Reblog if you go to fictional characters for comfort.

Whether it be when you feel you don’t belong, when you feel upset, when you’re angry, when you’re going through a hard time or when you’re feeling empty. (Social Experiment: I want to see how many people do this)

Hetalia Humor
  • America: Sees ghosts and is best buds with an alien
  • England: Sees fairies and unicorns
  • China: Sees dragons and will fight them
  • Russia: Stays drunk and jumps from planes without a parachute
  • Canada: Communicates with polar bears
  • Germany: will talk to tree branches when left alone too long
  • Norway: Thinks he can perform magic and talk to trolls
  • Romania: Thinks he is a vampire
  • Finland: Thinks he is Santa Claus
  • Sealand: Thinks he is a country
  • World: Is crazy
The way countries says pineapple
  • Denmark: Ananas
  • Germany: Ananas
  • France: Ananas
  • Finland: Ananas
  • Hungary: Ananas
  • Iceland: Ananas
  • Italy: Ananas
  • Norway: Ananas
  • Poland: Ananas
  • Romania: Ananas
  • Turkey: Ananas
  • Sweden: Ananas
  • America: No! Come on guys its Pineapple!
  • England: I hate to say this, but i agree with America.

A little linguistics lesson.

For Indo-European languages, everything is set up in one giant family tree. For the Romance branch, Latin (Rome) is the “mama” and the following languages are his “daughters”, which makes them “sisters”. There are more “sisters” (Italian being the closest to Latin) but these are the 5 we know and love.

Ask anyone who speaks/reads any of these languages! A Spanish speaker can “read” Italian, French and Portuguese, huh? It is thought that they are different dialects of Latin that became their very own languages!

The Nations Playing Mario Cart
  • Canada: *swearing quietly in french the whole time*
  • England: This game is supposed to be for children?! What the bloody fu-! *knocks tea over in a fit of rage* WONDERFUL! NOW I'VE SPILT TEA ON MY BLOODY SOFA!
  • France: *spills wine on the controller* le fuck
  • Prussia: *barely gets third place* THAT'S RIGHT! BOW DOWN TO MY AWESOMENESS.
  • Germany: This child's play... *gets first place every time, but nearly bend the controller in two in the process*
  • Italy: Why is this rainbow road so difficult?! *flops over onto Germany like a dying whale* Germany!! Avenge me...
  • Romano: *swears as he throws the control at Spain when he wins*
  • Spain: *Tries to let Romano win to avoid head trauma*
  • Poland: *Can't play because his pony ate the controller*
  • Romania: This game isn't that hard...* he says as he puts a spell on the controller so he can win*
  • Ukraine: I've lost the controller! How will I play? *the controller is lost in her cleavage.....*
  • Sweden: *death glares the screen so hard that it breaks*
  • Finland: *heavy metal screaming*
  • Iceland: If I'm this gay I should be good at rainbow road.

Happy Lunar New Year! \(‘v’)/

I matched the characters to the zodiac the best I could. (My housemate said I should’ve made Prussia the cat, but I thought that was too sad.) Please don’t make fun of my animal anatomy. I can’t draw animals. 'OTL

If you can’t read my handwriting, a full list of the zodiac descriptions are below. They aren’t accurate, obviously. I took the traits from different sources. 

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