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Could you do the 2P FACE family receiving the news that their s/o was killed? No specific cause of death required! (((i lov angst)))

{ Oh, I love so much the 2Ps, I think I have roleplayed every one of them °A° }

 Ⅱp ▪️ France ;

We could say that France is the calmest nation of the Faces, he is not so vindictive since he is too apathetic and exhausted for doing something. Francois is not so motivated, and everyone defines him as a refusal of the society. None has never considered him like a worthy person as you did.

When he received that call, he was confused. For the first time in his life, his heart felt something real. A sentiment of rage, agony and melancholy devastated him. He already missed you, and he was sad you were dead like this without a real reason.

Actually, you were the one who were able to fight against his laziness and pessimism, because Francois was living in the sin of sloth before he met you. Sometime he could find comfort in occasional sex, but it was only an illusion, a voluble pleasure.  

At the end, he does not do nothing, because you were his only hope and now he lost it, so there were no reasons to live or hope anymore. His life becomes like before, losing himself in the slothness and apathetic.

Ⅱp ▪️ America ;

Whoever would be the bastard who did this atrocity, they will pay with their own life. They are playing with the wrong American. Seriously, who is so stupid to mess with Allen? They have signed their own death warrant when they touched you with their dirty hands.

Allen does not attack your killer directly, he is that kind of bastard who takes his revenge hitting the persons around them, the ones they love the most, just like a sort of mobster (in fact he was inspired by Luciano). Allen kidnaps their family’s members one by one showing how atrocious is to see someone you love suffering and dying in front of your eyes without being able to do something. He wants to teach a lesson to that bastard and it’s really an unfair lesson, especially for those people who are innocent.

Allen thinks that the death of themselves is less paining than the death of someone you love, because you live that pain alive, while that person is dead. Maybe it’s the worst revenge someone would take.

Ⅱp ▪️  Canada ;

Matt is not so “philosophical” or complicated like his American brother, he is more aggressive and impulsive so he does not think twice to kidnap your killer, giving to them all the pain of this world. He does not kill them right now, because they have to suffer like you did before finding the peace of the death. After pondering for a while, he realized that death was a sort of gift for them, because they are not going to suffer in the afterlife. Matt will hit them so hard, smashing all their joints and tooth, they will never recognize themselves after this. Maybe they will be incapable to use their limbs again.

Matt leaves them alive, there is the possibility that he is going to persecute them every days, stalking or threatening them with vandalism actions, making their life a hell in Earth.

At the end, this method is not less complicated than Allen’s. Matt gets so influenced by his brother, even in this awful things.

Ⅱp ▪️  England ;

His mental stability is very precarious, it is usually difficult to maintain control for Oliver. Indeed, he is a violent person despite the fact that he always tries to be nice and kind to other people since he wants to resolve this problem that is tormenting him for years. Actually, he is not really a bad person; all the bad things he was forced to do in his past have traumatized Oliver. Now he is paying the consequences.

You were one of his pillar of strength, because with you he found a new way of living, you were able to look beyond his past and his mental disease. You were like the light at the end of tunnel. The true serenity. But, the peace of mind he was pathing was interrupted by that call. In that moment, Oliver’s sight blacked out, and all the demons came back to life, like a nightmare that keeps tormenting your every night again and again.

Oliver does not think twice to take his revenge to the bastard who killed you. He transforms himself in a sort of Saw, because he likes playing with his victims mind with all those sadistic and pshyco games that would make anybody crazy. They will pay with their own life, after a session of agony and sufferance, what they did to you. Even if Oliver knows that revenge is not truly useful because you are not going to come back to him.