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I will never understand why people liked the first post I made. But I’m happy that people actually did. Literally. I woke up to the notes and every time I saw them, I got a little light in my heart.

So, in the pride of finals week, I decided to put of studying more than I already do and design what the characters look like in the ARKT AU. It took me about three days to finish all of these, coming up to a total of about four or five hours each. I have no regrets. I’m just happy

So, here are the designs I came up with for Team ARKT. I really want to draw team GLKD and Aaron now… dang it.


((Take the lovely @dailyadventuresofbraginsky’s Assasin!Ivan (AKA: Alfreds favorite client to clean up after) from the C•up-Crew au. I need to draw him more.


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Can we see some more of Lovino and Tver as Rams?

“Do you like the new pants?”

“…Of course it’d be you with tight pants. Of COURSE!”

‘What, you don’t like it?”

“I didn’t say that, but…Why! Everyone else has got the normal pants, but you! Ooooh no, you wanna make a statement and shove your ass out for people to see!”

“Is that what you think, Lovino?”

“Why the hell else would you be walking around in pants like that?!”

“…well, everyone seems to be pairing off, and no one is interested in me. …So, if no one wants to look and appreciate how I look in tight pants, then I will look and appreciate how I look in tight pants.

If no one is looking, then I will dress for me, and nobody else.”


Same baby Russia, same

I was meant to make this for the Bad God au but I fucked up on the lil uniforms and those damn pantaloons

Art is hard man

Meh I’ll tag Bad God anyway, for @kyokyo866 and @lambofthelions to see (again) (sorry if I’m harassing or it’s too much, just when I find something I like I have to find out everything about it then art a fuck ton)

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Has Tvar ever been in love?

Tver, with an E:

“He had talents, but he never wanted to acknowledge them. He seemed to do with clothes what his brother Feliciano did with paint! He was always good at matching patterns, so I would ask for his feedback on important things.”

“What do you think? Father had it made for me for my presentation tomorrow!”


“Getting him to communicate with me was another matter all together. I liked him fine as a child, but he always seemed to resent me, or even hate being around me.”

“It rarely went smoothly, and as the years wore on, I just got used to it. I sought his rare approval in every outfit choice I had as I was pushed into the public eye by Father more and more often, and he seemed to resent me a little less.”

“…At least now, when he tells me I look stupid, he tells me why.”



UGH -flails because this AU is killing me- Can you imagine Nor just being all blushy-blushy-hard-to-gety and Den is just so happy to have the cutest boyfriend ever because tbh he is too cute for his own good. 

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What happens if one of the lambs is sick?

“Come on, Feliciano. Ludwig needs his rest. Sneaking in won’t help him get better any faster.”

“…. Babbo? Is… Is Luddie gonna die?”

“No, not at all. He is just very sick. Father and I will be taking him on a trip soon to help him get some fresh air to help. He should be better within a week or so.”

“….Can…. can I come with?”


“Why not?”

“You may catch what he has. He would not want you sick either, Feliciano.”

“….Mmnnn….*sniff* Bye Luddie… get better soon…

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Just wanted to say , I love your Australia x New Zealand , thanks for sharing !

oh! thank you!! I haven’t written them in a while and I honestly should fix that. I’ve been playing a lot of overwatch recently so i guess you can call this OW inspired?? Me and a few friends have been joking about this for a while haha

Australia is based on Junkrat, New Zealand by Mei

“I get cold just looking at ya.” 

As far as first impressions went, the Australian had left much to be desired, a thick brow raising at the statement made by the giant of a man and the kiwi has to refrain from curling his lips in disgust. 

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Looking at reference pictures of people getting tattoo is pretty awesome to give you ideas for AUs.:)

Gilbert discoverd one day that his Matthew (that he just started dating) is the tattoo artist and owner of the parlor near his florist shop.:D 

Hope you like it! (adding to that that Matthew is a bit like me and doesnt need glasses when things are close..because I forgot to draw them.)

Ok, we all know the flower shop/tattoo artist AU but what if “I work at Lush and at home I take aesthetic pictures of the products for my blog and I recognize you from tumblr because you’re internet famous for modeling grunge clothes why are you here” AU.

Drabble #32

Sometimes, crack ships happen. And sometimes you have to ignore the voice of reason and just enjoy them.

Drabble Collection on Ao3
Ship: AusBel (Australia/Belgium)
Human AU/Mafia AU

“Yellow car!” the Belgian woman said, slapping the Australian beside her who almost dropped his ice cream over it.

“That’s the … third?” Kyle asked, rubbing his thigh. “Jesus, where are all those yellow cars coming from?”

“I don’t know” Anri replied happily, licking her chocolate ice cream. “But I don’t mind. Also, the question isn’t where they are coming from but why you aren’t seeing them” she said with a mischievous expression.

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Imagine a Sweden/Finland fic in the style of the movie “Up,” where Berwald and Tino were happily married and made a whole life for themselves. But then Tino dies, and Berwald regresses back into the awkward, scary-looking guy he was before he met Tino. But then Peter, the boy scout shows up at his door, and they go on an adventure and find Hanatamago, the talking dog.