy.

China: He’d apologise, then swiftly begin to make sure you’re fine before proceeding. If he hurt you, then he’d go doctor mode on you and make sure that it’s all good before proceeding.

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Allies s/o accidentally slapping their butt? Like their stretching and slap their butt 😂

America would probably jump, confused, and then laugh his head off. 

China and England would def get super blushy and maybe tell you off.

France would squeak, legit, and then would smirk and turn around, acting suave, to cover up that fact, and would fail. 

Russia would freeze, blush, and then try to continue on like nothing happened, not even questioning whether or not it was an accident. 

 - Admin Echo

Based on this

The idea was too good, so I thought why not visualising it?

at the movies
  • america:the one with 3d glasses on the whole time bc hes excited
  • england:the one with 3d glasses on the whole time bc he has a hangover
  • france:the one who whistles when the main characters kiss
  • canada:the one who sits behind the really tall person
  • russia:the really tall person
  • china:the one who doesnt really 'get' the movie
  • japan:the one who automatically searches up the movie on tumblr when he gets home
  • italy:the one who doesnt shut up
  • romano:the one who tells the person who doesnt shut up to shut up
  • germany:the one who buys the popcorn
  • prussia:the one who eats all the popcorn during the trailers