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February 1st - Fooine!!

For the 14 Days of Love Valentine’s thingymawhatsit hosted by @softkent

Ransom lay in wait behind the green couch. His waiting proved to be worth it because within moments, Dex and Nursey spilled into the haus, hands grabbing at each other while they fell to the couch in a fervent embrace.

Ransom waited a moment, and then popped up over the edge of the couch.

He cleared his throat to get their attention then looked them pointedly in the eye. “Fine,” he said, shaking the fine jar at them. Nursey glared at him, but handed over the money. Ransom, his work done, returned to the attic.

“Did you get them?” Holster asked.

“Yup,” Ransom said, showing him the newly added to fine jar.

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Unintentional Chapter Five: Almost

Chapter Summary: You finally start to get what you want with Jensen, until there’s an interruption. You turn to Misha for comfort.

A/N: Get ready to feel things.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: language, oral (female receiving), smut, cheating (just like every other chapter)

Word Count: 2.2k


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“Can we at least talk about this first?”

You sighed before pushing yourself up and off of Jensen and rolling onto the bed.

“Fine. Let’s talk.” you said as you pulled the covers up over you and getting comfortable; you wouldn’t be leaving this room until you slept with Jensen.


You scooted up against the headboard and waited for Jensen to say something. You didn’t want to talk about it. You didn’t think this was something that people talked about. But that’s what he wanted to do.

“Okay,” Jensen started, “Let’s put this in perspective.”

He moved and scooted up to the headboard next to you. You made eye contact with him as he continued.

“Worst case scenario. We sleep together, everyone finds out-” he took a deep breath before continuing- “my marriage goes down the drain, and both of our reputations are ruined.”

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dreamcatchersdaughter  asked:

OMG, beir beir beir!!!!!!, You are totally inside my brain, about deep see Tony. I LOVE THAT PRESKETCH OF MERMAY WINTERIRON. And Consider this. Bucky was drawn into the deep by Tony's luminescent glow, look for a feast. Bucky definitely wants to take a nibble of this beautiful creature ,but not for the reasons he originally thought. ASK ME ABOUT MY UNDERSEA AU. I LOVE YOU SKETCH AND I LOVE YOUR IDEAS. MER-WINTERIRON IS MY FAV.

Brain twins again!! Your scenario is fantastic, I love the image you conjure up:

Bucky swimming through the pitch black sea towards a mysterious blue glow in the distance. As he approaches, the light ripples, revealing Tony’s slim figure and length after length of smooth, luminous tail twisting around him, beckoning Bucky closer. Tony doesn’t usually try to snag prey this big, but he might make an exception…

Yessss, what are your other undersea AU thoughts??

This is more bitterness than theorypost but as long as I live I will never understand why more people aren’t suspicious of the fact that Jasper is billed as an ultimate supersoldier and Lapis literally took her out in one hit in Alone At Sea. Effortlessly.

It’s like if a ninety pounds pizza delivery guy showed up in a Marvel movie and kicked Captain America’s ass and when this is pointed out someone shows up to go “clearly, the pizza delivery guy works out.” like that explains everything.

And everybody who already has their fingers on their keyboards to tell me why somehow this is not in fact suspicious.

Do me a favor.

Go and watch the entire Ocean Gem battle. I even put a link here.

Consider Garnet and Pearl are the veterans and victors of a war that lasted over a century. Consider Pearl is described as terrifying and has been shown to be able to take down a Diamonds’ personal guards two at a time in a single stroke. Consider Garnet is an incredible physical juggernaut with literally precognitive reflexes. That Amethyst, on top of being trained and raised by these people is a functional supersoldier and a professional wrestler. That Lion is able to go toe-to-toe with the Desert Glass and is, literally, a supernaturally empowered apex predator. Greg hits one of the water clones with a car

Look at how absolutely none of this actually even fazes Lapis’s powers for a moment.

And a friendly reminder that Lapis is basically seriously injured and by the standards of Eyeball and Amethyst should be barely able to move in her condition. And she is holding up literally the entire ocean at this time.

Then you can explain to me how Lapis is totally an ordinary pizza guy.

