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Okay dude riddle me this. Women make up just 5.0% of Fortune 500 CEO positions (as opposed to like 49.5% of the population of the world give or take some) and less than 20% of seats of congress. These are just two examples of a huge skew of male roles in powerful positions. If there isn't a challenge in modern society, how do you account for the discrepancy?

Never mind your riddle, let me riddle you something else. Men make up 88% of the incarcerated population, 98% of those on death row, and 62.5% of the sheltered homeless. What about those seriously skewed major indicators of social power and well-being?

And more to the point, why should the type of disparities brought up by you be considered more important and *telling* than the type of disparities brought up by me?

What’s worse with concepts like the Apex Fallacy is that it’s a double-standard. A member of the men’s rights movement might say that feminists apply a standard across the board, judging all men by the actions of a few and how that’s awful and evil and an example of how feminist movements are unfair and fighting for the eradication of men or something.

Then they turn it around and say that all “feminists are …” or “all feminists …” as if we’re all a homogeneous group that agree on everything all the time 100% based on the actions and views of a minority. This is what they call the Apex Fallacy.

This is actually an example of over simplifying your opposition in order to create a straw-man, which is a symptom of a larger failure of communication. The reality is always more complex than that and there are plenty of groups within both feminism and the mra movement who can find common ground if they’d all just stop talking amongst themselves for a minute and try talking to each other instead of hurling insults and negative stereotyping.

EDIT: I have found myself to be incorrect, I was not talking about the Apex Fallacy as my source had misled me. :/ So the top two paragraphs can be ignored, the third paragraph is still my main point regardless. :3

Nothing Changed

Back in the bad old days when Patriarchy ruled the earth, men would scrabble hard and backstab and risk their lives and study for their whole lives for the opportunity to become a Leader and earn the approval of many many women.

Today, our democracy has men scrabbling hard and backstabbing and risking their livelihoods and studying for their whole lives for the opportunity to earn the approval of many many women voters who will elect them as a Leader.

Women are the voting majority in our world. The only way to take office is to placate the female electorate. If men are in the high offices, it’s because they work harder to earn women’s trust and respect. 

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What do you stand for? Or I guess, against. Obviously feminism, but why? Is it all feminism or just some aspects? The idea that it exists or what it stands for? I've always been baffled by the fact that there are people who do believe feminism is bad and I'd like to see what makes you have this point of view. I'd like to educate myself of the opposing side's views.

I’m glad you asked. Very hard to squeeze into a single comment reply so you really need to look further yourself but off the top of my head I would say the main thing is that it is demonstrably a lie that causes much more harm than good in the world.

Women have never been ‘oppressed’ as a class in the west & in fact have always been given special provisions, protected & treated as far more precious resources than the men - there is no society which forces its women to go die in war, or do any of the most dangerous jobs in which men die in their thousands every year - men still make up around 94% of all workplace deaths, everywhere in the world today. This is not for the most part because of any hatred of women, or prejudice, but simply the acceptance of the biological reality that women are mostly smaller & weaker than men, & that also all children any society has can only be carried & birthed & (historically) nursed by women, so treating women as badly as every society treats men risks damage to not only the individual women but the survival of the society - & the human race itself - as a whole.

The female of the species is the bottleneck filter of evolution: you only need one bull in a fieldful of cows to replenish the herd in a single summer, whereas a fieldful of bulls & a single cow will still only result in a single calf per year. The lives of women therefore are more valuable to society than men are & all societies therefore behave accordingly: “women & children first”.

All feminism is based on ‘patriarchy theory’, the belief that society has been set up by men to benefit only men & that this can be seen by how few women are presidents, prime ministers, MPs, CEOs of corporations, etc.

But this is due to what has been termed ‘the Apex Fallacy’:

All human systems & groups are hierarchical, with many at the bottom & only a handful at the top. The feminists looking up at the small number of men in high status positions concluded this was evidence of male privilege, but never looked down at the enormous numbers of men down at the very bottom of society: men for instance are 80 - 90% of the homeless everywhere, & there are a hell of a lot more homeless guys than there are Hugh Hefners & Donald Trumps.

