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Merman Spamano AU

It wasn’t love at first sight. Not exactly.

Riding the edge of discomfort, Lovino felt the pulsing of the waves like the beating of his heart. The smack of the shallow waves a faster tempo than the heavy roll of the deeper waters.

It was a secret joy of his, to sit near the sky and sun. Flirting with places he was not meant to see.

The gulls crooned of it. The endless swell of the skies, the joyous exctasy of riding the the curling winds.

He too understood the hedonistic love of his own element.

Coursing the pull of a whirpool; riding it to its zenith. Singing the water into a crescendo upon the rocks, to embrace a ship in the most finite of ways.

The thrum of power beneath his skin.

But somehow the almost-pain of open air and sky pulled to him too. Over and over he found himself on a sandbar or isle, probing the solitude of the realms above..

Within the ocean, he felt the songs of crèche mates and kin in every tide, regardless of the distance.

They were a very quiet hush now; drowned out by the calls of the water fowls and the loving embrace of the sea on the shore.

The strangest bliss.

This island was in warm waters. The greenery lush and full of unfamiliar fauna.

There were no schools of angelfish to frolic with, no gardens of corals to gently tend.

Here instead the creatures had grasping hands and limbs to climb with. The vegetation grew tall and fat in proximity to the sun.

It was difficult to describe the difference, observing here in the air versus below. The brilliance of unfiltered sunlight was blinding to those used to the depths. His second eyelid was not only unnecessary, but made it difficult to process the unreally vivid colors, so remarkably warm in tone.

The unsettling feelings found above pulled at the corners of his being in pleasant ways. As if he was becoming more than himself.

And well. When one afternoon in an eternity of similar afternoons brought a single, handsome boy crashing through the tree line, stumbling into the sand, Lovino looked at him and saw the almost-pain of the vastness of the sky and the sun upon his scales. A breathlessly beautiful pain in the wonder on that boy’s face and in the lush green of his eyes.

Mer think in larger concepts than a single person, or place, or time. They’re meant to hold within them all of the secrets of the oceans, birthed to serve their home as priests will to the temples.

And in that moment, the boy was the sun.

Lovino, could never resist the pull of the sun.  


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M!A You had your pirate phase, now its time to think outside the box. Way outside the box. Let's try outer space. Relive your pirating glory days among the stars, raiding spaceports, bathing in gold, and dodging the occasional asteroid. But everything comes to a close, have your fun for 7 asks!

M!A: 0/7

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"My sailors caught you and I can sell you to the rich fat nobles for a shit ton of money coz mermaids are expensive and rare af but you looked at me with those eyes and I can't do it coz I know what those people will do to you but I also don't want to set you free coz you're pretty and I feel like I like you now" with pirate!spain and mermaid!romano pls?? Thanks <3!


Pairing: Spamano (Spain x South Italy/Romano) (Human names used)


  • Spain (Antonio) as the pirate
  • South Italy/Romano (Lovino) as the mermaid

The world was filled with opportunities of adventures and riches, and the greater chances of making a name for yourself was through the most expansive, and unexplored part of the world; the sea. To capture fishes to eat, finding treasures to spend, discovering unknown lands, and of course…discovering rare species. Not just of fish and other creatures, but of equally intelligent beings from the deep; mermaids and mermen. They were the jewels of the sea. Human yet not human, able to breathe under and above the salty water, able to speak countless of tongues, existing from heaven knows how long ago. Many people would never get a chance to see them, only hear of them, see pictures and drawings of those fortunate to have witnessed them, as they hide within the deepest parts, out of reach of mankind. Of course, they had reasons, for as long as legends have had it, mermaids and mermen have been captured by sailors and men, brought into the mainland to be sold as exotic pets, as beings to be killed and examined by scientists…and even as toys for the richest of them all, forced to live in confined spaces until the end of their lives. Were you to sell a mermaid or a merman, you were set for life, as well as future generations, with the money in exchange that you would receive. The pirate known as Antonio always dreamed to be that rich. To one day gain a fortune so big, that he could buy his own property and live happily ever after with whatever woman or men he happened to love at the time. However, when the chance did came…committing to it was harder than what he expected.

“CAPTAIN CAPTAIN HOLY SHIT-!” Antonio looked up as he heard someone trip down the stairs, only to slam his office door open. It was one of his crew members, Alfred, who had a bucket on his head. He raised it ever so slightly, his eyes wide.

“Captain, you won’t believe this! We captured something in the net! A m…a m…!!!”

