apex camp

Dadvid au where Max goes home and since he doesn’t want to tell David anymore about his situation David buys him Starbound and they bond over the game. Eventually David adopts Max and they have stupid Starbound jokes only they understand.

Let me have this please.

This is all in one night out of seven. At one camp out of umpteen (large sound camps). Yeah, look at that line up again and just ask yourself…if those DJs are listed…then who are the special guests!? According to An-ten-nae more than one of the secret guests have sold out Red Rocks and headlined Coachella. WHAT. Oh, and he also says all of this is in a “giant video map projected Colosseum surrounded by flame throwers.” WHAT.

I know I’ve said before that I can’t commit to seeing any artists, but I’d better have a damn good reason if I miss this. Sleep isn’t one of them. Nope. I will take a blanket to that camp and sleep in a fucking bass tube if I have to.