• America:(Running in late to a world conference) Hey dudes! Sorry I'm a bit late!
  • Germany:AMERICA! This is unacceptable! What was so important that you were late?!?
  • England:Yes I didn't raise you to be this way!
  • America:Well I found this (Opens his jacket to reveal a small doggy cuddled up the him) little fella limping and decided to help him out!
  • England:Really America! You seriously are using that as an excuse?
  • Germany:Meeting adjourned! America lets go get the little one to a vet and get him some treats and-
  • England:Germany it's just a dog!
  • Germany:(gasp)
  • America:Rude!

It’s been a long time since I looked for Hetaloid videos and I really like this one!

A Lie and Time Machine, originally by Rin and Len


More RusAme
*I’m really sorry*
i just like this pairing way too much (it’s just arg so much drama and yet there are so many reasons to ship them based on their historical relations and their actually positive attidude towards each other till the october revolution 1917/the end of WW2 /Stalin came to power)

I’m honestly just procastinating bc it’s so hard to draw clear lines (i mean even here the hair is still messy as hell…
Anyway i’m just leaving this here and i’ll return to the things i actually want/need to do



Reason why I say that is because him being near us when we were younger had a huge “influence” on Alfred and my soul. Before Arthur had fallen, he was of course an angel..And during those angelic years he helped nurture us. Little did he realize that if an angel/demon were to be near a new/pure soul, their energy would cling onto the pure soul and influence a new angelic/demonic energy to form within the host.

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anonymous asked:

How would America, Japan, and France comfort a s/o after coming they come back home from their new high position almost in tears because of rude people and the s/o is so insecure and doubts themself because and wants to resign.

Alfred (America)- He’d wrap his s/o in a hug and tell them that anyone who said anything bad about them clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. Once they brought up resigning, he’d tell them that they shouldn’t give up on something they worked so hard for, regardless of what people say about it. He’d tell them whatever they needed to hear to gain some courage to go back to work. 

Kiku (Japan)- He’d point out that the rude people were just jealous of his s/o’s talent and intelligence, and that there certainly wasn’t any truth in whatever they said. Once he learned they were thinking of resigning, he’d point out everything about their personality that definitely makes them suited for the job to try and boost their confidence a little.  

Francis (France)- He’d scoff and rant about any of the remarks the ruder people said about his s/o. He’d try and reassure them that they were perfect for the job, and anyone who didn’t think so was upset that they didn’t get it themselves. Once his s/o told him about resigning, he’d tell them with complete confidence that they shouldn’t give up on a job they worked so hard for just because of other people’s dumb opinions about them.

This is my actual pic for the 10th anniversary. Sort of. My computer decided not to work with me so I can’t finish it yet, but I still want to post it within the month.

I just want to thank Himaruya for Hetalia, and all the personifications that we know and love. I’ve been in the fandom for… I think six years now. Hetalia has given me hope about the world, as well as a way to deal with what happens in it. Its given me a way to look at people and nations and, despite all the violence in the world, think that maybe it’ll all work out.

Hetalia has also helped keep me going. I’ve been through a hard time in that last few years with depression and anxiety and honestly I don’t think I would be alive without these nations.
I’ve also met some incredible people and made some great friends through the fandom.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Hetalia! I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon and I’m looking forward to whatever comes next.