“Spit it out!” Antonio finally snapped.


Antonio’s heart skipped a beat. A merman? “Impossible.”

“We have it on deck! Hurry!” Alfred insisted, Antonio hurrying out of his office and up the stairs to the deck. The net filled wish fish was scattered, fish flopping everywhere as the crew watched in awe of something right in the middle. Antonio forced his way through, his eyes widening at the sight before him. On the open net, among the suffocating fish, was a young man, tangled within said net. He had beautiful olive green eyes, dark brown hair with a distinctive curl. Like the legends had said, he bore the upper body of a man, and the lower body of a fish, from the hips down ever so slowly blurring the line, his scaly fin colored clear blue with hues of purple, fins as delicate as silk on the sides. He was beautiful.

“Fuck…fuck fuck…!!!” The merman screamed, trying to get himself untangled out of the net.

“I…It’s a real…” Antonio murmured, speechless along with the rest of the crew. The merman didn’t seem too pleased, glaring at the group around him as he began to trash around wildly.

“Let me go!” He screamed. Antonio was quick to act, snapping orders.

“Something fill the biggest tub we have with as much water as you can fill it in and take it to my room! We need to get him in water quick!” Antonio ordered, the crew beginning to move.

“I don’t want a damn tub, I want to go back!” The merman spat, struggling against the net. Even as he managed to get untangled, he tried to crawl away, to the edge of the boat to try to pry himself back into the ocean, but not before the men caught him and started to drag him back and inside the boat, causing the merman to scream loudly. “LET ME GO! LET ME GO!”

“Be gentle! I don’t want a single bone broken!” Antonio hissed, the men doing their best as they managed to get the merman to the tub in the captain’s quarters. Antonio stood awestruck, Alfred walking over and shaking his shoulders.

“Dude! A merman! Have you any idea how much royalty are willing to pay for this?!” Alfred asked with a gleam in his eyes. Antonio turned to him equally as excited.

“We’re…we’re rich…we’re going to be rich, filthy rich!” Antonio cheered, the two friends jumping up and down at their find. The end bargain for a merman would be enough to set Antonio, and every single member of this crew for life if they did it just right! Anyone and everyone would do and pay anything for a specimen as fine as this.

As soon as the excitement was washed away, Antonio let his men celebrate, while he himself went back to his quarters to see more of his new trophy. When he walked in, he noticed the merman sitting quietly in the tub that they had gotten for him. He was looking over and around at the many curious and items that Antonio had all over the place which he had collected over the years, from all parts of the world. It wasn’t until Antonio closed the door that the merman realized his presence, snapping his head at him. That’s when Antonio saw the fear in his eyes, along with the tears. He didn’t know that they could cry.

“Hey, it’s ok, I’m not going to hurt you.” Antonio said smiling, trying to reassure the merman. He seemed less hesitant, simply slapping the fin of his tail against the water before splashing Antonio soaking wet. “Ah hey!…well I guess I did deserve that one huh?”

“Let me go.” He demanded.

“You could at least tell me your name? You surely have a name. I’m Antonio. What’s yours?”

“Why the fuck would you care?!”

“Well…honestly you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon…so you might as well tell me unless you want us to refer you as ‘The Merman’ for the rest of the trip.”

The merman growled, his curl twitching in reaction. “…Lovino.”

“Lovino, alright. See? We’re progressing.”

“We aren’t doing shit! I don’t want to be here!”

“I understand.” Antonio couldn’t help but to feel bad. “I promise you, your time here won’t be bad.” Lovino scoffed, turning away from the pirate captain before curling up in the tub.

“I just want to go home.”

The first few days were eventful, to say the least. They had decided to continue their fishing trip to at least make up with the rounds and sell them off at ports before heading out somewhere to sell the merman known as Lovino.

Lovino wasn’t making his own stay rather pleasant. He splashed at Antonio every chance he had. He purposely spat out water onto important documents here and there, having one hell of an aim from where he sat. He also refused to eat, despite how much Antonio and the rest of the crew insisted. Now their worries were that Lovino would starve himself to death. The crew of course began to spite here and there, murmuring of how nasty the fellow mermaid was, but Antonio was sure that it was all just initial feelings of being captured out of his home, as most people would feel. And he was proven right, such as he and his fellow pirate by the name of Arthur witnessed the interaction between Arthur’s son, Peter and Lovino.

