OOC: About Dellinger

I was curious about Dellinger since the latest SBS claimed Jola raised them as a girl, so I asked Aohige (A japanese OP fan who always translates the spoilers to english on APForums) which pronouns they use:

  • Me: I´m a bit curious about something: Does Dellinger use any specific pronoun when referring to himself? I read in the SBS Jola raised him as a girl apparently, so I wanted to know if he used female pronouns, male, or unisex ones.

His reply was:

  • Female. His entire speech is feminine, including pronouns.

I wanted to share because this is important to whoever writes, draws, or roleplays as Dellinger. Dellinger does not only dresses in a feminine way and has feminine quirks. Dellinger identifies as a female, therefore she should be referred to as one.