• Hamilton: and who might you be?
  • America: I'm your country, America! Nice ta meet ya!
  • Hamilton: really? So, do you agree with me or with no-fun Burr over there?
  • Burr: excuse you!
  • America: I think we should discuss a far more precedented topic than this.
  • Hamilton: What's more important than discussing plans for the US government, and proving that I'm right?
  • America: obviously these! Now, which ones are the coolest flag designs? I made them myself!
  • Burr: ... what.
  • Washington: gentlemen, our country.
Spy FACE family AU

Where Arthur is this bond like super badass spy who… falls for one of the people on his blacklist, a certain Francis Bonnefoy. 

Because this hurts his, er, prospects, Arthur takes in two orphans and trains them to do his work without any sort of bureaucratic nonsense. And they have this awesome family that pretty much ghosts through other people’s special ops. 

APH Characters as quotes from me
  • <p> <b>America:</b> I love people about as much as I hate Trump. That's a lot.<p/><b>England:</b> Look, I'm going to stop arguing because I'm not in the mood to lose brain cells, okay.<p/><b>France</b>: The entire basis of my life lesson on love comes from me dropping the last piece of a baguette.<p/><b>Russia:</b> Catholics are Great Value Christians.<p/><b>China:</b> Why do white people say Asians look all the same? I mean, [picks up magazine], Sharon and Becky don't look any different.<p/><b>Italy:</b> I can literally only cook pasta and I am convinced this is the only life skill I need.<p/><b>Germany:</b> Babies? Did you mean sacks of flesh?<p/><b>Japan:</b> Your loli fetishes are problematic.<p/></p>