Peter one way or another had managed to sneak into the captain’s quarters in wanting to see the mermaid, and when looking for Peter, Antonio and Arthur watched in amazement. Rumors here and there from legends always told of how mermen and mermaids would lead men and children to their deaths to eat them up under the sea…Lovino was proving the opposite of such myth as he talked with Peter, smiling and answering questions here and there.

“Can I touch your tail?” Peter asked.

“Sure.” Lovino said, lifting his tail over the water, resting it over the edge of the tub. Peter’s eyes widen, slowly and gently feeling Lovino’s tail.

“It’s so pretty!” Peter awed.

“Is it? My brother’s prettier, though. It’s green almost like emeralds, and shines colorfully in the light.” Lovino cooed.

“Wow!…where’s your brother?” Peter asked.

“Somewhere…I don’t know where.” Lovino explained.

“Daddy said that mermaids and mermen eat kids…is it true?!” Peter asked almost scared.

“What kind of bullshit is your dad feeding you?  Of course not! Kids taste awful anyways!” Lovino responded, causing Peter to laugh ever so brightly. Just then, Antonio and Arthur interrupted, entering the quarters.

“Peter, what are you doing here, this is the captain’s quarters!” Arthur finally said, smiling regardless. Lovino’s scowl returned, retrieving his tail as he hid within the tub again.

“I wanted to see the merman!” Peter said.

“I understand. But now it’s time for you to leave the merman alone. The captain needs to talk to him.” Arthur offered his hand.

“Aw ok…” Peter walked to his father, waving back at Lovino. “Bye!” With that, they walked out, closing the door behind them.

“…I knew you weren’t a complete grump.” Antonio chuckled.

“Shut up.” Lovino hissed, not even minding to look at him.

Antonio sighed. “Man…now I wish you could be as nice to me as you are to him.” He walked over to his chair, sitting down before picking a fruit out of his basket, specifically, a tomato. He was just then about to eat it, until he saw Lovino’s gaze locked onto the brilliant red fruit. “…what?”

“What the fuck is that?” Lovino asked.

Antonio looked down. “You’ve never seen a tomato before?” Lovino shook his head. Well, of course, tomatoes don’t grow under the sea…he offered it. “Do you want to taste it?” Lovino growled. Antonio pulled his chair closer to the tub, offering the tomato to Lovino again. “Come on, it tastes good. You need to eat too.”
Lovino glared at the tomato, and gently took it. He sniffed it and took one bite. His eyes widened at the taste, and soon enough he had eaten it all up in a matter of seconds.

“Whoa! Not so fast! You’ll get a tummy ache! Here.” Antonio pulled his basket of fruits over to where Lovino could reach. Lovino picked up another red fruit.

“What’s this?” Lovino asked.

“An apple.”

Then a green one. “This?”

“Pear.” Antonio couldn’t help but to chuckle and smile at Lovino’s reactions with every type of fruit that he bit into. The sourness of the lemon, and the sweetness of the strawberry. It was almost magical, and Antonio easily fell in love with it all.

“These are good.” Lovino murmured, now eating raspberries.

“You don’t eat fruits in the ocean do you?” Antonio asked.

“Fruits don’t grow there. Only seaweed and meat and anything else.” Lovino growled, eating another raspberry. “We could try to pick some out from the shores, but we’re not allowed to get close to populated surfaces, and fruits that do roll close enough to the shore are usually rotten.”

“Understandingly.” Antonio tilted his head. “You told Peter you had a brother?”

Lovino paused mid bite. “…yes.”

“I’m…sorry that we took you away from him?”

“You didn’t take me away from him.” Lovino turned, facing away. “They took him away from me long ago.”

“Wait, who took him?”

“People like you!” Lovino snapped angrily. “We were playing with our little brother Seborga, and a ship just like this one threw one of its nets and he got caught in it! I couldn’t free him…they took him out and took off…I couldn’t keep up to chase them.” Lovino’s body tensed up. “I don’t know if he’s even alive anymore.”

Antonio didn’t know what to say. Instead he began to reflect on his own plans. If he sold Lovino off to some rich person, he knew what he would do…but what would happen to Lovino? After a deal was done, neither of them would contact each other again. Antonio would be rich and Lovino would be…property of someone.

“(This isn’t right.)” Antonio finally realized. Even though he was the key to his fortune…he was also a living being with emotions at thoughts. Lovino was just like him, human…just different from the waist down. “…I’m sorry.” Antonio finally said. Lovino slowly turned to him, frowning.

“Why would you be sorry…”

“For what happened to your brother, and…for capturing you.”