Starbound Language Headcanons
  • Standard Apex language looks and sounds something like a mix of Slavic and Germanic languages with an alphabet inexplicably including some human letters. Notably, there is only one surviving Apex language as other languages, including sign language, are forbidden. For this reason, rebel forces sometimes communicate in these “dead” languages, because the Miniknog are unlikely to understand them.
  • Hylotl language is one of the few things that miraculously survived the Florans’ genocide mostly unscathed. It uses a syllabary system very similar to Japanese kana. The characters are viewed as elegant and a symbol of Hylotl pride, making calligraphy a celebrated skill even in modern times. Pictograms and human loanwords have also recently become popular in media, sometimes even used without any accompanying Hylotl text.
  • Floran language is simplistic, generally including guttural noises and hissing. As is evident by their accents, the ‘s’ and ‘sh‘ sounds are universally emphasized, and pronouns do not exist. Instead, individuals refer to themselves just as “Floran“, and refer to others by their given names. Since Florans have no concrete written language, they, as per the usual, borrow from other species when needed.
  • The Glitch communicate in what is essentially verbal binary code, beeping that resembles morse code. To save time and paper space, their alphabet is made up of symbols rather than numbers, each representing a certain amount of ones and/or zeros in a binary word. Their spoken language lacks inflections, hence why it is specified before each statement. Since they are trapped in the same stage of civilization, their language has no way of evolving.
  • Avians have two main languages that, while similar when spoken, have vastly different alphabets. The first is pictographic and believed to be the original Avian language that developed naturally. The second was supposedly given to them long ago by Kluex, and resembles Arabic. Most of “the grounded“ use the former while the latter is considered holy and only permitted for religious purposes.
  • Novakids have the least conventional language of all, since they obviously have no mouths to speak of. Instead, their metal brands vibrate to produce audible frequencies that sound vaguely like a crystal glasses being played. The vibration is so slight that it is invisible to the naked eye, and while other species can hear the sound, the subtle differences in tone and inflection are indecipherable without a translator. Like the Floran, they have no written language of their own, or at least not one that has lasted more than a few generations.

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I'd love me some Jamie and Claire smutty and lovey conversation about having/not having more kids.

Claire had the upperhand, literally this time. She knew exactly how to pinch Jamie’s nipple to make him bleat like a lamb. The sound was somewhere between incredibly cute and immensely laughable so she usually just giggled while he tried to protect his sensitive chest.

“Ach, Claire!” he wailed. “Why would you wound me so after the way I made you tremble with ecstasy?”

“Because of your timing Laird Broch Tuarach.” she purred. “You were nibbling somewhere around my third rib when you decided to brooch the subject of another baby. I had a good mind to deny both of us climax for that bad form!”

Jamie gasped dramatically as he grabbed her bonny round arse to pull her into a kiss. He thrust into her until they both hit their apex as one.

Claire deftly freed herself then rolled to her side of the bed with a loud exhale. “You’re right,” she sighed. “Our family isn’t complete yet. I was feeling it as well but didn’t know how to bring it up.”

“Oh, so you think I should bring it up?” he half laughed. A few winks and a spectacular grin launched them both into poorly stifled giggles.

She ducked her head under the covers to begin gently kissing her way up his chest again. He brought her up to eye level to gently lay his forehead to hers.

Claire sighed, “It’s going to be fun practicing again, though,isn’t it?”

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can you do one with chubby Murdoc and Stu?

I mean have you seen the way they eat? I’m convinced the whole Buff Murdoc thing this phase is a social comment on photoshop lol

Also I’m a terrible person for not updating in so long, I’ve just started a new job but I’m back in the swing of things!

Murdoc Niccals:

  • Him from any phase gives you these strong vibes of “this man does nothing but sit on the couch and eat chips” so you can bet he’s got a bit of chub. In the Apex Tapes from phase one when asked what he’d spend the record money on he literally answers “chips and candy.” So…
  • Chubby Murdoc would do everything he currently does, just while wearing sweatpants. They’re black and the word “bitch” is sequined on the ass.

Stu Pot (2D):

  • He might look like a stick but he’s definitely got a belly. He smokes pot, those munchies have to be fixed somehow am I right? Not to mention that boy has never worked out a day in his life so it’s not like his chub would have anywhere to go.
  • He’d like it because it just makes cuddling with people so much better. And he’s clingy to begin with so I’m willing to bet money he likes being the little spoon so people can wrap their arms around him and rest their hands on his tummy.

Hey, once a cat catches you, there’s only one way for it to go right? Plus she’s a professional hunter. There’s no escaping what comes next.

