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Since there will be a rather long story on Canada coming up, I’ll draw him here for now.

A story that I couldn’t fit into this week’s or next week’s Jump+↓↓
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anonymous asked:

What states are canon ?

None of the American ones yet, but:

Germany is shown as being very close to his states and referring to them all as his older brothers. Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, Brandenburg, Hesse, and Holstein have made appearances

Picardy is a former French province (now just a general region) and France hires him to take pictures of the nations on April Fool’s

Japan’s clans were the only people he talked to (except for Netherlands) while isolationist. Aizu, Kanazawa, Mito, Osaka, Owari, and Sendai are canon

Also I swear Hima mentioned Quebec in a strip where Canada was complaining about how divided his French and English citizens were, but I don’t have any proof

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Germany, Russia, FACE, and BTT reaction to their S/O having a giant Great Dane as a pet?

(Ok, but I really loved doing this ask lmao Great Danes are one of my favorite breeds, and I would love to have one when I get my own [preferably bigger] place. >3< )


Ludwig would be pleasantly surprised. He loves big dogs, so he wouldn’t be against his s/o keeping it (and even bringing it along when they visited, as long as it’s well-behaved and won’t make a huge mess).


Ivan would absolutely adore his s/o’s Great Dane! Like Ludwig, he loves big dogs so he would always play with it whenever his partner brought it around.


Francis might be a little wary about his s/o keeping such a giant animal as a pet at first. But once he did a little research and actually met it he’d get over his skepticism and would warm right up to it.


Alfred would love that his s/o had such a big dog! Great Danes are one of his favorite breeds so he’d always want his partner to bring it over when they visited. He’d play with it constantly and might even spoil it a little even though technically it isn’t actually his to spoil lmao


Matthew would definitely be shocked to see the large dog, but in a good way! He’d adore the dog after his initial shock and would gladly let his s/o bring it over when they visited his home.


Just seeing the size of the dog would be enough to terrify Arthur. He’d be more than skeptical about his s/o keeping it since he’s afraid it might hurt them. But after his partner explained some facts about the breed and how they’re dubbed the “Gentle Giant”, he’d calm down and let them bring it with them when they visited, though he was still a little hesitant about it.


Gilbert would be so hype when he met his s/o’s Great Dane. He’d immediately hug it and would probably shout something like, “You’re dog is hella amazing [Name]!”. Overall, this dork would be head over heels for the dog and would love to play with it every chance he got to.


Antonio would love the dog the minute he saw it. He knew about their gentle nature which was why he loved the breed so much. He’d give it lots of pats and would always ask his s/o to bring it with them whenever they visited.

All Grown Up (?)

Rating: M

Pairing: None

Summary: Not once had he come back as a bird despite his quiet prayers. 

Notes: The first fic I have published in over three years? Pigs must be flying. Honestly though, I really enjoyed writing this even if it isn’t the happiest thing in the world. This is all kind of vague and I feel bad but? Alfred deals with the aftermath of abuse due to mental illness and his family really makes the difference.Numbers can only do so much for someone.

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How about Canada's ideal S/o?

(Based on the wikia, with some loose interpretation on my part!)

- Pacifist;

- (Obviously) won’t forget/ mistake him;

- Knows to stop him if he will start hurting others - verbally;

- Stands up for self and others;

- Easygoing;

- Witty;

- Active/likes going outside;

- Creative;

- Flexible when cooking;

- Doesn’t mind/likes animals/wildlife.

Please do not take these too seriously! Life and love work in unique and beautiful ways, and even if these do not apply to you, you may realistically be his best match! I hope this is what you were expecting!Thank you very much for asking!

- Admin KumajirHoe :)

random-fandom-chick  asked:

Hello. First off I really love this blog. You guys are great. Um could you do preferences on how America, Canada, Prussia, Spain and Romano would cuddle their s/o after they find out they are having terrible period cramps. Thanks and love you guys❤️

America: He would probably wouldn’t know what a period is, let alone the pain that comes with it. If they wanted cuddles, then he would get some snacks and a movie ready, and cuddle them the whole night, as if nothing were wrong, maybe they would forget about the pain for a bit.

Canada: He would probably be prepared, bringing them everything and holding them gently and how they would want., enough to comfort them and to not irritate them. 

Prussia: He would be freaking out, this was totally not awesome, his awesome S/O should not be in pain, but would cuddle them by wrapping both arms around them and shaking sometimes, just as a sign of affection. He would be making jokes and trying to make them laugh, laughter is the best medicine!

Spain: Spain would be ready and would just cuddle them however they wanted to be cuddled, even if he were surrounded by water bottles, blankets, and diverse boxes, holding them just somewhat tightly.

Romano: Like America, he probably wouldn’t know what a period is. After a long or short (depends, to be honest) explanation and help from Hungary (he would be freaking out), he would do whatever he could to help, cuddles, chocolate, advil. He would probably read them something or watch something together, subconsciously squeezing them (lightly), as if he wishes he could do more.

All in all, they would do whatever to help their S/O!

We’re so sorry this took so long! We’re very happy you like us and out blog! I hope you enjoy! Thank you very much for asking!

- Admin KumajirHoe :)