Hetaween 2016 - Part 1
  • America:guys, let's have a Halloween party and costume contest in my house!!
  • England:why? Isn't your house already disastrous enough?
  • France:it probably adds to the spirit of Halloween~
  • America:shut up. Anyways, it'll be fun to have another costume contest! Oh, and we should have another event as well... like a trick-or-treat contest!!
  • China:like... who can get the most candy?
  • England:whatever, it's not like we could stop you anyways...
  • America:oh, and Russia, you don't have to dress up dude, everyone's already scared of you anyways~!
  • Russia:oh really~
  • China:if we all die doing this I will make you all eat England's food in the afterlife.
  • France:we can't die twice, China.

pipermccloud  asked:

Headcanon: Germany and Sweden look so much alike with their hair down-imagine Germany forgetting hair gel and walking into the meeting, glasses on and he's there before Sweden. Everyone mistakes him for Sweden, even Finland, then Sealand arrives, yells 'PAPA!' then tackle hugs Germany, then the real Sweden shows up, and its super awkward. Sweden just calmly plucks Sealand away from Germany and hands him his hair gel.

the power of hair gel

Belarus introduces America to Russia as her boyfriend for the first time
  • Belarus:*leaves Russia and American alone*
  • Russia:So, do you have your own apartment already?
  • America:Uhm.. actually not... but I believe God will help me!
  • Russia:Okay, do you have a job?
  • America:No... but... I believe God will help me!
  • Russia:Alright, how are you planning to feed my sister and your children, if you have any?
  • Alfred:Er... I... don't really know yet.. but I'm sure God will help me with this one as well!
  • Alfred:*leaves shortly after a few more questions*
  • Belarus:*comes back*
  • Belarus:So, brother, how do you like him?
  • Russia:Well he's kind of a loser, but he is honest and I really like what he calls me.