aph au: pirates

Merman Spamano AU

It wasn’t love at first sight. Not exactly.

Riding the edge of discomfort, Lovino felt the pulsing of the waves like the beating of his heart. The smack of the shallow waves a faster tempo than the heavy roll of the deeper waters.

It was a secret joy of his, to sit near the sky and sun. Flirting with places he was not meant to see.

The gulls crooned of it. The endless swell of the skies, the joyous exctasy of riding the the curling winds.

He too understood the hedonistic love of his own element.

Coursing the pull of a whirpool; riding it to its zenith. Singing the water into a crescendo upon the rocks, to embrace a ship in the most finite of ways.

The thrum of power beneath his skin.

But somehow the almost-pain of open air and sky pulled to him too. Over and over he found himself on a sandbar or isle, probing the solitude of the realms above..

Within the ocean, he felt the songs of crèche mates and kin in every tide, regardless of the distance.

They were a very quiet hush now; drowned out by the calls of the water fowls and the loving embrace of the sea on the shore.

The strangest bliss.

This island was in warm waters. The greenery lush and full of unfamiliar fauna.

There were no schools of angelfish to frolic with, no gardens of corals to gently tend.

Here instead the creatures had grasping hands and limbs to climb with. The vegetation grew tall and fat in proximity to the sun.

It was difficult to describe the difference, observing here in the air versus below. The brilliance of unfiltered sunlight was blinding to those used to the depths. His second eyelid was not only unnecessary, but made it difficult to process the unreally vivid colors, so remarkably warm in tone.

The unsettling feelings found above pulled at the corners of his being in pleasant ways. As if he was becoming more than himself.

And well. When one afternoon in an eternity of similar afternoons brought a single, handsome boy crashing through the tree line, stumbling into the sand, Lovino looked at him and saw the almost-pain of the vastness of the sky and the sun upon his scales. A breathlessly beautiful pain in the wonder on that boy’s face and in the lush green of his eyes.

Mer think in larger concepts than a single person, or place, or time. They’re meant to hold within them all of the secrets of the oceans, birthed to serve their home as priests will to the temples.

And in that moment, the boy was the sun.

Lovino, could never resist the pull of the sun.  


Pirate/Royal Navy AU

A Nordics AU focused entirely around the sea and the boats that sail upon it.

Mathias Andersen is a notorious pirate who roams the Northern Atlantic and the North Sea, ravaging and pillaging the coasts of Canada, Northern America, Norway, and Denmark. He’s passed into the realm of legend becoming known as The Will ‘o’ the Wisp of the Atlantic since he’s always managed to evade capture and seems to vanish like mist on the water.

Lukas Sørensen is a Captain in Norway’s Royal Navy and was given strict orders to apprehend and bring in Mathias and his crew for their crimes. Frightfully effective, Lukas still finds himself a step behind Mathias unless Mathias dictates otherwise. He finds himself getting swept up into the whirlwind that Mathias brings with him where ever he goes and captivated by his charisma and charm. Before he knows it, Lukas has found that he’s fallen in love with the pirate after a series of scandalous soirées and rendezvous. Torn between his duty and his heart, Lukas struggles to do his job while courting with the enemy.

Emil Stielsson is an orphan who was picked up by Mathias when he was young. He looks up to Mathias as a fatherly or older brother figure. He is a part of Mathias’s crew and tries to do his best despite Mathias coddling him some and being overprotective of him. He’s constantly trying to prove that he’s no longer a child and can do a man’s work. He rather likes Lukas, despite him being a part of the Navy. He really wishes he would just quit and join up with them so Mathias would quit sighing and making puppy-dog eyes over him.

Tino Väinämöinen is Mathias’s first mate and the best damn shot the seven seas has ever seen. He seems sweet and cuddly on the outside but there is a reason that he’s Mathias’s first mate. He’s a fantastic tactician and Mathias turns to his counsel for planning his raids above all others. Tino is also frightfully taken with Lukas’s first mate, Berwald Oxenstierna.

Berwald Oxenstierna is Lukas’s first mate. He’s a man of few words but his presence more than makes up for his taciturn nature. He specifically requested to be a part of Luka’s crew. His qualifications naturally moved him up through the ranks instantly to his current rank. Berwald had a personal history with Mathias, back when they both were younger and needless to say the two have never gotten along. He was determined to see Mathias and his crew hang. Upon meeting the rest of Mathias’s crew, his colors changed. He found Emil capable and was one of the few people to treat him like the adult he so desperately wanted to be seen as. He was besotted with Mathias’s first mate, Tino and the two started a fumbling relationship that didn’t become intimate until much, much later.

Needless to say Lukas and Berwald made a disgrace of the Royal Navy by abandoning their posts and willfully aligning themselves in league with the very pirates they were sent to apprehend. Shenanigans ensue as the rag-tag pirate crew continue to seek their illicit fortunes, with the two former Navy officers attempting to put a shade of justice upon their activities, while avoiding the authorities that wish to see them all dead.

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Pirate Spain headcanons? Love this blig like my baby-

1. He dresses like the stereotypical pirate, but with more red, and his clothes were somehow usually fairly clean

2. He’s an incredibly talented swordfighter, however he is absolutely terrible at aiming with either shotguns or cannons he is like a meme among the crew

3. After battles, he can’t calm down and has a tendency to stay like hyper-aware for hours and often doesn’t sleep well because of this

4. He joined incredibly young - age 5 or 6 and practiced non-stop at swordfighting, forgetting to practice his aim or shot with canons, which resulted in #2

5. At least 4 of the crew members have crushes on him, he looks really good in his uniform

Pirates of the North |Open rp|

Yo, ho, yo, ho, a pirate’s life for me

Yo, ho, yo, ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me

Alistair and his crew sung in low, deep voices as they sailed into harbour. The moon was thankfully obscured by clouds and the crew were preparing to raid the seaside town. They needed to kidnap the child of the mayor, but they wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to plunder any goods from the town as well.

The ginger pirate captain leaned against the railing as they drifted around the rocks that had been concealing their ship from the view of the lighthouse. He reflected deeply on the circumstances that had driven the usually morally upstanding - or as morally upstanding as pirates could be - pirates to kidnap a person. Many years ago, they had stumbled upon some cursed treasure. Not knowing that it was cursed, they had taken it, and now the moonlight showed their true selves. The only way to reverse the curse was to bring back every piece of the treasure and sacrifice some of the blood of an uncursed person.

So why were they kidnapping the child of the mayor? Well, Alistair had been told that the last piece of treasure was in the mayor’s manor as a family heirloom, and if they were picking that up, they might as well take his child. After all, they could get a pretty little ransom for them once they were finished and the curse was lifted! He knew nothing about the child save for that they were around his age (20), and he had tasked himself with the job of capturing them while his crew did everyone else.

As the ship sailed undetected into the harbour, the pirates stole away into the night, Alistair making his way to the mayor’s manor and to the room of his child. He put a rag soaked in chloroform over their mouth to keep them asleep, binding their wrists and ankles and carrying them back to the ship, reconvening with his crew. Once they were back aboard and safely on their course away from the town, he tied them to a chair in his quarters and waited for them to wake up, sitting back in his captain’s chair and resting his boot-clad feet on the table.