“Hm…let…lets make a deal. Bear with me for a few more weeks, until we go around our trip to sell and capture fish. Then when we return around the area where we captured you…we’ll let you go.”

Lovino looked up. “…you serious?”

“Yup.” Antonio offered his pinky finger. “Pinky promise!”

Lovino stared at him with a small glare, before slowly raising his hand and wrapping his pinky around Antonio’s. “…you better keep it.”

“I will.”

For the next few weeks, Antonio and Lovino not only managed to bear to live with each other without insulting every five minutes. They actually began to grow closer. Antonio would share stories with Lovino, and Lovino would share stories back, the two taking turns each night to tell each other stories from their world. Lovino would get to see seashore cities and beautiful sights from his window next to his tub, and Antonio would bring Lovino gifts from ashore, whether it’d be small figurines made by the local people, or even tools that Lovino had never seen before. The two not only exchanged cultures, they exchanged thoughts, beliefs…and both of them slowly began to realize how much they enjoyed each other’s company.

“Lovino, lunch time!” Antonio said as he walked into the quarters with a plate of food. Lovino lowered the book he was reading, his eyes gleaming at the sight of his favorite vegetable on the plate. Antonio gave Lovino the plate, and couldn’t help but to squeal at the news he was hiding. “I also have to tell you a few other things.”

“What kind of things?” Lovino asked as he ate the tomato.

“Well, for once, I took the description of the flag you saw that day…and I found out who took your brother.”

Lovino dropped the plate. “You found out who took Feliciano?!”

Antonio frowned. “Yes…but there is nothing I can do in hopes of getting him back with you, or even getting you to him in a safe manner for that matter…it appears your brother was taken by a ship belonging to the royal family of Germania. The most I can guess is that he now resides within the royal palace itself, and no person such as I can have access to even near the capital without proper permits. To use you to enter would be too much of a risk as well.”

Lovino lowered his gaze. “So no way in, huh?”

“The most I can think is, that if he’s with the royal family, he is being treated like royalty of their own, considering how rare we consider mermen and mermaids to be.”

“I guess. What’s the other news?”

“The other news is, that we will be approaching the area soon…where we found you and all.”


Neither of them sounded rather pleased, much to each other’s surprise. Antonio sighed, rubbing his cheek slightly.

“Y…You’ll be back home soon…aren’t you happy?”

“I am…I mean…I feel like I should be…” Lovino’s face flushed red. “Fuck.” He cursed as he hid underneath the water of the tub.

“Eh? Lovino don’t be like that. You’ll finally be able to return to be free.”

“I know.” Lovino frowned. “But you won’t be there to be free with me.”

Antonio’s face flushed pink. Did he hear…him correctly? “Lovi…?”

Lovino turned. “I…I love being here. I’m learning so many new things every day, I’m seeing so many new places I’d never thought I’d see, and for once…I’m not lonely in the big sea anymore.” He moved closer, looking at Antonio with a bashful glare. “I-I…I really like being around you, Antonio.”

Antonio stared in silence for a few minutes, before bursting out into laughter. Lovino growled.

“The hell you laughing about?!” Lovino barked.

“It’s just…I’ve been getting emotionally ready to say goodbye when I freed you…because I don’t want to say goodbye to you either, Lovi!” He smiled, a few tears escaping his eyes. “You’re so wonderful. Not only as a creature of wonder, but as yourself, your personality, your stories, even your stubbornness, never have I ever felt so happy to be with someone before. To think of waking up and you not being around…it aches my heart…” The two stared at each other, their hearts pounding, their faces burning. Antonio gently took Lovino’s hand, kissing it before giving him a kiss on the forehead. “If you’re willing to stay…I’m willing to give my life to you, and show you the world and everything that you would like to see. I’ll even try to find a way to get you to your brother. I can’t promise that I’ll succeed, and I can’t promise that I’ll be perfect but…”

Lovino gently moved his hands up, holding Antonio’s cheeks before pecking him on the lips. Antonio blushed red at the kiss, but gently kissed back, moving his hands as he held Lovino’s hands. The two kissed softly and lovingly before finally breaking for breath, the two staring into each other’s eyes. Antonio gently rested his forehead against Lovino’s, the two slowly smiling at each other’s touch.

“…I want to explore the world, but…I want to explore it with you.” Lovino finally said. “Even if I were to swim across the seven seas, I don’t think I would be able to stop thinking about you, Antonio.” Tears fell down Antonio’s cheeks as he quickly hugged Lovino, Lovino hugging back just as dearly.

