OOC: About Dellinger

I was curious about Dellinger since the latest SBS claimed Jola raised them as a girl, so I asked Aohige (A japanese OP fan who always translates the spoilers to english on APForums) which pronouns they use:

  • Me: I´m a bit curious about something: Does Dellinger use any specific pronoun when referring to himself? I read in the SBS Jola raised him as a girl apparently, so I wanted to know if he used female pronouns, male, or unisex ones.

His reply was:

  • Female. His entire speech is feminine, including pronouns.

I wanted to share because this is important to whoever writes, draws, or roleplays as Dellinger. Dellinger does not only dresses in a feminine way and has feminine quirks. Dellinger identifies as a female, therefore she should be referred to as one.

It’s stuff like this that’s the main reason why I’m only an occasional lurker at AP Forums. The guy who posted this is a mod, btw. (The character they’re talking about was last seen as 10 year old in a flashback: we have no clue what she would look like now. She would, of course, be a woman, though, and apparently the only reason anyone would want another woman to join is her breasts. And they wonder why they have few female posters…) edit: For context, here’s the source - fourth post from the top.


One Piece Film Gold Episode 0

Those who buy 2 donuts in Seven Eleven convenience stores in Japan will be able to watch an original animation called “Film Gold episode 0” from July 2 to August 31.

This website says,

“Before Straw Hats arrive at Gran Tesoro, Usopp comes up with an idea of performing a show business. The purpose is to earn money to enjoy casino on Gran Tesoro. The show business is called "Yokozuna Kintarou Show.” In the show, Luffy in Kintarou outfits is supposed to fight various kinds of animals.

Practice run starts under Usopp’s direction, but Franky challenges a serious Sumou fight to Luffy since he isn’t satisfied with Usopp’s direction of the show. Who will win!?“

This special episode is similar to "Glorious Island” in Film Z. It might be included as a bonus when the blu-ray/DVD of Film Gold comes out.

Thanks to sandman for the info http://apforums.net/member.php?u=38405