Feminists (correctly) observe that when you count up the lifetime earnings of all men & all women, the total in the ‘women’ column, added all together, comes to a little less than that of the ‘men’ column but (incorrectly) conclude that therefore “women make 70cents for every dollar a man makes doing the same job” etc. This is simply not true, & there have been laws making sure that is illegal for over 50 years.

The ‘pay-gap’, where it exists at all, is the result of the different choices & priorities men & women make & have - for instance a married man is much more likely to work longer hours than a single guy with no wife & children to feed, whereas a married woman with kids is much more likely to work less hours, or part-time, or not at all. Again, only women can carry & give birth to children & an enormous number of women take maternity leave from their jobs, many times never returning to work, while men are more likely to continue in their jobs & so gain promotions etc. Women tend to (sensibly) trade off a better life & more time to enjoy it against higher wages & high-stress responsibility/accountability that can only be acquired through single-minded pursuit of career at the expense of everything else. Men work the overwhelming majority of overtime, night shifts, danger work etc, which all pay more than safe, secure day jobs in air-conditioned offices, etc.

The real disparity is mainly between married women & everyone else: childless, never married women in their twenties now make something like 12% more than men their same age, & it’s been that way for quite some time. But by lumping in the vast number of women who don’t ‘work’ at all, or take maternity leave, or staying home to raise children or work part-time (men work the vast majority of overtime, for instance, whereas women do most part-time jobs, & full-time work of course pays more than part-time), the statistics become seriously skewed, as does society’s impression of the situation.

Other common feminist complaints such as ‘100 years ago women didn’t even have the vote!’ completely ignore the fact that 100 years ago the majority of men didn’t ‘have the vote’ either - in my country, the UK, ‘men’ as a class ‘got’ the vote the same year women did: 1918, though I was never taught that at school. The story of women’s suffrage needs to be seen in the context of the hundreds of years of campaigning for the common peoples right to vote & the evolution of human rights in general: the  Chartists, the Magna Carta, the French & American revolutions, the antislavery movement, Thomas Paine’s ‘The Rights Of Man’ etc… Feminism rejects all of this historical context in favour of its own unique patriarchal conspiracy theory explanation of how the world has to work.

Feminism, which publicly states that it is synonymous with equality, has never once worked towards anything which addressed areas in which men are discriminated against or suffering from a gender disparity, such as reproductive rights (men have no reproductive rights of any kind), child custody (men are ruled against in the great majority of cases where they try for it), genital mutilation (rightly illegal to be carried out upon females everywhere in the western world but not only legal but a source of humour everywhere in the western world when carried out upon boys), suicide (80% of suicides are male), boys falling behind in schools & not going on to college (most college campuses are now 60/40 female/male), the enormous gender disparity in prison sentencing for the same crimes etc……

There is no need for feminism to continue in the west any more than for the women’s suffrage movement to have continued past the 1920’s, it keeps on only because of the political power it has acquired & the billions of dollars in private & state contributions it receives every year: there is an entire framework of gender studies departments, domestic violence industry & women in positions only acquired through ‘positive’ discrimination that all rely on its spreading of misandric hate if they are to continue getting paid. Whatever genuine grievances feminists in the west actually had were rectified 30 or even 40 years ago, which means now they can only continue existing through fabricating ‘rape culture’ hysteria & ‘glass ceilings’ & organizing ‘slutwalks’ - complete non-issues that if anything harm women (as much as they do men).

Finally, feminism is a hate movement: every single ‘triumph’ it has won its entire history has only been achieved through the scapegoating & demonizing of ‘men’ as a class, & yet has relied upon men every single step of the way to support it & bring about the changes it has demanded, which ‘men’ have handed over every time. And although probably few feminists would actually come right out & say ‘all men are rapists’, that belief, that way of thinking only originates with feminist thought & was borne out of it. I tend to see the feminist movement now as a broadcasting tower which pumps out misandry 24/7, day after day after day, with no final goal even stated anymore, no end in sight.

I could ramble on about this all day but it’s a lot easier to deal with in smaller bites - if there’s any issue in particular you’d like me to go into I’d be glad to explain more. Thanks for stopping by anyhow.