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Okay one last question. Why would we be born apex predators if eating other animals was wrong?

Those who believe there is scientific basis for the claim that humans are at the top of some food chain should consider this: in 2013, for the first time ever, ecologists used a statistical method of calculating a species’s trophic level (its level or rank in a food chain) based on its diet. Their findings, published in the Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences, scored humans at 2.21 on a scale of 1 to 5, roughly equal to an anchovy or a pig. On the low end of the scale are primary producers like plants, and on the higher end are pure apex predators (animals that eat only meat and have few or no predators of their own, such as tigers, crocodiles or boa constrictors).

There is an important moral distinction that comes from our ability to choose from a wide variety of food options, in contrast to other animals in the wild who have no choice but to eat what is available to them.

We humans are not at the top of anything. We are merely part of an interdependent web of life that forms complex yet fragile ecosystems. We choose to either participate in the protection of these natural systems, or to destroy them at our own peril. The concept of a food chain is a human construct that imposes a rigid and competitive hierarchy among species, rather than a good faith understanding of the complexity of the ecosystems to which we belong. Selectively appealing to biological determinism also ignores the fact that we are moral agents. By choosing plant foods, we can get our nutrients through primary sources of nourishment, in the most environmentally friendly and resource-efficient way possible, minimizing our harm to other animals, humans and the planet.

Apex Predators → Sebastien + Claire

They heard the commotion before they saw it.

Only someone deaf or daft could’ve missed it. Living on the topmost floor meant that they had a vague idea of what was happening before an officer ever came into their line of sight.

But he had nothing. No gun, no knife, no rehearsed plan. The only thought circling around in his mind was that they needed to kill everyone who was about to make it to their floor.

“Come on.” Sebastien turned to Claire, determination set on his face. He wasn’t about to have his life end because of some police officers, of all people. “We can ambush them on the stairs. They won’t see us coming.”

Wolves help trees rebound in Yellowstone, aren't evil

From L.A. Times: “This photo published on the Wildlife News blog shows a U.S. Wildlife Services plane adorned with 58 paw-print decals, one for each wolf killed from the aircraft. (Wildlife News)”

As Idaho considers letting loose aerial sharp-shooters on its wolf population, Yellowstone see the benefits of protecting these animals. A study from Oregon State University says that with the return of wolves, the elk population has been reduced, allowing tree populations to recover. This isn’t just good for trees, it also provides homes for birds and food for beavers. 

What am I always telling you? You can’t just remove an apex predator and expect everything to be hunky dory! Meanwhile, all these hunters are super excited to kill wolves. Wolves have barely recovered from near extinction! It’s madness. 

While we think about how terrible people are, let’s watch my favorite wolf video ever: wolf pup learns to howl!

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In 1997, the Great White Shark was dethroned from its position on the Top of the Food Chain.

Through cunning and culture, a new Top Predator arose.

Great White Sharks now flee in terror when the Orcas came calling.

From California to Australia, sharks have become the prey. The Orcas reign supreme as the Apex Predator of the Oceans.

The Orcas are now recognized as the only sea creature with no natural predators.

All hail our Orca overlords!

Seriously though, on the subject of big cats.

Cub petting is a serious problem. That’s those facilities you pay to go to so you can cuddle a “cute little tiger cub” or some shit. They breed these cubs specifically for the petting. It’s dangerous for the cubs, cause they don’t have the immunity system for it. But even when they live through it, they stop being cubs at some point. So then they do canned hunting with them.

Canned hunting is where big cats who are no longer cubs are put in an enclosed space and somebody pays to shoot them, and have the fur.

Also on things that piss me off about big cat projects, white and gold tigers do not exist in the wild. It’s an inbred mutation. They are not a separate species to ‘regular tigers’. They are born in pain, they live their whole lives in pain, PURELY so people can go “look at the pretty tiger!”. They are not a scientifically documented species.

You may have seen the “white tiger with downs syndrome”. That’s also fake. All white tigers are like that. They’re deformed. And more likely to come out like that than not. It’s like breeding pugs with shorter and shorter noses until they can’t breath. Or Scottish fold cats (who have cartilage deficiency that causes them to be in pain their whole life, that’s what causes the little ‘folds’ in their ears). It’s fucking disgusting, and it needs to stop.