“I promise to make you happy, Lovino…I love you.” Antonio finally said.

Lovino blushed red, pursing his lips for the right words.

“I love you too…tomato bastard.”

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Pirate Spain headcanons? Love this blig like my baby-

1. He dresses like the stereotypical pirate, but with more red, and his clothes were somehow usually fairly clean

2. He’s an incredibly talented swordfighter, however he is absolutely terrible at aiming with either shotguns or cannons he is like a meme among the crew

3. After battles, he can’t calm down and has a tendency to stay like hyper-aware for hours and often doesn’t sleep well because of this

4. He joined incredibly young - age 5 or 6 and practiced non-stop at swordfighting, forgetting to practice his aim or shot with canons, which resulted in #2

5. At least 4 of the crew members have crushes on him, he looks really good in his uniform

Pirate/Royal Navy AU

A Nordics AU focused entirely around the sea and the boats that sail upon it.

Mathias Andersen is a notorious pirate who roams the Northern Atlantic and the North Sea, ravaging and pillaging the coasts of Canada, Northern America, Norway, and Denmark. He’s passed into the realm of legend becoming known as The Will ‘o’ the Wisp of the Atlantic since he’s always managed to evade capture and seems to vanish like mist on the water.

Lukas Sørensen is a Captain in Norway’s Royal Navy and was given strict orders to apprehend and bring in Mathias and his crew for their crimes. Frightfully effective, Lukas still finds himself a step behind Mathias unless Mathias dictates otherwise. He finds himself getting swept up into the whirlwind that Mathias brings with him where ever he goes and captivated by his charisma and charm. Before he knows it, Lukas has found that he’s fallen in love with the pirate after a series of scandalous soirées and rendezvous. Torn between his duty and his heart, Lukas struggles to do his job while courting with the enemy.

Emil Stielsson is an orphan who was picked up by Mathias when he was young. He looks up to Mathias as a fatherly or older brother figure. He is a part of Mathias’s crew and tries to do his best despite Mathias coddling him some and being overprotective of him. He’s constantly trying to prove that he’s no longer a child and can do a man’s work. He rather likes Lukas, despite him being a part of the Navy. He really wishes he would just quit and join up with them so Mathias would quit sighing and making puppy-dog eyes over him.

Tino Väinämöinen is Mathias’s first mate and the best damn shot the seven seas has ever seen. He seems sweet and cuddly on the outside but there is a reason that he’s Mathias’s first mate. He’s a fantastic tactician and Mathias turns to his counsel for planning his raids above all others. Tino is also frightfully taken with Lukas’s first mate, Berwald Oxenstierna.

Berwald Oxenstierna is Lukas’s first mate. He’s a man of few words but his presence more than makes up for his taciturn nature. He specifically requested to be a part of Luka’s crew. His qualifications naturally moved him up through the ranks instantly to his current rank. Berwald had a personal history with Mathias, back when they both were younger and needless to say the two have never gotten along. He was determined to see Mathias and his crew hang. Upon meeting the rest of Mathias’s crew, his colors changed. He found Emil capable and was one of the few people to treat him like the adult he so desperately wanted to be seen as. He was besotted with Mathias’s first mate, Tino and the two started a fumbling relationship that didn’t become intimate until much, much later.

Needless to say Lukas and Berwald made a disgrace of the Royal Navy by abandoning their posts and willfully aligning themselves in league with the very pirates they were sent to apprehend. Shenanigans ensue as the rag-tag pirate crew continue to seek their illicit fortunes, with the two former Navy officers attempting to put a shade of justice upon their activities, while avoiding the authorities that wish to see them all dead.

Pirate x Prince au

The prince inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of the sea. He had finally managed to escape the stuffy castle and go down to the dock to watch the ships. Arthur had always been fascinated by the ships and he wished that he could go out to sea. He hated the life he had at the castle, full of rules and responsibilities… and then there was the dreadful princess he was expected to marry. 

He sighed as he got closer to the water, pausing only when he noticed an unfamiliar ship approaching. He stared, wondering  if it could be pirates. The blonde grinned at the thought and adjusted the crown on his head, he had always dreamt of seeing pirates and running away with them…but his parents always locked him away when there was a risk of them coming around. 

‘Looks like you won’t be saving me this time, mum..’ he thought with a small smirk. People around him gradually noticed the ship and started to panic. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, he was a bit nervous because of the stories about pirates he had heard…but he was also excited since he was finally getting to see them.