Commission part 1 for @meddwynn


PART 3 (gore warning)

commission info!

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I've got a decent handle on the mindset of our demon king (the finn side). Now the actual demon..would he be different entirely as far as his personality towards the reader? Like ex: the reader meets the demon and she touches him, seeing if the changes on his skin were real or if it was body paint. She's never actually dealt with him, but is curious to see what he's like

Ah yes… Bálor.

Bálor is a different animal from our beloved Finn.

There is a rich primal aspect to the Demon King, and it’s ancient, primordial, and powerful.

He moves on all fours, faster than a jaguar with ten times the ferocity. In an animal hierarchy, he’d most assuredly be the Alpha, the Prime, the Apex Predator, and no one fucks with his pack.

But he knows when she’s near, knows her scent well. Knows her voice. And, though he may do everything shy of pissing in a circle around her to mark his territory, he finds his head bowing to her curious hand.

His chuckles come out in soft grunts as she discovers the way the markings and colors of his skin move and shift, how his tendrils slip around her wrist in greeting, and the way he scents her.

He understands what Finn sees in her.

It pleases Bálor to have such a pretty (and fearless) possession, and woe upon anyone who would lay harm upon even a single fallen hair from her head.

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I made a post on my old blog with links to interviews and stuff without murdoc but I figured id post a better list here so:

1) this is a playlist of general gorillaz videos, its got interviews, radio shows, g-bites, (murdocs sex tape) etc. but no music videos

2) this one is bananaz (including bonus scenes)

3) this is russel and 2D on xfm

4) russel on iceberg radio

5) 2D on iceberg radio

6) noodles marshall music mix

7) 2D and murdoc on xfm

8) 2D and murdocs times magazine interview

9) murdoc and 2D itunes session

10) we are the dury

11) apex tapes: one on one

12) murdoc on spotify radio

13) murdocs u-stream live chat

edit: 14) all episodes of pirate radio 

Lay Me Down

So this is for the utterly sweet ckhybrid, and her always amusing reviews. She’s really good for my ego, guys. And since Requiem is still a ways out from any potential smut, this happened.

Lay Me Down: His curse is broken. Mikael is dead. Having successfully created the first of his hybrid army, Klaus turns his attention - his obsession - to Caroline Forbes.

The mattress was soft against her spine, bedding kicked aside as Klaus pinned her hands above her head, grip bruising. Caroline kept her thighs locked around his waist, eyes drinking in the lean lines of him; the ink on his shoulder; the smoothness of his muscles. She wasn’t sure she’d seen hotter than Klaus Mikaelson in nothing but jeans, hair tousled from her hands, lips kissed bruised and his eyes. She shivered, watching the way he drank her in, gaze dragging down her body possessively.

It hadn’t started like this.

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Pretty good day today. We worked at the local zoo on a 15 year old black bear. Both upper canines were fractured and his upper right canine had a large abscess around the apex so that one was extracted. 204 (upper left canine) had a healthy apex so we did a root canal and successfully finished in about an hour and a half. Unfortunately they couldn’t transport the bear to the hospital so the procedure was done on the floor of their holding enclosure

Engraved: Chapter 1

A/N: Here is the second prompt I received for reaching 999 followers: Edward discovering Hawkeye’s tattoo. I haven’t decided if it’ll be two or three chapters long yet, but here’s the first installment nonetheless. I built on what I posted a week or so ago. Roy will be making an appearance next chapter. Enjoy~

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Having prepped the wood blanks for a pair of new pattern blocks, time to make use of my freshly made crosscut sled. And as soon as I started, I discovered a problem. To make easily plane-able blocks, I want to use soft woods. But I couldn’t cut a sharp apex at the tablesaw. The wood just fall apart! If I made the piece just a 1/16" wider, there was enough support for the wood to stay together.

Again, the thickness planer to the rescue. I supported and positioned the triangular prisms of slices with a grooved form. I just kept feeding them through until I had removed enough to give a nice and clean apex. (One of these days, I’ll make the proper dimensioned forms and get planing the pieces to the correct size to work. Until then, this method gets the job done.)

Glued up each of the patterns and applied lots of clamps. Once the glue set, sliced the 2-½" thick blocks in half and made longer final pattern blocks. A quick clean up with the kanna and I’m happy.